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William and Mary College

Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. XVI                                  OCTOBER, 1907                                  No.2


Journal of the President and Masters or Professors of William and Mary College       73-80
Marriage Bonds in Amelia County       81-95
Thompkins Family       96-97
The Will of Colonel Humphrey Hill       97-99
The Will of Samuel Garlick       100-103
Old Gravestones in Savage's Neck, Northampton County       103-105
King Family of Virginia       105-110
The South's Contribution to History       111-119
"The Great Rebellion" at Princeton       119-121
Colonel Augustine Moore, of "Chelsea"       122-126
Punishment for Duelling       126
Letters of Francis Jerdone       126-132
The College after the Fire of 1859,       132-136
Rev. David Lindsy       136-138
Walker Bible       138-139
Historical and Genealogical Notes,       139-142
Book Reviews       143-147

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