Creosote School
Bowie County, TXArchives

1917 - 1918
Texarkana, Texas
Submitted By: William Sweeney

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"The teacher is "Ruby Dennis DeFee", (Grandmother of William Sweeney) who was for many years a school teacher in Texarkana, Texas.  I recognize my mothers writing identifying the school at Creosote School Consolidated 1917 - 1918 (on back), with some unidentified students."

"Ruby DeFee was a teacher right up until her death in 1944.  She resigned her duties as teacher about one month before her death.  She was teaching school at Spring Lake Park School then. 

She was the widow of William Jackson DeFee, a former City Secretary of Texarkana, Texas. He was also a drug store owner - Pharmacist for many years and was one of the first licensed Pharmacists in the State of Texas."

William Sweeney
San Antonio, Texas
August, 2000

This school believed to be one of the schools previously in what is now the Liberty Eylau School district area.

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