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Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. VII                                  JULY, 1898                                 No.1


Corrections and Additions       1**
Education in Colonial Virginia: Part V: Influence of William and Mary College       1-9
Old Virginia Editors       9-17
Armistead Family (Continued from Vol.VI p.226)       17-24
Nelson Letter Book       25-30
The Ultra Montane Expedition       30-37
Marriage Bonds at Lawrenceville, Brunswick County, Va.       37-38
Harrison--Goosley--McCaw       39-40
Prices during the Revolution       41
La Fayette at the College       41
A Virginia Hero       42-43
Letter of Col. Nathaniel Burwell       43-45
The Tabb Family       45-50
Selden Family       50-51
Lamb Family       51-54
Abstracts From Pittsylvania County Marriage Bonds       55-56
Ashton Family       56-57
Historical and Genealogical Notes       57-63
Book Reviews
Governor Garrard of Kentucky and His Descendants and Relatives
by Anna Russell Des Cognets
The History of the Blair, Banister, and Braxton Families
by Frederick Horner
The First Republic in America
by Alexander Brown

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