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Bledsoe County Tennessee Biographies
Description Size Date Submitter
Barber Cemetery2KNov2001Mildred Cardwell
Blackburn Cemetery23KAug2003Mary Caudill
Bennie Simmons Cemetery aka Bennie Knob Cemetery, Nuson Knob1KAug2003Betty Curley
Brown Cemetery2KNov2001Mildred Cardwell
Brown Cemetery2KJul2003Mary Caudill
Brown Lee Cemetery2KJul2003Wendell Walker
Brushy Cemetery11KJul2003Mary Caudill
Campbell Cemetery2KAug2003Betty Curley
Clark-Dyer Cemetery1KAug2003Mary Caudill
Dunn Cemetery2KNov2001Mildred Cardwell
Farmer Cemetery2KAug2003Mary Caudill
Gentery Cemetery2KMar2003Mildred Cardwell
Hale, Harry Cemetery5KAug2003Louise Swafford
Hale Cemetery2KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Hall Cemetery2KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Hamilton Cemetery7KSep2003Mary Frances Caudill
Henson Cemetery2KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Hickory Grove Cemetery1KMay2003Betty Nail Castillo
Hinch Cemetery1KMar2000Betty Castillo
Humble Cemetery6KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Walker, Howard Cemetery10KApr2001Judy Ogren
Iron Hill Cemetery16KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Knight Cemetery2KAug2003Louise Swafford
Lamb Cemetery1KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Lone Cedar Cemetery2KSep2003Mildred Cardwell
Lumenary Mountain Cemetery1KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
McJunkin Cemetery1KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
McReyolds Graves near Putnam Funeral Home1KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Mount Zion Cemetery2KAug2003Mary Caudill
Moore Cemetery1KAug2003Louise Swafford
Pikeville Cemetery2KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo and Mary Frances Nail Caudill
Patton Cemetery2KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Pikeville Cemetery (Partial Listing)9KNov2001Betty Nail Castillo
Pikeville Cemeteries additions7KMar2001Betty Nail Castillo and Mary Frances Nail Caudill
Pendergrass Cemetery3KJul2003Wendell Walker
Pope Cemetery5KJun2000Betty Nail Castillo
Rainey Cemetery3KJan2002Betty Nail Castillo
Rankin Cemetery1KAug2003Mary Caudill
Rigsby Cemetery - Reel Family Plot2KJan2000Dinah Reel Reece & Deborah Reel Reece
Rigsby Cemetery20KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Roberson Cemetery2KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Seals Cemetery9KAug2003Louise Swafford
Simmons Cemetery2KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Smith, Bud Cemetery2KAug2003Betty Curley
Smith, Ben Cemetery2KAug2003Mary Caudill
Smith, Will Cemetery2KAug2003Mary Caudill
Smith, Porter Cemetery1KSep2003Louise Swafford
Stephens Cemetery1KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Summer City Cemetery3KNov2001Mildred Cardwell
Swafford, Alfred Allen Cemetery2KApr2003Mary F Nail Caudill
Swafford, T. Y. (Jr.) Cemetery5KMay2003Mary Frances Caudill
Swafford Chapel Cemetery11KAug2003Michael Boniol
Teeters Cemetery2KJun2000Betty Nail Castillo
Thomas Cemetery4KAug2003Mary Caudill
Thurman Cemetery2KNov2001Mildred Cardwell
Thurman, Lydia Cemetery2KOct2001Mary Frances Caudill
Tollett, John Cemetery8KMay2003Mary Caudill
Unnamed Cemeteries2KJan2000Betty Nail Castillo
Walker Cemetery7KAug2003Mary Caudill
Warner Cemetery2KSep2003Betty Nail Castillo
Wesley Chapel Cemetery13KSep2003Mary Caudill
Worthington Cemetery11KMay2003Mary Frances Caudill
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