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William and Mary College

Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. IV                                  APRIL, 1896                                 No. 4


Original Records of the Phi Beta Kappa Society       213-241
Form of a Charter Party       242-254
Phi Beta Kappa: The United Chapters       254-259
Constitution of the United Chapters: 1895      259-261
Chapter Constitution      261
William Short      261-263
The First Collegiate Medals      263-264
The First Chair of Law and Police      264-265
The Blackburns, of "Ripon Lodge"      266-269
Libraries in Colonial Virginia      269
Coats-of-Arms in Virginia      269-270
The Starke Family      270-272
James Monroe      272-275
Descendants of John Camm, President of William and Mary College      275-278
Historical and Genealogical Notes      279-284
Book Reviews       285