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The Goodman Family Photos
Submitted by: Gene Neff

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George S. Goodman, Confederate Veteran of TN.
Born March 28, 1845, Tracy TN.  Died April 16, 1924, Erath Co., TX.
Married November 20, 1866, Louisa (Susa) Muse

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Children of George Sanders Goodman
Left to right:
James Henry Goodman, born 13 Oct 1862, TN.  Died 1948, Fort WorthTX.  Married: Mary Louisa Herring. 
Ada Salina Goodman, born 20 Apr 1883 Stephenville, TX.  Died 1975,  Modesto, CA.  Married: Jesse Wayne Neff, Sr.

William Anderson Goodman, born 8 Nov 1869, TN.  Died 11 May 1949, Erath Co., TX.  Married: unknown.

    Anna Belle Goodman, born 5 Sept 1887, TX.  Died 24 May 1988, San Bernadino, CA. 

 Oscar Poindexter Goodman, born 3 Dec 1878, Lipon, TX.  Died unknown.  Married: Maggie Gilkerson 

 Sarah Narcissus Goodman, born 15 June 1889, TX. Died 29 Dec 1950

*** History of The Goodman Family ***

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Rueben P. Goodman Family
Rueben P. Goodman and wife Martha Lawson,
Anna Belle Goodman and Sarah Narcissus Goodman.
Rueben, Anna Belle and Sarah are all children of George S. Goodman
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Rueben Perry Goodman's World War 1 draft registration form
Rueben was son of George S. Goodman.  Rueben P. Goodman, born April 5, 1873 in Kaufman Co., TX, died Dec. 27, Stephenville,  TX.  buried in Bethel Cemetery, Erath Co., TX.  He married Martha Elizabeth Lawson abt. 1895. 
They had a homestead of 13 acres across from the Tennessee School in or near Morgan Mill Texas.

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James Henry Goodman
James Henry Goodman was born Oct 15, 1862, TN, d. 1948 Ft. Worth TX.;  Married Mary Lula Herring abt 1884, Erath County TX. 
Buried in Hightower cemetery, Erath County Texas.
Note: James Henry Goodman was the adopted son of George S. Goodman.
Picture sent to Gene Neff  by Trella Hughes.

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James Henry Goodman and Family
James Henry Goodman b. Oct. 15, 1862 TN, d. 1948 Ft Worth TX, Buried Highttower Cemetery, Erath Co., TX. 
Wife is Mary Lula Herring, b. abt 1865 MS, d. Oct. 16, 1953,  Ft Worth, TX, Buried Hightower Cemetery, Erath Co., TX.
Children are: Carl, Catherine, Lester, Gordan. 
Picture sent to Gene Neff  by Trella Hughes.
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James Henry Goodman Family Tomestone,
Hightower Cemetery, Erath Texas
Mary Lula Herring, wife of James Henry Goodman,
Hightower Cemetery, Erath Co. TX
Photos taken by Cindy Shipman

*** Obituary of: Mary Lula (Herring) Goodman ***

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Oscar Poindexter Goodman
(Son George S.Goodman) b. Dec 3, 1882, d. Feb 17, 1942
married Maggie M. Gilkerson abt 1906

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