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Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. XVII                                  JULY, 1908                                  No. 1


Volume Information       16pp
Some Contemporary Accounts of Eminent Characters:
    From "A Narrative Of My Life for My Family"
Diary of Col. Landon Carter       9-18
Two Unpublished Letters of Thomas Jefferson       18-20
Letter Book of Thomas Jett       20-26
Letters of Alexander D. Kelly       27-33
Letters of Honorable Stevens Thomson Mason       33-34
Amelia County Marriage Bonds       34-49
Col. Augustine Moore, of "Chelsea" King William County, Va.       49-53
Mottrom--Wright--Spencer--Ariss--Buckner       53-59
Fox Family       59-64
Literature in Virginia Before the War       64
Historical and Genealogical notes       65-70
Book Reviews       70-

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