Lubbock County

The Schroeder Family

The Schroeder Family, Lubbock County, Texas
top row, left to right: Ed, Henry, Louie and Otto.
bottom row, left to right: Will, Bertha, C.H. Schroeder, Augusta, Mrs. Schroeder and Louisa
Photo taken 1904, San Angelo, Texas.
The Schroeder Home, Wolforth, Texas
The Schroeder Home in Wolforth, Texas
Hattie Sumner Schroeder, Lubbock County, Texas
Hattie Sumner Schroeder, wife of Ed Schroeder
(Hattie was the first teacher in Wolforth, Texas)
Wolforth School, Lubbock County, Texas
the first school in Wolforth, Texas
The land and much of the labor was donated by German immigrant, Henry Charles Schroeder and family. The Schroeders arrived in 1909 in Lubbock County and remained farming and ranching in the Wolforth area until their deaths. A descendant still farms the Schroeder land there. I am their great-granddaughter, through their daughter, Annie Augusta Wilhelina Schroeder Teal.
~ Reba Parks
obituaries of Henry Charles and Mrs. C. H. Schroeder, Lubbock County, Texas
The obituaries of Henry Charles and Mrs. C. H. Schroeder

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Oct 12, 2004