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VOL. XI                                  OCTOBER, 1902                                  No. 2


Extracts From the Records of Surry County:
   How Mrs. Mills Ill-treated Mr. Dennis
   Col. Swann in Bacon's Rebellion,
   Militia in 1687,
   Nicholson's Proclamations
Patents Issued during the Regal Government       88-92
President Thomas Dawson's Ordination as Deacon       92-93
Personal Notices from "Virginia Gazette"       93-98
Journal of Col. James Gordon, of Lancaster       98-112
Letters of William Sherwood, 1671       112-114
Proprietors of Lots in Williamsburg in 1783       114-115
Alexander Family (Concluded)       115-121
Occaneechee Island       121-123
Early Tombstones in the Northern Neck       123-130
Hicks Family       130-132
Family Account of Mrs. Lucy Ann Page       132-137
Ball, Cuppage, and Dameron Familes,
   of Northumberland county, Va.,
Whitehead Family Deeds       139-141
Marriage Bonds in Prince Edward County       141-143
An Irish Estate: Burke Family       143-144
Armistead Family: Bible Entries       144-145
Tombstones of the Scarlett Family       145
Tombstone of Martha Martin       146
Historical and Genealogical Notes       146-148

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