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Name of Cemetery Location Vol. Page Comments
Ft. Independence MA I 127  
II 19  
Ft. Warren MA I 305  
Ft. Sullivan Eastport, ME I 80-81  
Ft. Winthrop (Ft. Warren) MA II 20  
Ft. Foote MD I 88  
II 18  
Ft. McHenry MD I 4-5, 160, 161, 162, 163  
II 23-24  
Ft. Washington MD I 306  
Pikesville MD I 198  
Ft. Knox ME I 202  
Ft. Preble ME I 202  
II 18  
Ft. Scammel Portland Harbor, ME I 202  
Ft. Sullivan Eastport, ME I 80-81  

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