Hunt County

The DeFee Family

submitted by Bill Sweeney
Green Pinkham & Margaret Anna Carr DeFee, Hunt County, Texas
Mr. Green Pinkham DeFee and his wife, Margaret Anna Carr DeFee.
(My Great Grandparents, maternal side)
both are buried in Kingston Cemetery, Hunt County, Texas.
photo is abt. 1880 ... maybe even before that.
Green P. DeFee home, Hunt County, Texas
Photo is of the Green P. DeFee home (1890's) near Whiterock, Hunt County, TX.
Mrs. DeFee's obit mentions Whiterock as her home. The house is unique as there is a door opening on the 2nd floor!
Outside L-R: William Jackson DeFee (my grandfather), Harmon Fonville DeFee, Margaret Anna Carr DeFee, Green P. DeFee, James DeFee, Shep the dog, John DeFee, Maggie Collins (unknown who she is), man upstairs in doorway is Andrew H. DeFee. Andrew was a son of Harmon Pratt DeFee, brother of Green P. DeFee who was also an early-day pioneer of Hunt County.
The other DeFees above, William J., Harmon F., James, and John are buried in Texarkana, Texas.