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Freestone County Texas
Slave Records

The following list of enslaved persons was gleaned from many sources. It is provided in hopes of rescuing them from anonymity and to perpetuate their memories beyond the inhumane institution of slavery. Your contributions are welcome.

Slave Records

Slave(s) Owner Name(s) Image of Source Info about Source Source Year
George Blain

Name(s) Southern Mercury (of Dallas, Tex.) 22 Dec 1904 issue 1941
Samuel Bonner

Name(s) Estate of Samuel Bonner Wilcox Co., AL. records 1831
Sally L. & Julia F. Carter

Name(s) Estate of Sally L. & Julia F. Carter, Minors Probate Mintues, Vol Q 1861
John Scott Claypool

Name(s) Probate of John Scott Claypool Probate Mintues, Vol Q, pg. 164 1856-1858
J. N. Claypool

Name(s) Estate of J. N. Claypool Probate Mintues, Vol Q 1862
Stephen J. Claypool

Name(s) Estate of Stephen J. Claypool Probate Mintues, Vol Q 1861

Names N/A "The Fairfield Recorder" 1886-1910 1886-1910
Letters of Dr. Thomas B. Grayson

Name(s) Letters of Dr. Thomas B. Grayson 1864
James Bonner Robinson

Name(s) Bible of James Bonner Robinson aft 1853
Dr. Pleasant W. Winters

Name(s) Obituary in Fairfield Recorder 22 Nov 1901 issue 1901