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The last Arnold Family Association of the South Newsletter was published in 1984. Since then, Arnold family genealogists have continued their research and we believe it is time to revive the spirit of the Association by accepting properly documented family histories with source material for linking to this site. Compilations of source material should be data that is gathered through individual research with care taken to honor copyrighted material. Some examples of acceptable information would be wills, deeds, and civil records gathered at court houses, surveys of cemeteries, and pension records. Family histories should be narrative in nature (with sources noted) which document the lineage included. Reports generated by genealogical software normally do not meet the criteria for publication. However, they will be considered if appropriate and meet the qualifications.

Information that is submitted for evaluation will be reviewed by a panel consisting of ex-members of the Arnold Family Association of the South. Ann Arnold Hennings will chair this panel. Submitted information should either be in Rich Text Format (.rtf) or in pure ASCII text (.txt). All current word and text processors can save and read documents in these formats. Please send information that you would like to share to Ann Hennings.

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Recommended Arnold Web Sites

As new web sites appear on their own and are evaluated by the AFAS Review Panel, they will be linked (with permission of the developer) to this listing.

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