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Family    Trails

Hazel Arnold MacIvor, Editor of the AFAS Newsletters and a professional genealogist, was determined to draw up a series of family lines using the multitude of donated and published Arnold records. With the tremendous help of Marion Carter Ledgerwood, the “Family Trails” section was first published in Volume VIII, January, 1978 (now on line). Since these well-written and very helpful sections are the real heart of the final years of the Association, they have been extracted and put here until the final collection of Newsletters are typed and placed on line.

Part One ­ Volume IX (January 1979)

The Four Known Adult Children of Patience Harris and David Arnold

Elizabeth Arnold Hill, Prince Edward Co. VA; Maury Co. TN; Marshall Co. TN; Carroll Co. TN

John H. Arnold, Prince Edward Co. VA; Maury Co. TN; Rutherford Co. TN

Lindsey Arnold, Prince Edward Co. VA; Maury Co. TN; Marshall Co. TN

Mary Tinsley Arnold Steele Royal, Prince Edward Co. VA; Maury Co. TN, Marshall Co. TN, Carroll Co. TN

Two Elizabeth Arnolds

Land Warrant to Elizabeth Arnold, Gibson County, Tennessee Minute

Book H (1861-1866)

Arnolds of Maury, Rutherford, Weakley and Gibson Counties, Tennessee

Maternal and Paternal Arnold lines of Pauline (Arnold) Scott

Other Arnolds of Gibson County, Tennessee

Part Two - Volume X (January 1980)

Updates to “Some Ancestors and Descendants of Benjamin Arnold of

King William, County, Virginia, and Greenville County, South Carolina” by Hazel Arnold MacIvor

(Travels from Virginia to Georgia to South Carolina to Kentucky to Mississippi to Texas)

Additional information from Pauline (Arnold) Scott to her ­ Family Trails, Volume IX

Part Three - Volume XI (December 1980)

Zachariah Arnold of Lincoln County, Tennessee

(Virginia to Georgia to Tennessee)

Nicholas Arnold of Bourbon County, Kentucky

Other Arnold Families Found in Clay County, Missouri

Thomas and Grace Arnold of King George County, Virginia

Part Four - Volume XII (December 1981)

Richard Arendell of Granville County, North Carolina and Some of His Descendants

Will of Richard Arrendell 1752

Will of James Arnold, 1790

Will of Thomas Arendell 1797

Will of Bridges Arendell 1798

Will of Thomas Arendell 1819

Will of Thomas Cole 1816

Bibliography of Arendell records

John Arnold of Mecklenburg County, Virginia and Orange County, North Carolina

Isaac Arnold and Anne H. Andrews

Joseph D. Arnold and Martha W. Harper

Charles R. Edmondson and Ann E. E. Arnold

Samuel F. Gill and Emily W. Arnold

Gill-Arnold Bible

Thomas and Grace Arnold of King George County, Virginia (Cont’d)

Thomas Arnold’s Land

Isaac Arnold’s Land

Weedon Arnold Family

Fauquier County, Virginia, Arnolds (John, Humphrey, and James)

List of Arnold Documents used in Study

Northern Neck Grants

(Old) Rappahannock County, Virginia Abstracts

King George County Abstracts

Prince William County Abstracts

Richmond County Abstracts

Westmoreland County Abstracts

Strother’s Church locations

Part Five - Volume XIII (December 1982)

Anthony Arnold (I) of Virginia

James Arnold of North Carolina

Volume XIV (December 1983)

Thomas and Grace Arnold: Arnold Family No. Two

Clues to Some Arendell Origins

The Absolom Arnold and Thomas Arnold Families

Part Six - Volume XIV (December 1983)

Thomas and Grace Arnold Of King George County, Virginia

Bibliography of Thomas and Grace Arnold and Descendants

Further clues to some Arendell Family Origins

The Absalom Arnold Family

The Thomas Arnold Family

The Project Coordinators are Ann Arnold Hennings and Mike DeLoach.

Permanent publication rights of the Arnold Family Association of the South Newsletters are held by the family of Hazel Arnold MacIvor, and are granted to the USGenWeb Archives Project. The AFAS Newsletters presented by this Special Project are not to be reproduced in any format and for any reason, other than personal research, nor for presentation by other persons or organizations, and no reproduction for resale or profit is allowed.

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