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Digital cameras have greatly improved the process of cataloging cemeteries but there are some things you need to know.
  • When you take a photograph that you want to print, you need a crisp, sharp, LARGE photo but when taking photos that will be displayed on the Internet, those qualities are a hindrance.
  • Internet photos should be no larger than 700 pixels on the longest side, 640 is just about perfect.
  • Likewise, the QUALITY of the photos does not need to be as high. A medium or low setting on image quality is better.
  • The purpose of tombstone photos is for documentation purposes. The information on the stones is important and visitors will want to read that information.
  • When photographing a stone, fill the viewer with the stone but don't cut off parts of it either.
  • If a stone is so large that the inscription is illegible in your photograph, take a close-up view of just the inscription.
  • Taking photographs in the morning or in the late evening causes lighting issues. The photos can be too dark or too light.
  • If you want to transcribe the photos, you may find these spreadsheets helpful In Internet Explorer, you may need to right-click and "Save Target As".
  • There is more information on the Tombstone Transcription Project site.
*Open Office is a FREE Productivity Suite comparable to MS Office. It is extremely helpful for transcriptions of all kinds.

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