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Full Text of
A History of Marlboro County
by J. A. W. Thomas

(Atlanta, GA: THE FOOTE & DAVIES COMPANY, Printers and Binders, 1897)

Contributed by Joy Fisher, January 2007.

Dedication, Preface And Introduction

Chapter I Marlboro County

Chapter II First Early Settlers

Chapter III Evans, And Other Families

Chapter IV Other Early Settlers

Chapter V Other Brownsville Families

Chapter VI Pearson Family, And Others.

Chapter VII Industrial Affairs Of The Early Settlers

Chapter VIII The Family Of Col. Kolb And Some Of Their Neighbors

Chapter IX Revolution Drawing Nigh

Chapter X Several Old Families

Chapter XI Progress Of Rvolutionary Sentiment

Chapter XII Thomas Parker And Others

Chapter XIII Progress Of Revolution

Chapter XIV Traditions From Col. John Covington

Chapter XV Operations On Pee Dee, 1781

Chapter XVI Bishop Gregg

Chapter XVII Recollections Of Alfred Parish

Chapter XVIII After The Revolution

Chapter XIX Prominent Men After The Revolution

Chapter XX Members Of The Legislature And Other Officers

Chapter XXI Scottish Settlers

Chapter XXII Clio

Chapter XXIII Scottish Settlers, Continued

Chapter XXIX The Confederate War

Chapter XXX Early Ministers

Chapter XXXI Churches - Baptist

Chapter XXXII Methodist Churches

Chapter XXXIII Presbyterian Churches

Chapter XXXIV McColl

Chapter XXXV Adamsville

Chapter XXXVI Educational Matters

Chapter XXXVII The Colored People

Chapter XXXVIII 1886 1897

Chapter XXXIX Down To The Twentieth Century

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