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VOL. VI                                  OCTOBER 1897 - SUPPLEMENT                                  No.2


The Goodwin Families in America        1-58
Appendix A: The Goodwins of Brookville, Indiana        59-68**
Appendix B: The Goodwins of Washington County, Indiana        68-72
Appendix C: The Goodwins of Fayette County, Pennsylvania        72-75
Appendix D: The Goodwins of Wheeling, West Virginia,
   and the Goodwines of Warren County, Indiana
Appendix E: The Goodwins of York County, Pennsylvania        80
Appendix F: The Goodwins of Harrison County, West Virginia        81-84
Appendix G: The Goodwins of St. Mary's County, Maryland        84-91**
Appendix H: The Goodwins of Botetourt and Tazewell Counties, Virginia        91-99
Appendix I: The Goodwins of Davidson County, Tennessee        99-101
Appendix J:        101-104
Appendix K: The Goodwyns of Dinwiddie County, Virginia        104-114
Appendix L: The Goodwins of Augusta County, Virginia        115-120
Appendix M: The Goodwins of Caroline and Amherst Counties, Virginia        120
Appendix N: The Goodwins of Carroll County, Maryland,        120-122
Appendix O: The Goodwins of Baltimore County, Maryland        122**
Appendix P: An Eastern Maryland Fragment        123**
Appendix Q: The Goodwins of Virginia and North Carolina        123**
Appendix R: The Goodwins of Virginia and Georgia        124
Appendix S: The Goodwins of Greenbrier County, West Virginia        124-125
Appendix T: The Goodwins of Albemarle County, Virginia,        125-126
Appendix U: The Goodwins of Loudoun County, Virginia        126
Appendix V: Untraced Goodwins of Virginia        126-127
Appendix W: Miscellaneous Notes        127
Appendix X: The Goodwins of Preble County, Ohio        127-130
Appendix Y: Probable Descendants of Robert Goodwin        130-131
Appendix Z: The Goodwins of Halifax County, Virginia        131
Appendix W: Additional Miscellaneous Notes        132-139
Notes on the York County, Virginia, Goodwins        140-159
Corrections and Additions        160

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