Family Land Heritage Program
Sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture

Awarded in 1974 for Freestone County

Awarded in 1977 for Freestone County

Awarded in 1983 for Freestone County


Since 1974, The Texas Department of Agriculture has been looking for farms and ranches that were established in 1902 or earlier and are still agriculturally productive and owned by the same family.  Other eligibility criteria includes:

Once a farm or ranch has been certified in the program, it will not qualify for another 100 year certificate even though the land may have changed hands.  Farms or ranches will only be recognized again for 150 and 200 year milestones.

A ceremony is held each year to recognize the owners of the farms and ranches that are accepted into the Family Land Heritage Program.  Those who qualify receive a certificate of honor in the name of the farm or ranch.  They also can obtain a Texas Century Farm or Ranch sign to proudly display on their property, and the family's agricultural history is documented in the annual Family Land Heritage Registry.  There is no charge to apply for the program and no obligation to purchase historic signs or registry.

If you need more information about the Family Land Heritage Program or would like an application, please contact Justin Rand at or (512) 463-7664.  Applications are accepted each year, but the application deadline for each year is around November 15th.
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