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William and Mary College

Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. VI                                  APRIL, 1898                                  No.4


Committee of Safety of Isle of Wight          205-206
Willis Family          206-214
Indian Slaves          214-215
Howard--Wood--Baker--Gilmer          215-216
Obituary of Rev. Thomas Dawson          216
List of Southern Graduates of the
University of Pennsylvania, 1757-1783
Virginia Graduates at Princeton          218-219
Virginia Graduates at Columbia College,
New York, Previous to 1783
Southern Students at Harvard College          219-220
Schools in Warwick County          220
Abstracts from Pittsylvania County Marriage Bonds          220-221
The Northern Neck of Virginia          222-226
Armistead Family          226-234
Selden Family          234-238
The Thornton Family          238-244
Hubard Family          244-249
County Committee of Caroline          249-250**
The Dandridge Family          250-251
Letters of George Hume, of Virginia          251-256
Historical and Genealogical Notes          257-259
Book Reviews
Southern Historical Society Papers
R. A. Brock ---- pp. 260-263
The Literary History of the American Revolution
Moses Coit Tyler ---- pp. 263-271
Letters and Times of the Tylers
Lyon Gardiner Tyler
A Very Pleasant Addendum          1 p.
Goodwin          1 p.

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