Witt Cemetery

Towee Pike, McFarland Area
Polk Co., TN

From the intersection of Hwy. 30 and Reliance-Tellico Road, cross the Hiawassee River bridge and follow the
Reliance-Tellico Rd abt. 5 miles to Springtown. Turn right on to Towee Pike, follow Towee Church signs, pass
the church and stay on this road abt. 2 miles, turn left. Follow this road and cemetery will be at dead end.

CARVER, Eliza 21-Apr-1875 03-Sep-1908 Wife of Loyd
CARVER, Eliza R. 6-Jun-1904 22-Apr-1999 Married 6/18/1921 / John F.
CARVER, James L. Bud 10-Apr-1926 26-Mar-1996 Married 12/7/1964 / Lmer L.
CARVER, John F. 1-Jan-1895 2-Dec-1983 Married 6/18/1921 / Eliza R.
CARVER, Joseph 27-Apr-1938 25-Dec-1941
CARVER, Lmer L. 14-Apr-1922
Married 12/7/1964 / James L.B.
CARVER, Roy 13-Mar-1925 10-Apr-1925
DERRICK, Alice J. 30-Dec-1937
Beyond the Sunset / Grady S.
DERRICK, Grady S. 13-Jan-1937
Beyond the Sunset / Alice J.
HAMPTON, Marion 23-Jul-1836 10-Mar-1905 Weep Not, He is at rest
HICKS J.L. 10-Jun-1935 10-Jun-1935

Born: March / Died: Same
HICKS, Babra Jo

HICKS, George Noah, II

Stillborn Son of Rev. & Mrs. Noah
HICKS, Gracen

Born in March / Illegible
HICKS, Harlis 29-Dec-1945 07-Mar-1947 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Willie / Our Baby Gone
HICKS, Infant 07-Jan-1937
Infant daughter of Wm. Walter & Luvenie Smith Hicks
HICKS, Martha 24-Mar-1914 18-Apr-1941 Mother / Resting in Heaven
HICKS, R.D. 24-Aug-1938 1939 Our Darling
HICKS, Wash 1882 14-Jan-1940
HICKS, William J. 27-Sep-1915 15-Dec-2000 Father in Thy Gracious Keeping, Leave We Now Thy Servant Sleeping
HOOD, Amanda 18-Nov-1902 18-Dec-1916
HOOD, Anna 17-Apr-1892 22-Oct-1912 Asleep in Jesus
KEY, Janie G. 20-Feb-1936
6/15/1959 / William C.
KEY, William Claude 15-Apr-1936 23-May-2000 Janie G.
MADDEX, W.E. 27-Mar-1892 24-Jan-1978 Grandad We Love You
MADDOX, Lissie Pike 30-Mar-1894 06-Apr-1976 Mother We Miss You
McCULLEY, A.J. 10-Nov-1879 07-Mar-1904
McCulley, Ben 07-Jan-1898 08-Jan-1973 MS PVT US Army WWII
McCULLEY, Janie 26-Jun-1892 22-Apr-1962 Gone But Not Forgotten
McCULLEY, Joseph P. 01-Jan-1861 30-Sep-1914 Father / Gone But Not Forgotten / Margrett E.
MCCULLEY, Margrett E. 14-Mar-1868 21-May-1933 Mother / Gone But Not Forgotten / Joseph P.
McCULLEY, Sarah E. 11-Sep-1899 12-Sep-1973 Gone But Not Forgotten
PIKE, Boyd 11-Mar-1928 11-Jun-1946 Darling We Miss You
PIKE, Dorothy 15-Sep-1916 25-Sep-1916
PIKE, J.A.` 09-Oct-1892 11-Oct-1940 Beloved Husband Farewell
PIKE, Robert C. 13-Nov-1932 28-Sep-1992 Father
PIKE, S.K., Mrs. 21-Jun-1860 06-May-1943 Gone But Not Forgotten
PIKE, W.M. 14-Feb-1852 04-Mar-1912
RYMER, Arlien 03-Mar-1942 10-Mar-1942
RYMER, Bill 1919 1922
RYMER, Delmon 12-Apr-1948 26-Apr-1948
TERRY, Johnnie E. 15-Apr-1952 15-Apr-1952
WHITE, Riley Elmer 09-May-1914 15-Jul-1963 Thomas E.
WHITE, Thomas Eldon 09-May-1914 23-Aug-1914 Riley E.
WITT, Jane 02/1835 30-Sep-1910
WITT, N.B. 05-Feb-1830 05-Sep-1907
WITT, Polly 01-Jan-1798 09-Jan-1878
WOODY, Julia McCulley 29-Jun-1881 22-Feb-1974 Gone But Not Forgotten
Witt Cemetery Sign
Townee Baptist Church Towee Baptist Church Sign / Established 1910
Overview of Cemetery
Overview of Cemetery Overview of Cemetery

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