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The donation of the 1880 Henderson County, Tennessee, Census images for permanent, free display in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Darrell Thomas (agentf16@hotmail.com) and the permission of S-K Publications. These census images are copyrighted by S-K Publications and are not to be republished or redistributed without their permission. The images are also available on CD (in a higher-quality format that was reduced when they were converted to .GIF files for the Web) from S-K Publications, PO Box 8173, Wichita KS 67208-0173.

The 1880 Henderson County, Tennessee, Census contains 380 pages (census
images) in Enumeration Districts 53 through 67.
The order of the pages after page 28 in Enumeration District 58 is 58-30,
58-31, and 58-29.

The name of each image file is the page number. (In the case of 1880, 1900, 1910,
and 1920 census, the file name includes both the Enumeration District and the
page number.)

The following is a breakdown showing which county subdivisions are enumerated
in each Enumeration District:
1st Civil District: ED 53-01 through 53-13
8th Civil District: ED 53-14 through 53-35
2nd Civil District: ED 54
Mifflin: ED 55-01 through 55-02
3rd Civil District: ED 55-03 through 55-22
4th Civil District: ED 56-01 through 56-16
5th Civil District: ED 56-17 through 56-37
6th Civil District: ED 57
7th Civil District: ED 58-01 through 58-20
19th Civil District: ED 58-21 through 58-36
Ada: ED 59-01
9th Civil District: ED 59-02 through 59-14
18th Civil District: ED 59-15 through 59-26
10th Civil District: ED 60-01 through 60-08, 60-16 through 60-24
Lexington: ED 60-09 through 60-15
11th Civil District: ED 61
12th Civil District: ED 62
13th Civil District: ED 63
14th Civil District: ED 64
15th Civil District: ED 65
20th Civil District: ED 66-01 through 66-13
16th Civil District: ED 66-14 through 66-23
17th Civil District: ED 67

The 1880 Henderson County, Tennessee, Census images:


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