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The Wilkerson Family Photo Album

Photos on this page submitted by: Jean Wilkerson
Updated: Monday, May 1, 2006

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pop2.jpg (30276 bytes) momw.jpg (23910 bytes)

James Roy Wilkerson & Mary Ruby McKinney Wilkerson, they lived at Valley View

mompop.jpg (19726 bytes) mompop2.jpg (39485 bytes)

James Roy Wilkerson and Mary Ruby McKinney Wilkerson

rubyboys.jpg (19449 bytes)
Ruby Wilkerson with her six sons,
Curtis Joe, Ruby, James Ray, Elton Lee, Royce Neil, Truman Dale and Milton Dee

brothers.jpg (38361 bytes)

The Wilkerson Brothers
Back Row L to R: Milton, Curtis Joe and Elton
Front Row L to R:

Royce Neil, James Ray, and Truman Dale

family.jpg (43259 bytes)
Royce Wilkerson and family
Jean, (back) Royce, Roy, Keith and Kevin Wilkerson
roycjean.jpg (25057 bytes)
Royce & Jean Wilkerson
  keithmom.jpg (41633 bytes)
Keith & Jean Wilkerson
"Keith & Mom"
  kevkth94.jpg (47059 bytes)
Kevin and Keith Wilkerson 1994
sons of Royce and Jean Wilkerson
Keith.jpg (53571 bytes)
Keith Wilkerson, son of
Royce & Jean Wilkerson
  jamie.jpg (21440 bytes)
Jamie Wilkerson,
(son of Kevin)
  cody.jpg (51103 bytes)
Cody Wilkerson
(son of Keith)
wedding.jpg (50551 bytes)   fifty.jpg (42101 bytes)
Truman and Clydene Wilkerson
They were high school sweethearts at Valley View.
They were married May 30, 1952, they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.
Truman is the son of Roy and Ruby Wilkerson, she is the daughter of Homer and Martha Roane.
mary.jpg (32408 bytes)
Mary Alice Smith Wilkerson,
  wife of James Ray, 1945
jim2.jpg (23446 bytes)
James Ray Wilkerson,
Navy WWII 1945
Son of Roy & Ruby Wilkerson
jim3.jpg (17925 bytes)
James Ray Wilkerson,
son of Roy & Ruby Wilkerson
marycs.jpg (30200 bytes)
Mary Wilkerson & daughters,
Shelley & Carla
shelly.jpg (34525 bytes)
Shelley Wilkerson
carla.jpg (33623 bytes)
Carla Lynn Wilkerson
curtis2.jpg (28207 bytes)
Curtis Joe Wilkerson
joeandt.jpg (46558 bytes)
Curtis Joe &
Tommye Gaskin Wilkerson
tommye.jpg (43141 bytes)
Tommye Gaskin Wilkerson
joed.jpg (21898 bytes)
Joe Dale Wilkerson,
son of Curtis Joe & Tommye

twins.jpg (33909 bytes)
James Ray, Curtis Joe, Royce Neil,
Truman Dale & twins,
Elton & Milton Wilkerson

        elmil.jpg (47770 bytes)
Elton & Milton
        momjj.jpg (29675 bytes)
Ruby, Jim & Joe Wilkerson
milt.jpg (24806 bytes)
Milton Wilkerson
           elton.jpg (18935 bytes)
Elton Wilkerson
U.S. Army
 joehs.jpg (27814 bytes)
Curtis Joe Wilkerson
    royc2.jpg (16177 bytes)
Royce Wilkerson
genfri.jpg (27937 bytes)
Lola May Henley &
Geneva Wilkerson
    genwille.jpg (37766 bytes)
Willie Pearl Wilkerson Lanier
and Geneva Wilkerson Busby
    stwillie.jpg (57991 bytes)
S.T. & Willie Pearl Lanier
genmom.jpg (41075 bytes)
Geneva & Myrtle Wilkerson
myrtle2.jpg (25947 bytes)
Myrtle Blankenship Wilkerson
tomm.jpg (27057 bytes)
Tommye Gaskin Wilkerson
willgene.jpg (29314 bytes)
Willie Pearl Wilkerson &
    cousin Eugene Wilkerson

carl.jpg (25784 bytes)
Carl Wilkerson

willperl.jpg (20546 bytes)
Willie Pearl Wilkerson Lanier
Alma Gertie
gertie.jpg (27304 bytes) willfam.jpg (45180 bytes) alva.jpg (31059 bytes) Alva Jane
Center Photo: William Lewis & Margaret E. Davidson Wilkerson & family 1899
Back row
: Jess, Curt, baby George, Margaret, Gertie and Alva.
Picture taken in Cassville, Mo. before they moved to Cooke Co. TX.
unclcurt.jpg (92764 bytes)

Curtis Otho Wilkerson, second from left, back row-World War 1

genedoris.jpg (37052 bytes)
Eugene Corum and Doris Hugan Wilkerson--WW11
popbros.jpg (29141 bytes)
Pop and Bros.--left to right: Jess, Odis, Curt and Roy Wilkerson.
They were sons of William Lewis and Margarete E. Davidson Wilkerson
jamesroy.jpg (31700 bytes)

James Roy Wilkerson

Jess & Lottie Wilson,
lotjess.jpg (53743 bytes) jess2.jpg (24595 bytes) Jess Wilkerson

leedove.jpg (50733 bytes)
Luther Lee and Era Dove Mosley at their 50th wedding anniversary party with all of their children. They were married in 1896. This family moved to the Era community in 1907 and all the children went to the Era schools.
L to R Back Row: Pearl (Cowling), Ruby (Wilkerson), LeRoy, Jewel (Wylie), Dorothy (Howton),
Ray, Dwight, Lee, Dove, Garnett, & Lois (Knight).

willrich.jpg (34543 bytes) dorcas.jpg (52787 bytes)     dorcas2.jpg (45717 bytes)

William Richard McKinney  &
Dorcas Delaney Larimore McKinney
They moved to Era in the 1880's

Dorcas D. Larimore McKinney
pearl.jpg (18237 bytes) oscar.jpg (18006 bytes)
Lilly Pearl McKinney Waggoner
dau. of William R. & Dorcas D. McKinney
       Oscar and Pearl McKinney Waggoner

emmawalt.jpg (36787 bytes)
Walter and Emma McKinney.
He is the son of William R. and Dorcas D. McKinney.
Walter owned a hardware store in Gainesville.

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