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William and Mary College

Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. II                                  APRIL, 1894                                  No.4


Inscriptions on Old Tombs in Gloucester Co., Virginia       219-229
Notes by the Editor       230-236
Original Letters       237-241
Throckmorton, of England and Virginia       241-247
Libraries in Colonial Virginia       247-249
Library of Edmund Berkeley, Esq.       250-251
Cumberland County and Independence       252-255
The Stamp Act       255**
Journal of the Meetings of the President
   and Masters of William and Mary College
Lightfoot Family       259-262
Woodhouse Notes       262-264
A Boy's Retort       264
Newton-Washington Letters       265
Coats-of-Arms in Virginia       266-267
Lancaster County Book: Estates, Deeds, &c., 1654-1702       267-270**
Notes and Queries       270-278
Book Reviews*       279
Book Reviews: Virginia, 1492-1892       279-280
Book Reviews: Great Commanders - General Johnston       280-281
Book Reviews: Great Commanders - General Scott       281-282
Book Reviews: The Virginia Magazine of History
   and Biography, January 1894

Notes on the Surnames of Frances, Francis, French, etc., in Scotland, with an Account of the Frenches of Thorndyke by A. D. Weld French
Edward Godfrey: (1584-1664), His Life, Letters, and Public Services by Charles Edward Banks
The Goodwins of Hartford, Connecticut
Virginia, 1492-1892 by Margaret Vowell Smith
Great Commanders--General Johnston by Robert M. Hughes
Great Commanders--General Scott by Marcus J. Wright
The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, January, 1894 by Philip A. Bruce

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