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William and Mary College

Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. II                                  JANUARY, 1894                                  No.3


Front Matter       
Slave Owners in Princess Anne Co.       146-148
Virginians at Oxford       149-153
The Rev. John Wilson       154-155
Coats-of-Arms in Virginia       156-159
The Calthorpes       160-168
Libraries in Colonial Virginia       169-175
New England and the Slave Trade       176-178
Extracts from the Records       178-180
Judge St. George Tucker's Pamphlet in Relation to Williamsburg       181
A Letter, To the Rev. Jedediah Morse, A. M.
   Author of the `American Universal Geography.'
Notes by the Editor       198-203
Lightfoot Family       204-207
Journal of the Meetings of the President
   and Masters of William and Mary College
Marriage Licenses Granted in Elizabeth City County       210-211
Notes and Queries       212-214
Book Reviews*       215
*Genealogy of the Browne, Cochran, Brooke, Neale
   and Bennett Families - 1894
*Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison       216-218
Books Received       216
The Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison,
   President of the United States: 1889-1893

* Genealogy of the Browne, Cochran, Brooke, Neale and Bennett Families by Bennett Bernard Browne
Captain John Smith and His Critics by Charles Poindexter
History of Gloucester County, Virginia, and its Families by Sally Nelson Robins
The Green Bag, Boston, Mass. by S. S. P. Patteson
The Va. Historical Magazine by Philip A. Bruce
The New England Historical and Genealogical Magazine by John Ward Dean

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