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Elfert's Cemetery, Emery
Emery Community Cemetery, Emery
aka German Baptist Cemetery
Freeman Cemetery, Alexandria
Joy Fisher
German Reformed Cemetery, Emery
Graceland Cemetery, Fulton
Green Hill, Alexandria
Joy Fisher
Holiness Cemetery, Mitchell
Holy Three Kings Cemetery, Epiphany
aka St. Mary's Cemetery
Hope Chapel Presbyterian Cemetery, Alexandria
Mary Smith
Hope Chapel Presbyterian Cemetery, Alexandria - WPA Transcription
Joy Fisher
Lakeside Cemetery, Spencer
Lakeside Catholic Cemetery, Spencer
Lutheran Cemetery, Emery
Red Stone Evangelical Cemetery, Fulton
Richard Lang Farm Cemetery, Fulton
Rock Creek Cemetery, Fulton
Rockport Mennonite Cemetery, Alexandria
St. Martin's Catholic Cemetery, Emery
Mary Smith
St. Mary's Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Alexandria
Joy Fisher
St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery, Farmer
Mary Smith
Wilson Farm Cemetery, Fulton
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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

To register a cemetery, just send me a message telling me the name
of the cemetery, the county and state where the cemetery is located
and the names of the people who will be doing the transcribing. If
you have already transcribed cemetery data and would like for your
work to become part of this project, just let me know.

Register a cemetery today!!!!

South Dakota Tombstone Project Managers
Joy Fisher
James Lewis

Please use "Cemetery Registration" as the subject line of your message.

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