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Angelina County Texas Archives Vital Records Table of Contents

The information found below has been submitted to The USGenWeb Archive Project. It is offered free to all who visit. The ownership/copyright stays with the submitter. Please read and respect the copyright on all submittals. NOTE:  Vital records have been removed for records less than 75 years old.   If you have older records, please submit them to me.

Vital Records

Vital Records 
File Name Description Size Date Submitted by
  Early Birth Records - NEEDED      
angeb26.txt Angelina County Births 1926 73 kb 18 Apr 2000 Ken Short
angelb27.txt Angelina County Births 1927 58 kb 5 May 2000 Gina Heffernan
angelb28.txt Angelina County Births 1928 58 kb 22 May 2000 Gina Heffernan
angelb29.txt Angelina County Births 1929 66.8 kb 22 Jul 2001 Lola Withrow
angelb30.txt Angelina County Births 1930 65 kb 22 Jun 2000 Gina Heffernan

Early Death Records - NEEDED

r1000007.txtAngelina County Deaths 1919 - James Riley Ruby1.6 kb 31 Oct 2001Lillie Ruby
r3500002.txtAngelina County Deaths 1928 - Mrs. Quinnn Virtoria Roden2 kb28 Oct 2001 Lillie Ruby
r3500001.txtAngelina County Deaths 1934 - William A. Roden2 kb 28 Oct 2001Lillie Ruby

Early Marriage Records - NEEDED


Early Divorce Records - NEEDED



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