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William and Mary College

Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. VI                                  JULY 1897                                  No.1


Education in Colonial Virginia:
   Part II, Private Schools and Tutors
Virginians Voting in the Colonial Period         7-13
Thruston Family         13-18
Old Blandford Tombstones       18-27
Picture of Old Blandford Church
The Willis Family         27-29
Edlow, Bowler, Cocke and Adams         29-30
Armistead Family         31-33
Macon Family         33-36
Jerdone Family         37-38
William and Mary College in the Revolution         39
William and Mary College: Its Antiquities         39-40
Libraries in Colonial Virginia         40-41
Genealogy of the Smith Family
   of Essex County, Virginia
Thornton Family         53-57
Notes by the Editor         57
Historical and Genealogical Notes         57-70
Books         70
Errors in Last Number         

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