History of Minnehaha County

When completed, this page will lead to the full text of History of Minnehaha County, South Dakota by Dana R. Bailey (1899)
Preface, Introduction and Chapter 1 Early History
Chapter 2Early County History
Chapter 3Court History
Chapter 4Plats and Statistics
Chapter 6Railroads and Motor Lines
Chapter 7Penitentiary, Poor Farm, and Children's Home
Chapter 8Organization of School Districts, South Dakota School for Deaf-Mutes, Sioux Falls College, All Saints School, Lutheran Normal School
Chapter 9Agricultural Fairs, Carnival, Races and Race Horses
Chapter 10Minnehaha County Aid Society, Farmers Grange, Farmers Alliance, Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Association, Early Settlers Association
Chapter 11Water Supply, Snow and Rain Fall, Flood of April 1881, Cloud-Burst in Highland 1876, Extremes of Heat and Cold, Electric Storms
Chapter 12Sale of Intoxicating Liquors, Santa Fe Scrip and Its Bogus Issue by John D. Cameron, Impeachment of Alderman Sampson, Politics
Chapter 13The Murder of Mary Egan, Burning of the Egan Homestead, The Lacey-Bunker Tragedy, The John McDonald Homicide, The Messiah Craze and Trial of Plenty Horses for the Murder of Lieutenant Casey
Chapter 14Sioux Falls in 1862, 1866, 1870 - Reminiscences of Mrs. Phillips, John Nelson's "Indian Scare", Gilseth's and Aasen's Experience in Coming to the County in 1866
Chapter 15Cephas Talcott Anecdotes, Raising Church Debt, Charles L. Norton's Bird Dogs, An Incident at Lone Rock, They Saw the Goat, Charles Barrett's Narrow Escape from Being Buried Alive, Buchanan Brothers Great Show, Rainmaking
Valley Springs Township Includes history of township, township officers, histories of towns and biographies.
Split Rock Township Includes history of township, township officers, histories of towns and biographies.
Sioux Falls Township Includes history of township, township officers, histories of towns and biographies.

George W. Abbott
Frank R. Aikens
Herbert Clark Aldrich
Andrew O. Almos
Thomas E. Archer
Henry M. Avery
Charles O. Bailey
Dana Reed Bailey
Joseph Mead Bailey, Jr.
William L. Baker
Charles Barrett
Ogden Barrett
Charles P. Bates
Louis Bauch
William A. Beach
Levi V. Bean
Samuel M. Bear
Jacob Becher
Peter Becker
Martin R. Benson
George Musgrave Binks
John Harley Jenkins Black
Frank L. Blackman
Silas E. Blauvelt
Otto H. Bleifuss
Frederick William Blomiley
Jacob Blum
Rev. Nils N. Boe
Charles Vassar Booth
Richard H. Booth
Mrs. Sarah C. Booth
Willis H. Booth
Abraham M. Bowen
Charles F. Bower
John A. Bowler
Frank L. Boyce
Jesse W. Boyce
Willis C. Boyce
George H. Brace
Christin C. Bratrud
Mark Bridge
Charles L. Brockway
Wilmot W. Brookings
Cass Broughton
Emmett J. Brown
Gustavus Brown
Mrs. Mary Brown
Dr. Samuel Augustine Brown
Samuel Lewis Brown
Theron G. Brown
Thomas H. Brown
Rev. W. Howells Buchanan
Ceylon W. Buchanan
Frederick Buchanan
Robert Buchanan
George Washington Burnside
Rev. Gerhard H. Buscher
Hermann Butikofer
Henry Clay Byington
Ernest W. Caldwell
B. F. Campbell
William J. Carey
John E. Carland
Harry B. Carleton
Jerry Carleton
Willard P. Carr
Jervis W. Carter
Leonard Cashman
U. S. G. Cherry
Anton Christopherson
Charles A. Christopherson
G. C. Christopherson
James B. Clark
John B. Claoudas
Clark G. Coats
Mrs. Ella P. Coats
Samuel J. Cochran
John T. Cogan
Daniel J. Conway
Harry Corson
Henry Tabor Corson
Eugene W. Coughran
Cyrenius H. Craig
Walter J. Crisp, Jr.
A. Edgar Dalton
Henry J. M. Dalton
Edmund J. Daniels
Mrs. Mary H. Darling
Park Davis
Charles Manley Day
Stengrim O. Detlie
Joseph M. Dickson
Simon H. Dixon
Den Donahoe
Joseph Mitchell Donovan
William T. Doolittle
Wallace A. Dow
Lyman T. Dunning
Jonathan G. Eddy
Alonzo J. Edgerton
Percival H. Edmison
Axel S. Ellis
Frank S. Emerson
Ovando D. English
Anna Bernardina Ericson
Carl Oscar Ericson
L. M. Estabrook
John Ferry Fernyhough
James Ferris
Dr. Frederick H. Files
Rev. Thomas L. Fisher
John Fitzgibbon
Eihardt Fleitz
Timothy J. Fosdick
Oshea A Fowler
James B. Fox
Alonzo Frizzell
Dr. George H. Fulford
Rev. Andrew King Fuller
Artemas Gale
George V. Garter
John Howard Gates
Adam Gebert
William G. George
Michael Gerin
Dr. William A. Germain
Herman Gilbert
Jacob T. Gilbert
Frank H. Gillett
Peter Gilman
Arthur H. Gipson
Daniel S. Glidden
Mrs. D. S. Glidden
Charles C. Gliem
Leicester B. Goodell
Rev. Arthur Hastings Grant
Herbert Lawrence Greene
Col. Melvin Grigsby
Peter F. Haas
Rt. Rev. W. H. Hare (34 KB)
Johsua B. Harris
Charles M. Harrison
Robert C. Hawkins
Frank G. Herron
George M. Higby
Edmund C. Hinde
George Albert Hodge
Frederick H. Hollister
William C. Hollister
William H. Holt
Charles K. Howard
Solomon B. Howe
Matthew Howie
W. I. Howland
C. W. Hubbard
Rev. J. J. Hull
Henry R. Hunter
Samuel H. Hurst
John W. Hutchinson
Frank R. Hyde
James Jameson
Charles T. Jeffers
John W. Jensen
Charles A. Jewett
D. Clinton Jewett
Nels S. Johnson
Orris Johnson
Watson W. Johnson
Edward H. Jones