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William F. Church Store and Home
and Store Ledgers

William F. Church Store and Home
Picture contributed by Julia Williams Kodak

The house and store were built in the early 1880's by William F. Church, son of Wiley and Margaret Ray Church and his wife L. Cornelia Hardin Church Snider, daughter of Henry and Lucinda Horton Hardin of Boone, NC. After Williams' death in 1889, Cornelia married John Snider. The man in the picture is him, the lady beside him Cornelia and the girl standing on the fence is Amelia C. Snider, daughter of John and Cornelia Snider. The store is still standing and is at the corner of Shell Creek Road and Hwy. 19E in what is now Roan Mountain, TN about two miles from the North Carolina line. The road to Shell Creek would begin just to the right of the store. Until the flood in 1940, the train ran in front of the house and store and the depot was just across the street.

The Store Ledgers

I sent my boys on a scavenger hunt (actually several) when we first moved in and they found a couple of the store's old ledgers underneath the floor of the store. You can imagine their condition. They are written in pencil, and then when paid, initials written over the top of the name in pen. I am able to read some of the names and I thought it would be interesting and beneficial to give you the names and see if anyone recognizes any of them.

In going through these journals, I learned that it's mostly the same names over and over. So I went through and picked out names found for the different years I have.

The following are names taken from the store journals of William F. Church in Shell Creek, Tennessee:

Friday, April 23, 1886
D.B. Potter
C.N. Wilcox
Bob Jones
D. Ellis
Bettie Smith
John Potter
E.A. Potter
W.F. Church
John Vance
Flin Shell

Saturday, April 24
J.D. Woodruff
John Cornett
Andrew McAdams
Wesley Miller
Will Cornett
John Thomas
James Perry
Jeff Davis
H.H. Kinnick
W.R. Perkins
Joseph Perry
Bob Taylor
James G. Morgan

Monday, April 25
J.H. Teaster
Mrs. L Stout
G.W. Wilson
E.A. Potter
Geo E Hoss
John Thomas

Tuesday, April 26
J.D. Woodruff
Jack Wilson
Mrs. Wm Baldwin
A.C. Kite
Francis Harrsion
H.H. Fields

Wednesday, April 28th, 1886
C.N. Wilcox
Elx Perry
Geo Chatman
Thomas McNeil
C.N. Wilcox
W.C. Winter
Bill Childers
J. Smith

April 29th
W,D, Wilcox
J.W. Morgan
Andy Stout

April 30th
Emmert Goodman
Martin W Winters
Alex Perry
D.E. Buck

Saturday, May 1st 1886
Andy McAdams
John Miller
Wesley Miller
Mr. Wartman
Stephen Winters
C.N. Wilcox

Names from 1891:
J.J. Holly
J.G. Storie (This man was hired by Mrs. Church to help run the store. He was
studying to be a teacher.)
Mrs. Adeline Ellis
Berry Daniel
Milton Shell
Richard Cable
H.H. Kinnick
Harden Jones
Mrs. L.C. Perry
H.F. Shell
Jack Hopson
W.D. Wilson

From 1892:
Mrs. C.G. Oaks
D.B. Potter
David Smith
James Ray
Christy Simerly
H Jones
G. Stout
Geo Hoss
Daniel Briscoe
Milton Shell
H.F. Shell
Lucinda Hoss
Sam Perkins
John Pritchard

From 1902:
James Richardson
Thomas Shell
James Harrison
A.C. Marklin
James Oaks
James H. Hoss
David Oaks, Jr.
James Miller
Homer Jones
Milton Shell
Linda Hoss
Rubin McKinney
Hardin Jones
H.F. Shell
James Miller
W.R. Allen
Andy McAdams
Tommy Perry
James Watson
Sam Chambers
Dock Miller
Sam Harris
David Brewer
Benson Brown
Julia Ayers

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