Cemetery Search: Please Help!!!
A search is on for this cemetery.

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All of the headstones are alike, and there are household objects lovingly placed around the graves.
The graves themselves are long mounds, elongated. University at Austin has a  book and the cemetery was talked about. I was so amused by the cemetery picture that I asked if I could make an overhead projection of the image and the author said yes. The librarian made it right there.

I use it amongst others in my talks about cemeteries and especially southern ones.  Above is a scan of the image.
Perhaps your group can figure out which one it is. SOMEONE has to know about this fascination.
I  have seen similar in Texas, but this one indeed takes the cake.

I had figured that it would be so well known in the county ..... unless it was missed, for if the caretaker was gone now, it might be mistaken for a dump, if weeds grew up in it. I wanted to come and take color pictures .
It is an old tradition, especially the mounding of the graves, I just hadn't seen one this elongated. 

I do not have the Book Authors name, but it definitely said Bowie County Texas and it is a white family.

Thankyou for your help!
hawkins@texoma.net (Susan Hawkins)
Fannin Co. TxGenWeb master and Tombstone transcription person.

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