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William and Mary College

Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. VIII                                  APRIL, 1900                                 No. 4


Glimpses of Old College Life          213-227
Lawyers of the Seventeenth Century          228-230
Library of Col. Southey Littleton          230-231
Dr. Franklin's Parable Against Persecution          231-236
Library of Dr. George Hacke          237
Old Letters of the Seventeenth Century          237-245
Letter of William H. Cabell and John Camm          246-247
Some Minors in Virginia          247-251
Jameson Family          251-255
Colliers of York County          255-257
Hope Family of Virginia          257-258
Galt Family of Williamsburg          259-262
Alexander Family          262-263
Randolph Family          263-265
Christian Family          265-271
Personal Notes          271-272
Historical Notes and Queries          273-277
Book Reviews*          

Early Settlers of Alabama
by James Edmonds Saunders
Some Notes on the First Recorded Visit of White Men to the Site
   of the Present City of Richmond, Virginia
by Robert Lee Traylor
Overwharton Parish Register; 1720 to 1760, Stafford County, Va. by Wm. F. Boogher
The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine
Family of Armistead of Virginia
The Authorship of the Quatre Lettres d'un Bourgeois de New Haven by Simeon Baldwin
The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
The Lower Norfolk County Antiquary by Edward W. James
The American Historical Magazine
Official Report of the Fourth General Tyler Family Gathering,
   September 13, 1899, at Washington, D. C.
by W. I. Tyler Brigham

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