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Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. VII                                  OCTOBER, 1898                                 No. 2


Education in Colonial Virginia: Part VI, Comparative Results       65-76
A List of Graduates of Harvard who were Tories
   in the American Revolution, Residing in Massachusetts
Letter of Ralph Wormeley, Jr., of Rosegill       81-83
Berkeley Manuscripts       83-93
Old Tombstones in Westmoreland County       93-98
Marriage Bonds in Goochland County       98-106
Tombstones at Hill's Farm, in Accomac County       106-108
Maclin Family       108-109
Lamb Family       109-112
A Letter from Virginia       112-113
Convict Emigrants to New England       113-115
Ashton Family       115-119
Conquerors of the Northwest       120-121
The Randolph Family       122-124
Gov. Gooch's Message Concerning the College       124-126
Historical and Genealogical Notes       126-131
Book Reviews
    The Speed Family by Thomas Speed
    The Goodwins of Kittery, Maine
    Marchmont and the Humes of Polworth
    Bristol Parish Vestry Book and Register. 1720-1789 by Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
    The Lower Norfolk County Antiquary by Edward W. James

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