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Letters sent to James Patton, Esq., Merchant in the old seaport of Alexandria, Virginia. The letters encompass the latter 1700s - early 1800s. James Patton was born circa 1755 in Newton, Lima-Verry, County Derry, Ireland and he died in Alexandria, Virginia, date unknown at this time. He married Mollie Kincaid, place and date unknown. His parents were James Patton, Sr. (b. ca. 1734, Ireland, d. Jan. 16, 1821, Pennsylvania) and Mary Newell (b. ca. 1736 Ireland, d. June 7, 1806, Alexandria, Va.).

James Patton was a merchant who handled the sale of raw goods for many plantations in Virginia and possibly Maryland. He also imported goods from England.

John Brahan for Philip Nelson, Sept 21, 1791
Nichs. Slubey & Co, November 21, 1791
Nathaniel Burwell, December 2, 1791
Hu. Douglas, September 18, 1793
Wm. Taylor, August 17, 1795
James Kinkaid, January 28, 1803
James Kincaid, May 5, 1803
Jordaine and Shaw, July 2, 1803
Ebenr.Watson, June 6, 1804
Grant, Meek & Stewart, Kingston, Jamaica, May 21, 1806
Bacon Burwell, January 7, 1807
Russell Stevens, September 19, 1810

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