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Ramsay Family Photos
Submitted by: Andrea Ramsay

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wadekorea.jpg (28882 bytes) Arlis Wade Ramsay
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Arlis Wade Ramsay,
son of Rayburn Anthony Ramsay. 
Wade died in Korea

The above article is hard to read,
for a clearer version, click link below:
"Gallant Odessa Marine Returns to Native Soil"

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Robert Hansford,
and wife (his second, I'm sure)
and their daughters
Sons of Robert Hansford Ramsay,
of Erath Co., TX.

The youngest is,
Rayburn Anthony Ramsay

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Buck and Cash Ramsay
The great-great grandsons of Rayburn Anthony Ramsay,
and the great-great-great grandsons of Robert Hansford Ramsay

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