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East Hill Cemetery

Part of Palestine City Cemetery


Photos by:  Beverly Odom, Lynn Sherer, Sheron McLaney, Paula Trigg, Karla Lang, Bob & Janetta ?
Louise Goff and Kathy Odom contributed to the photos being cropped, renamed and hyperlinked.

Entrances & Views

Entrance View 1 View 2
View 3 Foggy View 4 Foggy View 5



Broken Stone 50 years Up Close Broken Stone 50 years Broken Base 1
Broke Base 2 Broken Base 3 Broken Base 4
Broken Base 5 Broken Base 6 Broken Base 7
Broken Stone between Gibson Infant & George Alfred Colton Broken Bottom Section Broken Stone 1
(could be Crawford)
Broken Stones by a Tree Christopher
(Unknown Person)
(Funeral Home Marker)
Unknown Broken Stone Unknown Broken Stone 2 Unknown Broken Stone 3
Unknown Column Unknown Funeral Home Marker Unknown Funeral Home Marker 2
Unknown Funeral Home Marker 3 Unknown  Broken Funeral Home Marker Unknown Funeral Marker 4
Unmarked Plot Unmarked Crypt Unmarked Plot 2
Unmarked Plot 3 Unmarked Plot 4 Unmarked Plot 5
Unmarked Plot 6 Unmarked Plot 7 Unmarked Plot 8
Unmarked Stone Unmarked Site Unreadable Stone
Unmarked Stone 1    


G P Addington Mable E Addington Marshall W Addington
Mary M Addington Mary M Addington
(View 2)
M H Addington
M H Addington
(View 2)
Addington Plot Mary & M H Addington Memorial
Ocie W Adkins Sam Adkins Sr May Dell Britton French Airhart
D A Akin D A Akin Plot Anna R Akridge
O V Akridge A K Albers Adolph Albrecht
Thusella Albrecht Thusella Albrecht
Conrad & Ida Albright
Albritton Plot Elizabeth Alexander William T Jr & Lucile Malloy Alexander
David Ward Allbritton
(Military Marker Korea)
Frances Allbritton Emma Helen Albers Allen
J B Allen J B Allen Allen Plot
Wash W & Elizabeth Allen Wayne Allen
Wayne Allen
Allen-Hearne Plot Reason & Mary Allstott Oscar Allstott
(Military Marker)
Martin Amos Fannie Anders Nell Anders
P L Anders
P L Anders Plot Anders Plot
Walter L Anders Gustaf Henrick Anderson W A & S W & Amelia Anderson
Chester P Angell
(Military Marker WW II)
Julian P & Finner May Angell Zach Arnold
(bottom of marker close up)
Zach Arnold
Zach S Arnold Hedwig Arretz
E Atchison E Atchison  


Bailey Baby Daughter Dora V Bailey Frank & Emma Bailey
Lee Allyn Bailey Mary L Bailey Mattie Sue Simmons Bailey
Mildred Lee Bailey Bailey Plot Thomas B Bailey Jr
Tom B Bailey Baird Infant Son May Gregg Ballowe
May Gregg Ballowe
Auddie Barber C B Barber Sr.
Henry & Roxie Barber Judge Landis & Mattie Belle Barber Mary D Barber
Mary E Barber Maude Barber Elijah E Barker
Elijah E Barker Fannie Barker Fannie Barker
(View 2)
Louise F Barker Unmarked Barker Ella M Barnes
May B Barnes D M & Margaret Barrett D M & Margaret Barrett
Donald M Barrett
(Infant son)
Emily C Barrett John H Barrett
Mary Ellen Barrett Mary Ellen Barrett Ida Mae Bascom
Ida Mae Bascom Ella Carter Bascom Gertrude Bascom
Joella Bascom Katie Mae Bascom Leroy Bascom
T A Bascom Minnie Tessie Batt Ollie Batt
Alfred Baty Alfred Walter Baty Cathleen E Baty
Baty Plot Walter Baty Minnie Bauermeister
Minnie Bauermeister
Minnie Bauermeister Edward & Ethel Baxter
Baxter Plot Lasker Beama Lasker Beama
Lotta Eugenia Beaman Charles & Maria Bean Charles Bean Plot
Mollie Beavis Susan Crosby Beavis Thomas Beavis
Charles H Bell Jesse A Bell Mabel Bell
Robert Benge Jr Martha W Bennett Mattie M Bennett
Francis J Benson
Francis J Benson Bernard L Bentley
Bentley Plot Elmer E Benton J H & Mary Benton
James H Benton, Jr Benton Plot Benton Plot
Cora Berryman Houston Berryman Lee J Berryman
Mr & Mrs Joe Bieser, Sr J N Bietry M E Graham Bietry
Pauline Bietry Bietry Plot Rosa Bietry
Black & Denny between Bell Black Horace & Idell Black
Black Plot Thomas M Black Sarah Ellen Blackman
Mamie Blackshear Alvin Blakesley Alvin Blakesley
(View 2)
Annie D Blanchard Ruben M Blanchard Bessie Blount
Mrs P O Bobbitt Mrs P O Bobbitt
(part of broken stone)
Mrs P O Bobbitt
John Edwin Bohannon Cassius H Bolles Constance Bolles
Celeste Phillips Bonds John E Bonds Ivy Bonsall
Virginia Bonsall William E Bonsall Jacob Botary
Jacob Botary & Tony Plot Tony Botary Tony Botary
Annie Bouchillon Boulware Plot Bobbie Bowdon
Bobbie Bowdon
(View 2)
Bobbie Bowdon
Corrie Bowdon
D C Bowdon, Jr Fannie Bowdon Fannie Louise Bowdon
Frank Hughes Bowdon Jo Ambrose Bowdon Waites Bowdon
James C Bowen Jim W Bowen Jessie Florence Clara Bower
Bower Plot Bower Plot
(View 2)
Bowermaster Plot
Jack Boyer Edward Franklin Boykin
(Military Marker WW II)
Frank Lynn Bozelle Frank Lynn Bozelle
Frank Lynn Bozelle
G H Bradt Jennie A Bradt Minnie Lou Bradt
Samuel Charles Bradt Branch Plot Thomas Tallashe Branch
Clarence & Laura Bratton Laura Seay Bratton G F Bratz, Jr
Annie Brice Edith Brice Boulware Eddie Bridges
E F Bridges William S Bridges
William & Lou Bridges
Lou Bridges
Martha L Bridges Frank C Briggs
Jos H Briggs Nellie E Briggs Bennie Britton
Britton Daughter
(small child)
J G Britton Joseph T Britton
Thelma Britton Thelma Britton
(View 2)
Thomas & Josie Britton
Lucile Price Brock Fred Greenwood Brooks Fred Brooks
Laura S Brooks Nat M Brooks Brooks Plot
Jane Brown
(Funeral Home Marker)
Susan Brown Ben & Annie Browning
Bessie Broyles Carrie Broyles Claudia
Barrett Broyles
Daniel J & Mary Broyles Daniel Jacob Broyles Elizabeth A & Margaret Broyles
Fred M Broyles G M Broyles
Gordon Barrett Broyles
Gordon Broyles Lois Broyles Lucie Broyles
M C Broyles
Broyles Plot Regan & Tempe Broyles
Ralph Broyles Robert Ragan Broyles
(Military WW II)
Rose Anna Broyles
Rose Anna Broyles Sallie Ann Broyles S L Broyles
William Broyles Ella Brunson Emily Brunson
James & Ellen Brunson Sue Bullard George W Burkitt III & Joyce B Burkitt Winkler
Emma B Burnett Mattie Burnett Betty Bowdon Burns
James Louis Burton James Louis Burton
(View 2)
Mrs F V Bush
D M & Martha Butler D M Butler
Daniel M Butler Jr
Douglas Butler Douglas Butler
Douglas Butler
(View 3)
Frank G Butler Martha F Butler
Martha F Butler
Stella Fotopulos Butler Stella Fotopulos Butler
(View 2)
W J Butler
Louis A Butterfield Louis A Butterfield Louis A Butterfield
James C Bowen,
Jim W Bowen  


Hershel Lee Camp
(Military Marker)
James M Camp
(Military CSA)
James M Camp
James M Camp
(Military CSA)
Cuthbert Gordon Campbell Edwin Campbell
Edwin Campbell
Edwin Campbell Euphemia A Campbell
James Campbell Maggie LeGrand Campbell James M Camp
Anna E Carpenter Carl & Mary Carpenter Irine Carpenter
Annie E Carpenter Josie E Carpenter Bola B Carr, Jr
Bola Carr Hudson Carr A C Carroll
Mrs. J C Carroll Carroll Plot Maude Hunter Carsn
Hardy Carter Robert S Carter Velma T Carter
Will & Martha Carter Alfred Cartmell Anthony Cartmell
Jane Cartmell Cartmell Memorial Robinson Cartmell
Sarah Eleanor Jane Cartmell Calvin C Castle
(Military CSA)
Rachel Castle
James M Cates J J Cavenaugh Walter Clements
Eliza B Chamblee J M Chamblee Abner N Chapman
Annie B Clark Annie B Clark Plot Annie B Clark
Clark Footstones Ida Belle Clark Ida Belle Clark
Clark Plot Hoyt & Margaret Clay Walter Clements
Lenora Brown Cleveland Fred W N Cloen Chas W Coats
Charles W Cocking Cocking Plot Sadie J Cocking
Mosetta Cockle Mosetta G Cockle Mosetta Cockle
Cocking Infant Daughter A M Cohen Sam & Mary Cohen
Margaret Coker William Bolton Coker N F Colbert
Marjory E Cole Alma Emerson Colley Colley Memorial
Paul Sims Colley Sarah Mary Elizabeth Colley Thomas M Colley III
Thomas M Colley Jr. Thomas M Colley Darwin Seeley Collins
Irma Gooch Collins Wm B Collins George Alfred Colton
George Alfred Colton
(View 2)
George Alfred Colton
(death date)
Jim Conaway
Jim Conaway
Jim Conaway
(View 3)
Annie Elvin Cook
Cook Broken Stone Elenora S Cook Ernest C Cook
J E Cook J N & Margaret Lou Cook James C Cook
Jeffalone Rebecca Cook
Jeffalone Rebecca Cook Oscar Lee Cook
Cook Plot Cook Plot 2 Cook Plot 3
Cook Plot 4 Sarah Cook
(broken stone)
Sarah Cook
(front of stone)
W B Cook W B Cook
(View 2)
W B Cook
Albert & Emma Cooke Albert W Cooke
Albert Cook
Charlotte Cooke Charlotte Cooke
(broken stone)
Charlotte Cooke
Emma L Cooke
Emma L Cooke
G R Cooke
G R Cooke Laura A Cooke Laura A & & Maud M Cooke
Cooke Memorial
Laura A Cooke
Laura A Cooke
Maud Cooke
Maud M Cooke
Cooke Plot
Cooke Plot 2 Mary A Cooper Rachel M Cooper
Hannah M Copeland James Emmett Copeland Copeland Plot
Trudie Ezell Copeland Stella Corbell Robt E Craig
Charles J Crane Emma Howard Hearne Crane Wm J Crawford Jr
(broken stone)
Steve & Lury H Crist T F Cronise T F Cronise
John Q Crow John Quincy Crow Dr Robert H Crozier
Crozier Plot Minnie D Crutchfield Minnie E Crutchfield
P F Crutchfield Lillian G Cunningham Edward & Eleanor Curtis
Curtis Nance Plot Geo O Cuson J Frank & Eliza Cuson


Daniel C Daisey Daniel C Daisey Daniel C Daisey
Daniel C Daisey
Isaac Dallam James & Judith Dallam
Louis & Ruby Dallam Louis Robiou Dallam
(Military WW I)
Nancy Dallam
Daniel Plot William & Annie Daniel Davenport Plot
Darcy F Davis Granville W Davis Lizzie J Davis
Maidee C Davis Mary L Davis Myrta V Davis
Davis Plot Sallie Davis
Sidney E Davis
William L & Henry H Davis William B Davis
(Military CSA)
William F Davis
Winton & Mary Davenport Charles L Dawson Ben F Deason
Roger W Deel Juanita Deel
(Funeral Home Marker)
Roger W Deel
Roger W Deel Wm M Dellis Margaret B Dellis
Dellis Plot Annie DeLoy Annie DeLoy
Annie DeLoy
(View 2)
DeLoy Plot George C Deming
J B Denison J B Denison
J B Denison
J B Denison
Cora Denny's Baby Mrs Cora Denny
W B Denny W H Denson W H Denson
(broken stone)
Alfred N Dexter Julia Dexter Laura Dexter
Laura Dexter Plot Dexter Memorial Dexter Plot 2
Madge Dierlam Dilley Baby Daughter Clarence Dilley
Edna May Dilley Fannie Briggs Dilley Geo E Dilley
Geo M Dilley Lucie V Dilley Mae Shepherd Dilley
Dilley Memorial Dilley Memorial
Sammie Belle Dilley
Eolyne Dixie Dixon Plot
(rear of plot)
W J & Lillie Dixon
J P Doherty Ora Ruth Doherty Louisa Doom
J H & Ada Dorman Clara Brook Dougherty Alice Douthit
James Albert Doyle
(Military WW II)
Julia A Doyle J A Drake
J A Drake
George Ed Droby Sr Dubose Infant Son
Lockie Dubose & Infant Son Lockie Dubose
Virgil F Dubose
Mildred Ewing Duke Duncan Infant Son James & Mary Duncan
Joel & Della Duncan Josie L Duncan Josie L Duncan
J W & E A Duncan Duncan Plot Sam P Duncan
David & Katherine Dunk R B Dunnahoe
R B Dunnahoe
Lois McIntyre Dunsworth James Walter Durfey
James Walter Durfey
Josephine C Proctor Durfey B A Durham B F Durhams
B F Durhams
B F Durhams
B F Durhams
B F Durham B A Durham B F Durham
E E Durham, Jr E E Durham, Sr E E Durham, Jr
E E Durham, Jr E E Durham, Sr Mattie J Durham
Mattie J Durham
(View 2)
Mrs. B T Durham Nannie Durham
(broken stone)
Nannie Durham Durham Plot Durham Plot 2
T D Durham
T D Durham
T D Durham
B F Durhams Dorothy E Duvall Charles Duvee
Howard G Dye Henry Numsen Dick
(Infant Son)


Claude Ebenstein Ebenstein Our Baby Chas J & Dora L Eckford
Carrie Colbert Edge Williams Edward Plot Amasa Edwards
Rebecca Edwards Dan Egbert, Jr Dan Egbert
Richard Egle Mary Eva Ellis McGaines (Mack) Ellis
Anna Bowen Elrod Ellen  E Emmons Johnnie Payton Emmons
Empty plot by Cooke Plot Dora  R Erwin Maria Munos Esposa
John & Sarah Etheridge Ethridge Plot H D Evans
H D Evans
(View 2)
Amanda Everett C C Everett
J D Everett J D Everett
(View 2)
Mattie E Everett
Everett Plot Lula B Everitt Thomas R Everitt
Jettie Jones Ewing James Colly Exum Edwin J & Nellie Black Ezell
Eula Ezell H G Ezell Philip & Mary Ezell


Jemima E Fanning Jemima Ellen Fanning Fenton
(footstone 2)
(footstone 3)
(footstone 4)
Fenton Children Fenton Plot Alexander Ferguson
Alexander Ferguon 2 Bess Ferguson Betty Reagan Ferguson
Frank Ferguson James Patrick Ferguson John H Reagan Ferguson
Lelia Cates Ferguson Mary Elizabeth Bentley Ferguson Bettie Jane Finley
James Barton Finn Albert Firebaugh Fannie Firebaugh
Fitzer Arthur Lee Fleet Belle Crane-Fleet
Fleet Plot Capt. Wm C Fleet Catherine Amanda Flockhart
Elizabeth Flockhart Lydia Marie Floro Eugene Fore
Fore Coping Ellen Cornibe Fore Eugene Fore
H C Fore
Helen Elizabeth Fore Fore Plot
W C Foster Cleopatra Fotopulos
Themistocles & Cleopatra Fotopulos

Themistocles & Cleopatra Fotopulos

Themistocles Fotopulos
Themistocles & Cleopatra Fotopulos
(View 2)
R Fowler Edwina Nelms Reagan Fowler
(broken stone)
Ella Sue McReynolds Fowler
Godfrey Rees Fowler
(Military WW I)
Godfrey A Fowler
(Military WW II)
Henry Bascom Fowler
Fowler Memorial Fowler Plot Samuel & Sarah Fowler
Harvey C Fowzer Lucy Franklin
Lucy Franklin
Charles Frederick Sam Freedman Airhart-Britton-French Plot
Joseph L French, Jr
(Military WW II)
Joseph N French Lydia S French
Paul Joy French French Plot Margaret E Frisbee
Jennie Keller Frizzell Mattie Fullbright Alexander E Fullinwider
Darnall Fullinwider Dorothy Lee Fullinwider Eva Arnold Fullinwider
Fannie Arnold Fullinwider Frances Louise Fullinwider Jacob McNair Fullinwider
Kate Fullinwider Fullinwider Plot  



Mrs Lillie Gaffney Gammage Plot Minnie & William Gammage
William Gammage
Benj & Harriet Gardner Benjamin Howard Gardner Memorial
Benj. Howard Gardner, Jr Benjamin Howard Jr Memorial Benj. Gardner
Benjamin Howard Gardner Bowling Starke Gardner Carolina Gardner
Harriet Gardner Harriet Gardner Gardner Plot
Josie Gardner Mary J Gardner
Mary J Gardner
Clyde Barbee Garrett Cora Anders Garrett James L Geslain
Gibson Infant Son Gibson Infant Son
(View 2)
Annie May Gilbert
Annie May Gilbert
(View 2)
Corrie & Mollie Gillespie Guy R Gillespie
John Everett Gilliland John Everett Gilliland
(View 2)
Elizabeth E Gilstrap
Sarah Kolstad Glass J R Glenn Francisco Gonzales
Belle Collins Gooch Fannie Brooks Gooch Gideon Johnson Gooch
Helen Gooch Helen Gooch
(View 2)
Jessie Howard
Jessie Howard Gooch
(View 2)
John Young Gooch, Jr John Young Gooch
Lucile Gooch Lucius Gooch Lucius Gooch
(View 2)
Lulie Gooch Maggie Ruth Gooch Gooch Plot
W R Goodson Pearl Russelle Goodson Pearl Russelle Goodson
(View 2)
W H Goodson Lura Gorman Dan E Gossett
Hattie Gossett M C "Jack" Gossett Robert & Sarah Gossett
Rupert G Gossett T A & Freedonia Gossett Florence Finch Gould
Graham Babies Carrie May Graham J L Graham
Peyton S Graves Charles R Greene
(Funeral Home Marker)
Greenwood Infant
Albert G Greenwood Greenwood Infant Son Lucy Greenwood
Mattie Greenwood Maude Greenwood Greenwood Monument
Greenwood Monument 2 Greenwood Plot Thos B Greenwood
Adelle Craig Greer Alexander White Gregg, Jr Alexander White Gregg
Gregg/Brooks Coping Mary Berry Gregg Mary Brooks Gregg
May D Gregg Gregg Memorial Pearl Gregory
Grenelle Entrance Oley Griffin W H Griffin
Martha Owen Griffith Fred Grigsby Fred Grigsby
(View 2)
Edward A Groth Leonard Grow Myrtle Bell Gurnsey
Jorge Gutierrez    


(no surname given)
Margret Haddon Antone M Hadid
J M Hadley J M Hadley
Lena E Hadley
Malcolm Hagood Malcolm Neal Hagood Columbus Haile
Tempe P Haile Frank G Hall Thomas & Elizabeth Hall
Daisy E Hamilton Hamilton Van Hamilton Ida Hamilton
Hamilton Infant Son Julia Hamilton Mattie Hamilton
Mattye Queen Hamilton Ola Jackson Hamilton
Ola Mae Hamilton
Ola Jackson Hamilton Hamilton Plot Ella May Handorf
Hellen Handorf Herman F Handorf John & Malissa Handorf
Hanks Baby Bettina Hanks Clyde W Hanks, Jr
Clyde Walton Hanks D G Hanks D G Hanks
D G Hanks
(View 3)
Howard Kolstad Hanks Jackson Holcomb Hanks
Jacquelyn Rayburn Hanks Hanks Plot Zula Holcomb Hanks
Nathaniel & Annie Harding Nat Harding
Robert Hardman
Robert L Hardman
Thomas Hardman Harlow-Gammage-Heatly Memorial
Maude G Harlow Minnie Maude Harlow Pierce D Harlow
Russell DeWitt Harlow
(Military WW II)
George Harris Christina Harris
Christina Harris
Clara Belle Harris Francis M Harris
Francis M Harris Harris Funeral Home Marker Geo W Harris
J V Harris L W Harris
L W Harris
Lizzie Harris
L W Harris Pearl Harris
Harris Plot R J Harris R J Harris
Robert Harris Samuel R Harris W F Harris
Carroll Harrison Harrison Infant Daughter Harrison Infant Daughter
Harrison Infant Son William Joseph Harrison
(Military Marker)
Marietta Kitcher Hart
Mrs Eliza Hassell Miss L A Hassell Alfred & Clara Hathcock
Clara Louise Hathcock Frederick L Hathcock
(Military WW I)
Joe Strother Hathcock
George & Sue Hayes Laura S Haynes Thomas M Haynes
John  Hazlitt
(Military SP/AM War)
Minnie Belle Hazlitt Troy & Leta Zell Hearn
William Seth Hearn William Seth Hearn
William Seth Hearn
Ben Warren Hearne Hearne Coping Esther Equi Hearne
John & Emma Hearne Leila Eleanor Hearne Eleanor & Lessye Heatly
Herbert Leslie Heatly Anna Armstrong Hecht Bernard & Anna K Heibrink
Heibrink Plot Charles Heil
(Military CSA)
A P Henderson
A P Henderson Carlton J Henderson Carlton J Hederson
Carlton J Henderson
Carlton J Henderson
(Symbol close up)
Ethel Henderson
Ethel N Henderson Ethel N Henderson
Florence Henderson
Florence Henderson
Florence Henderson J C Henderson
J C Henderson
(View 2)
Henry Henkel Jennie Henkel
John H Henkel
(Military Sp/Am War)
Henkel Plot John & William & Janie Henson
M Henson Mark A Henson
(Military Korea)
Ramol Garland Henson
(Infant Daughter)
Arthur E Herron Geo E Hewitt Clara Perkins Hickey
Julia Annie Higby Higginbotham 1 Higginbotham 2
Higginbotham 3 Higginbotham 4 Higginbotham 5
Higginbotham 6 Edith Marie Higginbotham Emma Mae Higginbotham & Baby Boy
Nancy Annie Higginbotham Higginbotham Plot W A Higginbotham
Jackson Hill Jesse Mary Hill W J Hill
W J Hill Paul S Hinkle
(Military Marker)
Kate Hix
Dora Hockridge John Hockrdge Hockridge Stone
Olive Hodgdon
(bottom of stone)
Olive Hodgdon
(top & bottom stone)
Olive Hodgdon
(close up)
Daniel Marion Hodges Hodges Infant Son Marg Sue Jackson Hodges
Hodges Plot Hodges Plot 2 Mary Rutledge Hoffman
Maggie Hogan Maggie Hogan
(up close)
Olive L Hodgdon
Hogue Coping Earle H Hogue Harry Hogue
J E Hogue Mary Hogue Mother Hogue
Hogue Plot William Hogue Holloway Memorial
Marvin Sr & Freddie Hopgood Coral Ozment Horan Harry Horlick
House Miller Plot R House Sylvester House
Alfred Ryland Howard Ben Howard Plot Ben Howard
George Howard Georgie Grainer Howard Georgie Graing Howard
Georgie Graing Howard Harriett Howard Horatio & Sue Howard
Horatio & Sue Howard Katie Black Howard Howard Plot
Howard Plot 2 Howard Plot 3 Anna Hubbard
W J Hubbard W L Hurbough G A Huff
Mary Huff Huff Memorial Clifford Hufsmith
Frank Hufsmith Mary Gooch Hufsmith Susie C Hufsmith
George N Hughes
(Military Marker)
Helen H Hughes Irby B Hughes
Jarrell Hughes Plot Lily N Hughes Mollie Hughes
P H Hughes Hughes Plot Humphrey Plot
Robert Humphrey
(Military WW I)
William & Sarah Humphrey Wm L Hunn
Clarice Hunter Jane A Beeson Hunter Mary Kate Hunter
Mary Kate Hunter
(Daughters of the Republic)
Hunter Memorial M K Hunter, Jr
M K Hunter N W Hunter Pauline Hunter
Tennie S Hunter Thomas W Hunter Mattie Hurbough
Ida Hutcerson Everett & Elizabeth Hutchinson Stafford Hutchinson
(Funeral Home Marker)
Stafford Hutchinson Plot    


Willie L Ill
Willie Ill Plot Cory Irby
Cora Roussel Irby Thomas Irby Thomas Irby
Ada Irving Ann Irving George Irving
Irving Plot Willie Gertrude Irving  


Harvey M Jack Jack Memorial Jack Plot
William M Jack Edgar G Jackson & Bertha C Taylor
Edgar G Jackson & Bertha C Taylor
Jackson Memorial Samuel Lee Jackson Addie Jacob
F A & Mary S Jacob
F A & Mary S Jacob F A Jacob
Mary S Jacob
Jacob Plot Garnett Jander
Jane Garnett Jander L E Jander P M Jander
P M Jander
John Henry Jarrell
John Henry Jarrell
John Henry Jarrell Memorial J C H at foot of Minnie Bowermaster John Jeffrey
Lucy Jeffrey Alton J Jenkins Emmons Jenkins Plot
Emmons Jenkins Plot
(View 2)
J W Jenkins Johnny Jenkins
Jonas Jenkins Mary G Jenkins Fremina D Jiminez
A Johns Edith Cadien Johns Eula Mary Johns
Frederick William Johns Hattie Elizabeth Johns Laura Johns
Johns Plot Ada Johnson Johnson Bench
C A Johnson Charles F Johnson Dale Patrick Johnson
Ether Johnson George L Johnson
(Military Marker)
J B & Mary Etta Johnson
Jane Patrick Johnson Laura F Johnson
Laura F Johnson
Lewis W Johhnson Lewis W Johnson 2 Johnson Plot
Algey Johnston Emma E Johnston James Alfred Johnston
John M Johnston Mary C Holcomb Johnston O R Johnston
Vech lee Johnston William Roy Johnston Milburn Jolly
Milburn Jolly Noah R Jolly Noah R Jolly
J H Jones James & Willie Jones John W & Mellie K Jones
Jones Plot Roy Clyde Jones & Rena Mae Wood
Joyce Ann Jones
Joyce Jones
(Funeral Home Marker)
Mabry M Jones Mabry M & Martha M Jones
Mabry M Jones Martha M Jones Jones Plot
Theo G Jones Amy Jordan Annie E Jordan
Frank N Jordan Jordan Plot Rufus H Jordan


David Dilley Knowles MD Jennie L Karn Margaret Karn
Margaret Karn Henrietta Keller Keller Plot
Vinnie Keller W V Keller George Edward Kelley
Jack Marlowe Kelley
(Military WW II)
John Edward Kelley Voce H Kelley
Jennie Kelly John A Kelly John & Minnie Kelly Plot
Minnie Lee Kelly Kelley Plot Kelley Plot 2
Willis & Christine Kendall Kendrick Memorial Alvin Kennedy
Jennie Kennedy John Kennedy Louise Kennedy
Kennedy Plot Robert M Kennedy Sallie Kennedy
Thomas Jefferson Kennedy George P Kerns Mary Kerns
Lillie Kersh Mattie Kersh Kersh Memorial
Kersh Plot Tulula Kestler William Anton Kestler
William Kestler Margella Key
Margella Key
J J King Dorothy Kingsbury Rosabel Kingsbury
W H Kingsbury, Jr W H Kingsbury Hattie Ora Kinsey
Hattie Ora Kinsey
(View 2)
L N Kinzinger Alfred Kinchner
C Kirchner Caroline Kirchner Ida Kirchner
O Kirchner Kirchner Plot Mrs Jew Kirkpatrick
Mrs Jew Kirkpatrick
Col H Kitcher Col H & Mrs Kitcher
Fredrick William Kitcher Col H & Mrs Kitcher H Kitcher Symbol
H Kitcher Symbol 2 Harry Edward Kitcher Mrs H Kitcer
Sarah Knight
Sarah Knight Elouise M Knott
Jean Dilley Knowles W M (Mack) Knowles William M Knowles
(Military WW II)
William McMillan Knowles, Jr Martha Koch Luckett Jr & Katherine Kolstad
C Luckett Kolstad Carrie Irby Kolstad Clarence J Kolstad
John S Kolstad Kristin Cloud Kolstad Luella Gardner Kolstad
Mollie G Kolstad P A "Drew" Kolstad Peter Kolstad
Kolstad Plot Kolstad Plot 2 Sophie Kolstad
Soren Kolstad Emma Krueger Paul Kitcher
(Military WW II)
Freddie K Kuhne Werner & Mary Jane Kuhne Werner Kuhne


Charlie LaBarge Mamie Lackey
Mamie Lackey
Lackland Infant Son Laird Infant Son Laird Infant Son
Gertrude Lambert F A Laumen John G Laumen
Truman & Julia Langham Daisey May Lansdale Daisey May Lansdale
David S Lawrenson Judge & Willie Lawrenson Frenchy LaCompote
Frenchy LaCompote
Frenchy LaCompote
(View 3)
W B Leach
Henry & Mary Leedham W H Leedham Wilney Edith Leedham
John Lees John Lees
Anna Mary Leet
Bruce Gordon LeGrand Leslie & Mary LeGrand Leslie & Mary LeGrand
(back of stone)
Leslie LeGrand LeGrand-Miller Plot Mary Reeves Lehmann
Lottie Lelaurin Lottie LeLaurin
(View 2)
Lillie A McMeans Leman
Lester Babies Ben Lester John & Rosa Lester
Margaret L Lester Marguerite Lester Lester Plot
Margaret Daniel Levy Tonka Lindermann Ann Lines
Ann Seymour Link Cora L Link Edwin W Link
Edwin William Link
(Military WW II)
Eva F Link Henry Link
John  Frank Link Johnnie M Link Mary M Link
Link Plot Lively Infant Daughter Lively Infant Daughter
S M Lloyd Sara Eliza Lloyd James H Long
James H Long
James H Long John William Long
John William Long
John William Long Willie Morgan Long
Lott Plot Walter LaVern Lott William  & Winnifred Lott
Harry Bratton Love
(Military Marker)
William & Martha Love Willis David Love
Frances E Lowe Isabella Nancy Lowe W H Luebkert
W H Luebkert
Ollie Lunsford Lacy B Lunt
Lurana May Lunt Lunt Memorial Lunt Plot
Lunt Plot 2 Eleanor Annie Lyerly Lyerly-Normington Plot
George W Lyne Hannah H Lyne Helen Lyne
Helen Jackson Lyne Lyne Plot William Lyne
William Lyne


M M C Charles Taylor MacAllister Frances Collins MacAllister
Ciseo Stuart Maffitt C S Maffitt Eufaula Maffitt
Georgia Anna Maffitt James Ivy Maffitt James Ivy Maffitt
James Ivy Maffitt
(View 2)
James Fred Maffitt Maffitt Plot
Mary Anna Magee Mary Anna Magee
(View 2)
Mary Anna Magee
David & Louise Malloy Sophie Edith Malloy James Arnold Mann, Jr
James Arnold Mann, Jr
(View 2)
Calef Yale Manning Hillery Manning
M J Manning Manning Plot Stone R W Manning
R W Manning Plot Rosa Manning
Rosa Manning
Manning Son of A J & M M Manning Son 2 Clarence Seaborn Marsh
Frank William Marsh Paul Marsh Marsh Plot
Marsh Plot 2 Royall & Martha Marsh Marshall Plot
Walkie & Nettie Marshall Walkinshaw C Marshall
(Military WW I)
Alice Martin
Helen B Martin J H Martin Leila Kemp Martin
Lou Martin Marvin Washington Martin Mary Ann Martin
Mollie F Martin Martin Plot R Frank Martin
R E Martin Ascenco Martinez Claude & Florence Mathews
Helen J Mathews Mathews Plot F J Matthews
Mittie Ezell Matthews LA Maxaipiahe L A Maxaipiahe
Maxaipiahe  Pan-Hellenic-Union Emblum L A Maxaipiah
Maxwell Plot
William Robert Maxwell Harry May Henry McCall
McCallum Infant Son Mary E McCartney R H McCartney
Eddie Alice McCauley Eddie Alice McCauley(
(View 2)
Bettie D McClanahan
Daniel Adolphus McClanahan
Daniel McClanahan McClanahan Plot
William M McClanahan Wm Stera McClanahan Tallulah Bell McClendon
Tallulah Bell McClendon Mary C McCoy Mary C McCoy
Azalee Speights McCreary McDaniel Infant Son Celia Pratt McDonnell
Marie Felicity McDonnell Mary Pratt McDonnell McDonnell Plot
Theresa Hester McDonnell Thomas McDonnell Emblem Thomas Joseph McDonnell
Thomas McDonnell Thos McDonnell
Thos McDonnell
W I McDonough W I McDonough
John McElroy
McFarlane 1 Pat McFarlane Robert F McFarlane
Sallie J McFarlane Sallie McFarlane Plot Sue McFarlane
Sue McFarlane
McFarlane Christopher Lyshawn McGruder
(Funeral Home Marker)
L G McIntire
L G McIntire McIntyre Coping
Gertrude Viola McIntyre Lacey S McIntyre McIntyre Plot
McIntyre Plot 2 McIntyre Plot 3 Ramona McKinney
Dan & Fannie McLeod Dan McLeod Lucy Naomi McLeod
McLeod Plot Ethel N McMahan George F McMahan
Henry M McMahan Henry M McMahan Maurine McMahan
Nellie McMahan McMahanPlot Amirald McMeans
Georgie Pauline McMeans Jennie Belle McMeans Jessie McMeans
Mattie Wright McMeans Sarah Cornell McMeans Sarah Cornell McMeans
Selden Robert McMeans S R (Bob) McMeans, Jr S R McMeans
S R McMeans
(footstone close-up)
Walter Henry McMeans Walter Pierce McMeans
Jeannie McNaughton Plot Jeannie McNaughton Jeannie McNaughton
McPerson Plot David Wiley McPherson Jas McPherson
McWhorter Infant Daughter McWhorter Infant Son McWhorter Plot
Robert & Jennie McWhorter Arthur Mead D C Mead, Jr
DeWitt C Mead
(Military CSA)
D C Mead, Jr
Fannie M Mead
Janie Mead Katherine E Mead Katherine T Mead
Mead Plot Elijah Meador Means Plot
John Meeker Vada Kelley Meehan Laura Eva Meier
David & Fredonia Melville Eason Merideth Plot Stella Aline Merideth
Stella Aline Merideth
Jessie Merideth Milton Merideth Plot
Milton Merideth J F Metcalf Metcalf Plot
Alice House Miller Cora Lee Miller Ernest C Miller
Ernest Miller, Jr Miller Infant Son James Dodd Miller
Miller Memorial Mollie E Miller Mrs Bertha Miller
Norman Miller
(Military Marker)
Norman & Mary Miller Back of Miller Stone
Norman C Miller M.D. Miller Plot Robt D Miller
Robt D Miller T C Miller Victor & Mary Miller
Wednesday (Lynn) Miller William S Miller, Sr Joe Milz
Addie Reneau Mitchell Edward Mitchell Edward & Nellie Mitchell
Mercedes Reneau Mitchell Nellie Mitchell Mitchell Plot
Ruth E Mitchell Waymon Mitchell, Jr Wymon & Marie Mitchell
Molly Reagan Mobley Wm Harry Mobley J L Malloy
Monroe 1886
(broken stone)
Monroe 1886
E J Moody
John & Minerva Moody Moody Plot Dr F B & Frances Moore
F B Moore
Frances Moore
Joe Battle Moore
Mary Lester Moore Moore Memorial Nettie Moore
Paul Orr Moore Moore Plot Ruby Moore
Sam Moore Sarah Ellen Moore Smith Moore
Turner Parker Moore Sarah & Albine Morgan Etta Morgan
William T Morgan A W Morris
A W Morris
Carter Folk Morris Guy G Morris Mary P Morris
Mary P Morris Robert Morris Mary Harris Morrow
Gayla Louise Morton Gayla Louise Morton Gayla Louise Morton
Jacob & Harriet Moser Richard Mosley Richard Mosley
Alice Rutledge Motter T H Motter Willie Mouzon
Sarah Munn Oliver S Murphy, Jr
(Military WW II)
Oliver & Connelle Murphy
Louise J Murrell Murrell Plot  Genevive Muse
Hiram & Nannie Muse Hiram M Muse, Jr Mary E Muse
Muse Memorial Jessie Mae Myers
Jessie Mae Myers


Dicy C Nall Emma Irene Nall Garter Nance
J W Nance Lewis M Nance, Jr Margaret Nance
Wilameta Nance W H & Sallie Nance W H & Sallie Nance Emblem
Elizabeth Parker Naylor J C Neel
J C Neel
Hazel Nelson Lloyd & Willie Nelson Mrs F A Nelson
Nelson Plot Robe Nelson
(Broken funeral home marker)
Abraham Nemer
Alex Nemer
Alex Nemer Casta Nemer
Emmie L Nettles John James Nettles Johnnie Nettles
Louise Nettles Nettles Plot Fred Neuberger
Mary E Newkirk Mary E Newkirk
Mary E Newkirk
B H Newman Eugene Newman Mae Self Newman
Newman Plot Newman Unknown Junia E Newsom
Junia E Newsom
J M & Rachel L Nicholson
J M & Rachel L Nicholson
Nicholson Plot Rachel L Nicholson
F J Nifong
S C Nifong Ella Norman Ethel E Norman
Robert L Norman Arthur William Normington John & Dora Normington
Normington Plot Jno W & Ena Norwood Jno W & Ena Norwood
Norwood Plot Norwood Plot 2 Alice S Numsen
Arthur Conaway Numsen Jane B Numsen Jane B Numsen
Earnest Nunnely Florrie Nunnely  


James Scott O'Brien Irene Ogilvy Josie Ogilvy
Augusta Olsen Eva Ozment James W Ozment
James W Ozment 2 Jewell Ozment Mary Martin Ozment
Ruby Ozment    


John Pace Palmer Crypt Ernest Roy Palmer
(Military Marker)
Ernest Roy Palmer
(Military-close up)
George Palmer Mcary Mcfarlane Palmer
Euphemia Parker
Euphemia Parker Thomas & Rosa Parker
Thomas S Parker
G E Parkhill
G E Parkhill
F A & Eliza Patrick Henry T Patrick
Jesse Luke Patrick
(Military Marker)
Luke & Marguerite Patrick Mattie Josie Patrick Mrs L A Patrick
Patrick Plot Patrick Plot 2 W L Patrick
W L Patrick
W W Patrick Symbol W W Patrick
Florence T Payne Walter E Payne Clarence Pearson
Mitchell Pearson Plot Zetta Pearson Margaret E Peck
Marshal W Peck
(Military Marker)
Mary Carol Pedersen Pedersen Plot
Mary Pedersen 1
(Rear of stone)
Peeler Broken Stone W A & Ella Peeler
Charles & Mona Pennybacker Geo & Eva Pennybacker Jennie Pennybacker
Julian Pennybacker Julian Pennybacker 2 Paul Pennybacker
Paul J Pennybacker
(Military WW II)
James Perkins Mary Perkins
Thomas J Perkins
(Military CSA)
Conrad & Alice Perry Deucalion & Mattie Perry
Haile & Annie Perry Harvey E Perry
(Military WW II)
Hattie Perry
Perry Infant Son Perry Plot Ernest Peters
John H Peters Mattie Peters Louis J Petit
Petit Memorial Petit Plot James Lalob Phelan
Mollie I Philips Sudie Philips Rev U B Philips
B Phillips H B Phillips Laura Lee Phillips
Minnie Laura Phillips Mollie Phillips
(broken stone)
Lena Photopoulos
Lena Photopoulos
Mary Photopoulos
Mary & Lena Photopoulos
Mary Photopoulos Sam B Pickens Pinckens Plot
Sam N & Mary J Pickens Sam N & Mary J Pickens 2 Sam N Pickens
W T Pickens W T Pickens
W T Pickens
W H Pillans Pitzer W Platt
Cora Pool
Cora A Pool James Martiniere Pool
James Larkin & Cora A Pool J L Pool
James Martiniere Pool
Pool Plot Pool Plot 2 Pool Plot 3
Sallie Young Porter Porter-Stott Plot Harry L Poston
Sarah E Potter William W Potter Potts Entrance
Jedediah Goff Potts
Jedediah Goff Potts John Harris Potts
Penelope Greenway Potts
Penelope Greenway Potts Potts Plot
W F Powers Wm F & Mary E Powers Wm F & Mary E Powers
Moselle Poynor Elizabeth Preston M T Preston
M T Preston
Dougald J Price Price Infant Son
John C Price John C Price, Jr Leona Janie Price
Leona N Price Lucy H Price Mary Eliza Price
Richard Price Walter S Price William D Price
Prince Plot Searcy & Myrtle Prince Searcy & Myrtle Prince
Charles Wantland Procter Ernestine Procter John W & Telitha Proctor
John W Proctor, Jr Hugh N Pruett I F Puterbaugh



Guestes Quinton    


Dollie M Radey Nannie D Radey Radey Plot
Tom C Radey
Radey Marriage Date Eva T Radey
Tom & Eva Radey Virginia Lucille Raney Herman M Rausin
Hugh Thomas Rausin Jeanette Rausin Luna Mae Rausin
J C Rawl Anna Rawley Jeff & Gussy Rawley
Albert S Ray
(Military Marker)
Edwina M Reagan E M R Reagan
Jefferson & Eoline Reagan John H Reagan John H Reagan Memorial
John H Reagan Reagan Plot Mollie Reagan
Mollie Reagan Mollie Ford Reagan Reagan Plot
R L R Reagan Robert Lee & Little Sue Reagan Sue Reagan
John Lincoln Ream
(Military WW II Korea)
Harry & Mary Redus Mary J Redus
Mary J Redus
Robert L Redus
Robert L Redus
A J Redwine Mildred Redwine Ethell Reed
Freddie Reed John Gooch Reed Lucy Ann Johnston Reed
Mabel Gooch Reed Stephen E Reed William Perry Reed
William Perry Reed Clement Rees Edith A Rees
Josie Rees Martin A Rees Mary A Rees
Rees Plot Rees Plot 2 Rebecca J Rees
William O Reeves
Willie Wilson Reeves
Willie Wilson Reeves
(View 2)
Edwin Nelms Reagan Richardson
Eliza Bell Richardson
John W Richardson J W & Mary Richardson J W Richardson, Jr
J W Richardson, Sr J W Richardson
Mary Richardson
(View 2)
Mary M Richardson Nellie G Richardson Richardson Plot
Richardson Plot 2 Richardson Plot 2 Beatrice Carr Rickelman
Gus F Rielly Gus F Rielly
Gus F Rielly
(View 2)
J Eugene Rielly
J Eugene Rielly J Eugene Rielly
James E & Jennie E Rielly James E & Jennie E Rielly
Rielly Memorial
D W Riggs
(broken stone)
D W Riggs
D W Riggs
(death date)
Riley Emblems Louise Riley Louise Riley
Margie Riley Marie Riley Riley Symbols
Stephen E Roach Roach-White Plot Veda Jane Roberson
Cecil Roberson Roberson Funeral Home Marker Charlie L Robinson
Colley Robinson Father Robinson Francis S Robinson
Julia Groth Robinson Maggie R Robinson Martha Irene Robinson
Robinson Plot Sallie Robinson Sallie Belle Robinson
Walter Gray Robinson William Pierre Robinson H W Rocieck
Allie Roden Robert L Rodger Robert L Rodgers
Robert L Rodgers H W Rodieck Henry Rodieck
Minnie & Henry Rodieck Henry Rodieck
 H W Rodieck Emblems
H W Rodieck
Minnie Rodieck
Minnie Rodieck
John M Roebuck Henry Rodieck
Anna C Rogers
Anna C Rogers Robert & William & Clara Rogers Rogers Memorial
Annie R Rollins Jessie Rollins Mary Elizabeth Rollins
Mary Elizabeth Rollins
Rollins Plot S A Rollins
Sam & Marie Rollins Susie Rollins
(close up broken stone)
A W Roscoe
A W Roscoe
A W Roscoe Symbol Roscoe Memorial
Minnie F Roscoe John C Ross
(Military Marker)
John C Ross
(Military Marker close-up)
Harry Rothenberg
Harry Rothenberg Maude Self Rountree
Eugenia Roussel Eugenia Pool Roussel
Thomas & Caroline Roussell
Thomas Roussel
Lynch B Rowland Lynch B & Mary Stones Rowland
Lynch B Rowland
Lynch B Rowland Mary J Rowland
Mary J Rowland
Mary J Rowland
Albert & Lois Rucker
Ann J Rucker Daniel Ransom Rucker
(Military Marker)
Rucker Plot
Reuben R Rucker Talitha Ann Rucker Lavenia Rud
Lavenia Rud I N Rudy Myra Virginia Rutledge
Cornelia Russ Cornelia Russ E N Rutledge
Genevieve Rutledge Rutledge Plot Rutledge Plot 2


Anglea E Speegle Julia Rutland Sandifer Sylviam Sarles
Sarvis Emblem Jas S Savris Sylviam Sarvis
Antonio Sawyer Antonio Sawyer
(rear of stone)
Cora Sawyer
Fannie Sawyer
Fannie Sawyer Mary E Sawyer
Oscar B Sawyers
Oscar B Sawyers Sawyers Plot
Gip H Schmidt Herman Schmidt
Herman Schmidt 2
Herman & Iva Schmidt Herman Schmidt
Herman Schmidt
Schmidt Infant Iva Earline Schmidt Jennie Schmidt
Marion Frances Schmidt Schmidt Plot Emily S Schnoor
Paul Scott
(Military Information)
Frederick & Hugh Scott Henry & Linnie Scott
Henry D Scott, Jr Ida Harwood Scott Marguerite Scott
Sara B Scott Catharine H Scruggs Alice Seay
Charles & Grace Seay Ada Sellers Peter Serick
Allan Jackson Shamblin Irene Brooks Shamblin John Rush Shamblin
John Rush Shamblin, Jr Louise Jackson Shamblin Shamblin Plot
Lou J Shamburger Patsy Dean Shamburger Thomas N Shamburger
Irene & Lorene Shaw Caroline Roussel Shepard
Charles H Sherwod
Evey Lena Shields Hazel Shields John Shields
Ola Shields Shields Plot Sarah Shields
John L & Lila M Shiver James Leon Shotwell Sidney Ruskin Stott
Eli H Signor Lee & Rosa Signor Anna Carrington Silliman
Silliman Baby Burnett Silliman Baby Calvin Silliman
Elizabeth B Silliman J M Silliman James M Silliman M.D.
James M Silliman, M. D. John H Silliman Julia Silliman
Laura Silliman Silliman Plot Silliman Plot 2
Silliman Plot 3 Eugene Simmons Katie C Simmons
Mary Jane Simmons Walter Simmons James & Harriet & Wilton Sivewright
James & Harriet & Wilton Sivewright James Wilson Sivewright Wilson George Sivewright
Margaret J Smallbone Clyde & Lura Smalley Clyde & Lura Smalley
Annie Mable Smith
Gussie Loyd Smith Harry Smith
Harry Smith
Herbert & Mattie Smith Ida Jackson Smith
Smith Infant Son Marvin Smith Rozier Howard Smith
Shelby C Smith Thomas J Smith Gussie May Smullen
James Dennis Smullen Margaret Mary Smullen Smullen Plot
Louisa Gardner Soles David Milton Sowell E Joseph & Margaret Sowell
E D W & Nannie Sowell Eugene Joseph Sowell Marion Katherine Sowell
Mary Lou Sowell Sowell Plot Sowell Plot 2
Dr A Arthur Speegle Dr Andrew Speegle Arthur A Speegle
Clarence E Speegle Speegle Infant Daughter Julian C Speegle
Speegle Memorial Nancy B Speegle Olive Gertrude Speegle
V Mae Speegle J F Springer Leroy Springer
Morgan R Springer Morgan R Springer
(View 2)
Morgan R Springer
Springer Plot P N Springer Elizabeth Staats
George B Staats Julia Stacey Thomas Austin Stacey
(Military WW I)
Alma T Stafford Anna Belle Stafford J M & M A Stafford
Little Clemmie Stafford Stafford Plot Seymour & Annie Stafford
Stanaland Infant Son Mattie D Starling S N Starling
Willie L Starling
(Funeral Home Marker)
Arthur W Stewart
(Military Sp/Am War)
George P Stewart
Jennie A Stewart A Mamie Sterne Charles A Sterne
Sterne Plot Sarah Mallard Sterne James Stevens
James Stevens Reginald & Frances Stevens James Garrett Stewart
Stewart Plot Stewart Plot 2 Stewart Plot 3
Mary Stoddard
Mary Stoddard R S & Virginia Stott Plot
Sidney Ruskin Stott Sidney Ruskin Stott
Virginia Stott
Virginia Stott
James Stringfellow James Stringfellow
Julia W Sundman Lee Surtees Syrian Section


James Clifton Temple Albert E Taylor Augusta Lou Taylor
Bertha C Taylor F B & Laura C Taylor Harry & Daisy Taylor
James Clifton Taylor
R F Taylor Silas A & Nannie L Taylor
O Teagarden Bonnie L Teamer George W & Bella M Teamer
Teamer Plot In Teamer Plot John A Teamer Jr
Mrs J A Teamer Teamer Plot James Clifton Temple
John Stanley Temple Temple Plot Temple Plot 2
Vallie Ferguson Temple Vallie Ferguson Temple 2 Willie May Temple
Willie May Temple I M & Eva Tenney Little Willie Terrance
Little Willie Terrance2 George Terry Jennie Thomas
William & Rebecca Thompson Owen F Thornton, Jr Owen F Thornton
Belle Totty
Bell Totty Totty Lines Plot
Michael C Travis Leroy Trice Lillian Anderson Trice
Mackie P Trice Marvin H Trice, Jr Marvin H Trice
Trice Plot Sarah Elizabeth Tryon Lewis & Edna May Tucker
Hamilton & Mary A Turbyfill H R Turbyfill, Jr
(Military Marker)
Little Paul Turbyfill
Turbyfill Memorial Turbyfill Unknown Anna Jones Turner
Burton Gray Turner Callie Locke Turner Dennis & Johnie Turner
Dennis & Johnie Turner 2 Dennis C Turner
(Military WW I)
George H Turner
Gertrude Turner Jettie Turner John Stafford Turner
Turner Memorial Paul Jones Turner Turner Plot
Rettie E Turner Sarah Elizabeth Tyron Sarah Elizabeth Tyron


G T & Sarah Umensetter Lula May Umensetter Sarah F Umensetter
Sarah F Umensetter 2 Murphy Underwood Plot William A & Annie Bills Underwood
William A & Annie Bills Underwood


Francisca Valderas Valderas Plot Francisca Valdras
Valderas Plot Vadiver Plot Matilda Emma Van Fleet
J H Vann J H Vann 2 J H Vann
Henry Leedham Vaughn Harry Dorris Vaughn Moore Vineyard
John William Wesley Vineyard Videlia A Vineyard James W Vinson
James W Vinson 2 H S Vance  


Floyd W Wainright James Wainright Walter & Mattie Wainright
Walter N Wainright Evel E Walker James Walker
Luella H Walker Percy & Mattie Walker Walker Plot
Rowland Roco Walker Rowland Roco Walker 2 Daniel H Wallace
Laura E Wallace    



Rubert C Zeigler    

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