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Quarterly Historical Magazine

VOL. XI                                  JULY, 1902                                  No. 1


Dr. Wellford's Diary During the
   Whiskey Insurrection in 1794
Councillor Carter's Library (Concluded)       21-28
The Eaton Free School (1659)       19-21
Proceedings in York County Court
   Case of Thomas Cheney, a Lunatic
   Stocks and Pillory
   The Quakers
   The Drowning of Thomas Leea
   A Mutiny of the Servants
   Servant Freed
   Execution of Huntingdon Ayers
Lewis Family (Concluded)       39-47
Hardyman Family       47-50
Woodson Family (Concluded)       50-58
Willcox Family       58-60
Hamlin Family 59-60      
Alexander Family (Continued)       60-67
Clopton Family (Concluded)       67-74
Historical and Genealogical Notes
   A State University
   Mumford and Munford
   Syme Family
   Genealogical History of Walkers and Allied Families
   Lewis Family

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