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William and Mary College

Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. VI                         January, 1898                        No. 3


Berkeley Manuscripts       135-152
Letter Of Ralph Wormeley       152-153
Marriage Records from Ralph Wormeley's Bible       153-155
The Genealogy of General J. E. B. Stuart,
   and of his Collateral Relations on his Mother's Side--
   Pannill, Strother, Banks, Bruce, etc.
Library of Col. William Fleming       158-164
Armistead Family       164-171
Education in Colonial Virginia: Part IV,
   The Higher Education
Students in 1754 at William and Mary College       187-188**
Accounts of Salaries in 1770       188-189**
An Effective Return of Capt. William Henry's Company
   of Minute Men at Northampton Court-House
   in Virginia, Feb. the 17th, 1776
Historical and Genealogical Notes       190-199
Book Reviews
The Literary History of the American Revolution
Moses Coit Tyler ---- p. 200
Facts and Fakes About Cuba
George Bronson Rea ---- p. 200
Publications of the Southern History Association ---- p. 200
Ethics of Literature
John A. Kersey ---- p. 200-201
The Works of William Preston Johnston: My Garden Walk,
    Pictures of the Patriarchs, The Johnstons of Salisbury,
   The Prototype of Hamlet
   and Other Shakespearean Problems
---- p. 201
Old Virginia and Her Neighbours
John Fiske ---- p. 201-202
Robert E. Lee and the Southern Confederacy, 1807-1870
Henry Alexander White ---- p. 202-203
Nullification and Secession in the United States:
   A History of the Six Attempts during the
   First Century of the Republic
Edward Payson Powell

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