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William and Mary College

Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. IV                                  January, 1896                                 No. 3


Old Tombstones in Charles City County          143-150
Title of Westover          151-155
Libraries in Colonial Virginia          156
The Thornton Family          157-164
Coats-of-Arms in Virginia          164-167
Old Records of Charles City County          167-169
Letters Extracted from the County Record Books          169-177
Indian Affairs in Lancaster County          177-179
Northumberland County          179-180
Commission of Warwick County, 1647          180
Commission of Nansemond County          180
The Thruston Family of Virginia          180-183
The Smiths of Virginia: I. John Smith, of Purton          183-185
The Smiths of Virginia: II. Family of John Augustine Smith,
     President of William and Mary College
Journal of the Meetings of the President and Masters
    of William and Mary College
The Stracheys of Sutton Court          192-194
The Oldest Tombstone          195-197
Starke's Free School and "Justice of the Peace"          197-200
Historical and Genealogical Notes          200-206
Book Reviews          207

     Lower Norfolk County Antiquary by Edward W. James
     Virginia Magazine of History and Biography by Philip A. Bruce
     The New England Historic and Genealogic Magazine
     The American Historical Review
     The Mystery of the Name Pamunkey by William Wallace Tooker
     John B. Minor by James C. Lamb
     Recollections of Sixteen Presidents,
     from Washington to Lincoln by Richard W. Thompson
     The Kappa Alpha Journal, October, 1895
     Publications Received

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