Republic of Texas

"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

Texas State Library & Archives Commission

Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

Please Consider Submiting your Republic of Texas Pension Files to the Coordinator Listed Below.


Claimant Submitted By
Waddell, George W  
Waddell, I W (Mrs)  
Wade & Robinson  
Wade, David  
Wade, J R  
Wade, John M  
Wade, Nathan  
Wade, Peter  
Wade, Peter F  
Wade, Robert  
Wadham, Willard  
Wadsworth, William A O  
Waggoner, George  
Waggoner, Jane  
Waggoner, William  
Wagner, Augustus  
Wagner, William  
Wahrenberger, John  
Waite, Alfred A  
Waite, John  
Wakefield, Uzzial  
Wakeland, William C  
Wakeman, U B  
Walbold, Frederick  
Walden, Alfred P  
Walden, Charles S  
Walden, Jesse  
Waldron, C W  
Waldrop, E (Mrs)  
Walk, James  
Walke, Alfred  
Walker, A  
Walker, A W  
Walker, Alexander M  
Walker, Allen  
Walker, Andrew J  
Walker, Asa  
Walker, Daniel  
Walker, David  
Walker, Edward  
Walker, George H  
Walker, Harwell  
Walker, Henry  
Walker, J L  
Walker, Jacob  
Walker, James  
Walker, James L  
Walker, Joel  
Walker, John  
Walker, John C  
Walker, John H  
Walker, Joseph  
Walker, Lemon  
Walker, Lewis C  
Walker, Lorenzo  
Walker, Martin  
Walker, Martin A  
Walker, O H P  
Walker, Philip  
Walker, Richard H  
Walker, S R  
Walker, Samuel H  
Walker, Sanders  
Walker, Sarah A  
Walker, Skeaugh  
Walker, Tandy H  
Walker, Wilder P  
Walker, William  
Walker, William C  
Walker, William D  
Walker, William E  
Walker, William G  
Wall, James  
Wall, John  
Wall, Thomas  
Wall, William  
Wallace, Benjamin C  
Wallace, Benjamin Rush  
Wallace, E  
Wallace, Isaac P  
Wallace, J P  
Wallace, J W E  
Wallace, James P  
Wallace, Joseph W E  
Wallace, R B  
Wallace, Samuel  
Wallace, William  
Wallace, William A A  
Wallace, William S  
Wallach, William D  
Waller, Edwin  
Walling, Ann  
Walling, Elisha  
Walling, James  
Walling, Jesse  
Walling, John  
Walling, John C  
Walling, Malindia L  
Walling, Martha A  
Walling, N D  
Walling, T J  
Wallingford, W W  
Wallis, Caleb  
Wallis, Elisha  
Wallis, William  
Wallis, William H  
Walls, Benjamin H  
Walmsly, James  
Walnut, John  
Walnutt, Francis  
Walpool, William S  
Walsh & Harrell  
Walsh, Alexander  
Walsh, D  
Walsh, Dennis  
Walsh, James  
Walter, John  
Walters, A C  
Walaters, Adam  
Walters, Alexander  
Walters, B C  
Walters, C  
Walters, Christopher  
Walters, George T  
Walters, Jacob  
Walters, John B  
Walters, Robert  
Walters, Sarah  
Walters, W H  
Walters, Wade H  
Walters, William  
Walton, George  
Walton, Richard  
Walton, William M  
Waltrop, Harden  
Waples, Joseph  
Ward & Hill  
Ward & Ingram  
Ward & Swisher  
Ward, Azubah (Mrs)  
Ward, Cyrus T  
Ward, Daniel S  
Ward, Francis  
Ward, H  
Ward, H W  
Ward, Henry B  
Ward, John  
Ward, John Francis  
Ward, Jordan P  
Ward, Lafayette  
Ward, M  
Ward, Russel  
Ward, Samuel  
Ward, T W  
Ward, Thomas  
Ward, Thomas W  
Ward, Thomas William  
Ward, Thomas Wood  
Ward, William  
Ward, William R D  
Ward, William W  
Wardell, B L  
Warder, P H  
Wardzinski, Felix  
Ware, Hardy  
Ware, James B  
Ware, Joseph  
Ware, S B  
Ware, William  
Ware, William R  
Warfield, Hammond  
Warfield, James H  
Waring, Thomas  
Warmsley, James  
Warnell, Henry  
Warnell, William R  
Warner, William A  
Warnick, B F  
Warnock, Benjamin F  
Warnock, James P  
Warren, David O  
Warren, James  
Warren, James M  
Warren, John  
Warren, John W  
Warren, William A  
Warring, W W  
Warshom, James  
Warwick, Simon  
Washburn, Benjamin G  
Washilosky, A  
Washington, H  
Washington, Joseph  
Washington, Lewis M H  
Waterman, Joseph  
Waters, Clement  
Waters, George  
Waters, George P  
Watkins, A H  
Watkins, Benjamin  
Watkins, J D  
Watkins, James E  
Watkins, Jesse  
Watkins, Joseph D  
Watkins, Josiah D  
Watkins, L  
Watkins, Lewis  
Watkins, Samuel  
Watrous, John Charles  
Watrous, Nathaniel H  
Watrous, William  
Watrous, William W  
Watson, Alfred  
Watson, D  
Watson, D G  
Watson, Dexter  
Watson, H E  
Watson, Harrison E  
Watson, J B  
Watson, John  
Watson, John M  
Watson, P C  
Watson, Robert  
Watson, Thomas  
Watson, Thomas A  
Watson, W P  
Watson, William  
Watson, William H  
Watt, John  
Watt, John & Co  
Watters, Robert G  
Watts, H O  
Watts, Hiram  
Watts, John  
Watts, Samuel T  
Waugh, James  
Way, James  
Way, Louis  
Waycischoweski, E  
Wayland, Pascal E  
Waymouth, D F  
Weakecla, Samuel  
Wear, William R  
Weatherred, Francis M  
Weatherred, Mary A  
Weatherred, William C  
Weaver, Alman  
Weaver, Calvin  
Weaver, Jacob  
Weaver, Lewis G  
Weaver, Tinsley  
Weaver, W H  
Weaver, William H  
Webb, Azra  
Webb, David F  
Webb, David K  
Webb, Felix B  
Webb, J B  
Webb, James  
Webb, James W  
Webb, Jesse  
Webb, Jesse J  
Webb, Thomas F  
Webb, Thomas H  
Webb, Thomas R  
Webber, John F  
Webber, William  
Webster, Daniel (Tow Boat)  
Webster, George  
Webster, George W  
Webster, J M  
Webster, John  
Webster, Landon  
Wechsler, Andrew  
Weden, Leven B  
Weed, Ransom  
Weedon & Saul  
Weedon, George  
Weekes, Joseph  
Weeks, Henry D  
Weeks, Robert  
Weeks, sThomas G  
Weeks, William F  
Weidemann, Edmund  
Weigle, Peter  
Weikel, Peter  
Weir, R L  
Weiss, Anthony  
Welch, C P  
Welch, Edward  
Welch, James  
Welch, John  
Welch, John Randolph  
Welch, William  
Welden, Isaac  
Weldy, Samuel  
Welling, John B  
Wells & Prather  
Wells, Cynthia  
Wells, F T  
Wells, Fleming T  
Wells, Francis F  
Wells, Henry  
Wells, Jackson  
Wells, James  
Wells, James A  
Wells, John  
Wells, L M (Mrs)  
Wells, Lewis  
Wells, Lysander  
Wells, M J  
Wells, Martin J  
Wells, Martin Jones  
Wells, Moses  
Wells, S M  
Wells, Samuel G  
Wells, Septimus B  
Wells, Theophilus  
Wells, W F  
Wells, Wayman F  
Wells, William  
Welschmeyer, J G  
Welschmeyer, John G  
Welsh, George W  
Welsh, James  
Welsh, Michael  
Welsh, William  
Weltoon, William  
Wentworth, William  
Weppler, Philip  
Wertzner, Christian  
Wescott, Leander  
Wesner, Christian  
West & Nibblet  
West, Anthony  
West, Benjamin B  
West, Berry  
West, Claiborne  
West, Delany  
West, Edward  
West, George W  
West, Guilford  
West, Hampton  
West, James  
West, Jefferson  
West, John  
West, Jordan  
West, Joseph  
West, Martin  
West, Miles J  
West, Robert A  
West, Wade Hampton  
Westbrook, John S  
Westcott, R D  
Westerfield, J  
Western, Thomas G  
Westgate, E  
Westgate, Ezra C  
Weston, Daniel  
Weston, Thomas  
Westover, Ira  
Westover, Jonathan  
Westover, Rebecca  
Wethers, Stephen T  
Weyman, Edward A  
Wharton, James  
Wharton, John A  
Wharton, John Austin  
Wharton, Lee  
Wharton, William H  
Wheat, Joanna  
Wheat, John  
Wheat, Josiah  
Wheat, Josiah F  
Wheat, Robert  
Wheat, Robert S  
Wheat, Samuel  
Wheaton, Elizabeth  
Wheaton, William H  
Wheeler, Daniel G  
Wheeler, Elijah  
Wheeler, Francis A B  
Wheeler, J O  
Wheeler, James H  
Wheeler, John  
Wheeler, Margret  
Wheeler, O M  
Wheeler, Orlando  
Wheeler, Royal T  
Wheeler, Samuel L  
Wheeler, Thomas  
Wheeler, Tobias K  
Wheelock, E L R  
Wheelock, George Ripley  
Whelan, Michael  
Whelin, James P  
Whepler, Philip  
Whetstone, Peter  
Whilldon, David T  
Whisler, David  
Whisler, Gasper  
Whitaker, Alexander  
Whitaker, Benjamin F  
Whitaker, Charles H  
Whitaker, Francis A  
Whitaker, J C  
Whitaker, James G  
Whitaker, John C  
Whitaker, Jonathan M  
Whitaker, M G  
Whitaker, Madison G  
Whitaker, Robert  
Whitaker, William  
Whitcher, Nathaniel  
Whitcomb, Benjamin R  
White & Bedford  
White A[fael G ?]  
White, A H  
White, Alexander  
White, Alvin E  
White, B W  
White, Benjamin J  
White, Cary  
White, Charles S  
White, Daniel  
White, Daniel N  
White, David  
White, F W  
White, Francis M  
White, Francis W  
White, George  
White, George W  
White, Hamilton  
White, Hardin  
White, Headley  
White, Hellen  
White, Isaiah  
White, J E  
White, J T  
White, Jackson  
White, James  
White, James G  
White, James J  
White, James S  
White, James T  
White, Jeremiah F  
White, Jesse  
White, Jessee  
White, John  
White, John C  
White, John M  
White, John M (1)  
White, John M (2)  
White, John T  
White, John W  
White, K Bigham  
White, Kate  
White, Lavinia K  
White, Levi W  
White, Martin  
White, Miles  
White, Peter  
White, Robert  
White, Robert W  
White, S A  
White, S Addison  
White, Samuel A  
White, Sarah  
White, Simon C  
White, Stephen  
White, W C & Co  
White, W T  
White, W W  
White, Walter C  
White, Walter C & Co  
White, William  
White, William (1)  
White, William (2)  
White, William (3)  
White, William Augustus  
White, William M  
Whitehead, Benjamin  
Whitehead, Edward  
Whitehead, Edward P  
Whitehead, John  
Whitehead, Thomas  
Whitehead, William  
Whitehurst, John H  
Whiteside, Josephine T  
Whitesides, George W  
Whitesides, John J  
Whitiker, Peter  
Whiting, F P  
Whiting, Hervey  
Whiting, Samuel  
Whiting, Samuel C  
Whiting, Samuel C Jr  
Whitley, John  
Whitley, Mary  
Whitlock, John  
Whitlock, Robert  
Whitly, John R  
Whitman, John L  
Whitmore, Thomas  
Whitney, Jason  
Whitney, O  
Whitson, Benjamin  
Whittemore, Henry  
Whittemore, James M  
Whittinghill, D  
Whittington, Thomas M  
Whyte, Robert L  
Wickers (Capt)  
Wickersham, M S  
Wickersham, Thomas  
Wickham, John  
Wickham, William J  
Wickliffe, Joseph  
Wicks, George  
Wickson, Adelia  
Wickson, Barna  
Wickson, Byron  
Wickson, Charity F  
Wickson, Cirus  
Wickson, Cyrus  
Wickson, Dyron  
Wickson, Dyrun  
Widcht, Joseph  
Wideman, Edwaard  
Wiehl, Joseph  
Wiggins, [H or N?]  
Wigginton, A M  
Wigginton, H R A  
Wilbanks, Jesse  
Wilbarger, Josiah  
Wilber, Daniel C  
Wilborne, Caleb  
Wilbourne, Ransom  
Wilbourne, William  
Wilburn, Caleb  
Wilburn, Daniel  
Wilburn, Rutha  
Wilcox, Agnes  
Wilcox, Charles  
Wilcox, James  
Wilcox, P (Mrs)  
Wild, [H?] G  
Wilde, Samuel  
Wilden, Joseph  
Wilder, J S  
Wilder, Joseph  
Wilder, Timothy  
Wildy, Samuel  
Wiley, John N  
Wiley, Samuel  
Wiley, William E  
Wilkerson, James  
Wilkerson, John  
Wilkerson, John M  
Wilkerson, William L  
Wilkey, Henry  
Wilkins, John D  
Wilkins, Richard R  
Wilkins, Robert  
Wilkins, Washington  
Wilkinson & Tapley  
Wilkinson, David  
Wilkinson, Freeman  
Wilkinson, Hardin G  
Wilkinson, J  
Wilkinson, J D  
Wilkinson, J G  
Wilkinson, James  
Wilkinson, James A  
Wilkinson, James G  
Wilkinson, John  
Wilkinson, Leroy  
Wilkinson, Livingston  
Wilkinson, Melville  
Wilkinson, Warren G  
Wilkinson, Wiley  
Wilkinson, William  
Wilkison, F  
Wilks, William  
Willaford, Michael  
Willaford, Michael S  
Willcox, Charles  
Willcox, Jacob  
Willcox, O  
Willcox, Ozwin  
Willet, William  
Willett, Andrew  
Williams, A B  
Williams, Absalom  
Williams, Allen  
Williams, Allen B  
Williams, Allen B Jr  
Williams, Amanda  
Williams, Augustus  
Williams, Benjamin  
Williams, C C  
Williams, Charles  
Williams, Christopher  
Williams, Cynthia  
Williams, David  
Williams, Edward  
Williams, Eli  
Williams, Elisha  
Williams, Ezekiel  
Williams, Francis  
Williams, Francis F  
Williams, George W  
Williams, H E  
Williams, H L  
Williams, H R  
Williams, Henry  
Williams, Henry (1)  
Williams, Henry (2)  
Williams, Henry (3)  
Williams, Henry B  
Williams, Hezekiah  
Williams, Hiram  
Williams, Isaac  
Williams, J T  
Williams, James  
Williams, James J  
Williams, Jane  
Williams, Jesse  
Williams, John  
Williams, John B  
Williams, Joseph  
Williams, L H  
Williams, Leonard  
Williams, Levi  
Williams, Lewis  
Williams, Malkijah  
Williams, Mary  
Williams, Mathew R  
Williams, N  
Williams, N B  
Williams, Napoleon B  
Williams, O C  
Williams, Oliver H  
Williams, Rebecca (1)  
Williams, Rebecca (2)  
Williams, Richard  
Williams, Robert H  
Williams, Robert M  
Williams, Robert R  
Williams, S P  
Williams, Sam  
Williams, Samuel  
Williams, Samuel A  
Williams, Samuel M  
Williams, Sarah J  
Williams, Solomon  
Williams, Stephen  
Williams, Sterling E  
Williams, Susan R  
Williams, Susanna R  
Williams, Thomas  
Williams, Thomas J  
Williams, Tom  
Williams, W F  
Williams, William  
Williams, William (1)  
Williams, William (2)  
Williams, William B  
Williams, William F  
Williams, William M  
Williams, William W  
Williamson, Ann  
Williamson, David G  
Williamson, Eli  
Williamson, H S  
Williamson, James  
Williamson, John W  
Williamson, Joseph  
Williamson, Mat B  
Williamson, Robert M  
Williamson, Robert S  
Williamson, Sarah A  
Williamson, Thomas G  
Williamson, W S  
Williamson, William  
Williamson, William C  
Williamson, William S  
Willie, Andrew  
Willie, James  
Willis & Ward  
Willis, A  
Willis, Arthur  
Willis, Charles C  
Willis, F A  
Willis, Peter J  
Willis, Richard S  
Williston, Abram  
Willman, George  
Willmoth, Lewis  
Willoughby, L  
Willoughby, Leiper  
Willoughby, Robert  
Wills, James W  
Wills, R  
Wills, Reuben  
Willson, Charles  
Willson, David  
Willson, George  
Willson, J W  
Willson, James  
Willson, Thomas  
Willson, William  
Wilson, Andrew D  
Wilson, D D  
Wilson, David  
Wilson, David J  
Wilson, F A  
Wilson, Francis A  
Wilson, Francis C  
Wilson, George B  
Wilson, George W  
Wilson, Henry  
Wilson, Hugh  
Wilson, J T D  
Wilosn, James  
Wilson, James B  
Wilson, James C  
Wilson, James T D  
Wilson, Jason  
Wilson, Jemima  
Wilson, John  
Wilson, John Jr  
Wilson, John T  
Wilson, Joseph L  
Wilson, M A C (Mrs)  
Wilson, Mary  
Wilson, Ophelia P P  
Wilson, Pleasant  
Wilson, Robert  
Wilson, Samuel  
Wilson, Samuel R  
Wilson, Thomas  
Wilson, Walker  
Wilson, William  
Wilson, William F  
Wilson, William G  
Wilson, William K  
Wilson, William M  
Wilson, William N  
Wilson, Zaccheus  
Wilson, Zacheus  
Wilton, William  
Wiltse, S C  
Wimberly, Warren  
Winans, Francis  
Winborne, McHenry  
Winburn, McHenry  
Winchel, Daniel  
Winchell, J Harvey  
Windeberg, G  
Windle, John A  
Windsor, James  
Winfield, Ann H  
Winfield, E H  
Winford, William  
Winfree, Jacob  
Winfree, Mary  
Winfree, Thomas  
Wing, Martin C  
Wingate, A C  
Wingate, Edward  
Winkler, Clinton M  
Winkler, William  
Winn, B G  
Winn, James  
Winn, John A  
Winn, John B  
Winn, Walter  
Winn, William  
Winne, Gilbert  
Winnins, William  
Winship, Stephen  
Winston, John S  
Winston, Thomas B  
Winston, William O  
Winter, Andrew  
Wintermute, Sandford  
Winters, A  
Winters, Agabus  
Winters, James W  
Winters, John  
Winters, John F  
Winters, Lavina  
Winters, William  
Wise, Simon  
Wiseman, Robert  
Wishart, R A  
Wishert, Reuben A  
Wister, Caspaar C  
Withers, Alexander M  
Witson, Benjamin  
Witt, S P  
Witter, John Lee  
Wixon, Barnabas  
Wolf, Anthony  
Wolf, Charles  
Wolf, George  
Wolf, Thomas Hopkins  
Wolfe, Elias Tobias  
Wolfe, Michael B  
Wolfen, John D  
Wolfenberger, Samuel  
Wonderly, Henry  
Wood, A H  
Wood, A J  
Wood, Alvarena  
Wood, B F  
Wood, Christopher G  
Wood, Edward  
Wood, Edward B  
Wood, George T  
Wood, Henry H  
Wood, J B  
Wood, James  
Wood, Joel P  
Wood, John  
Wood, John H  
Wood, Joseph H  
Wood, Mandrid  
Wood, Moses  
Wood, Peter  
Wood, T B  
Wood, William  
Wood, William H  
Wood, William Riley  
Woodard, William H  
Wooderson, William  
Woodford, William  
Woodhouse, Francis  
Woodhouse, M P  
Woodhouse, Matthew P  
Woodlan, Daniel  
Woodland, Henry  
Woodlief, D J  
Woodlief, Thomas C  
Woodring, Alfort  
Woodruff, Benjamin T  
Woodruff, Edwin C  
Woodruff, Jacob  
Woodruff, John  
Woodruff, John & Co  
Woods, Gonzalvo  
Woods, Green  
Woods, Henry G  
Woods, Isabella  
Woods, J B  
Woods, John  
Woods, M R  
Woods, Montraville  
Woods, Noah  
Woods, Norman  
Woods, Richard  
Woods, Samuel  
Woods, W H  
Woods, William  
Woods, Zadoc  
Woodson, Benjamin  
Woodward, Alvin B  
Woodward, F M  
Woodward, J H H  
Woodward, Marian  
Woodward, Richard J  
Woodward, Sandford  
Woodward, W  
Woodward, [S?]  
Woody, H  
Woody, Joshua  
Wooldridge, John R  
Wooldridge, Thomas  
Wooldridge, Thomas M  
Woolfolk, R S  
Woolley, E S  
Woolsey, Abner W  
Wooster, Clark  
Wooten, Greenville  
Wootten, William W  
Wootton, Greenville T  
Work, John  
Work, Thomas  
Workman, John  
Worrall, John  
Worsham, Israel  
Worsham, Joseph L  
Wortham, John  
Wren, Johnson  
Wren, Nicholas  
Wrentmore, Edward  
Wright, A S  
Wright, Alexander  
Wright, B F  
Wright, Ben  
Wright, Charles  
Wright, Charles F  
Wright, Charles John  
Wright, Clabourn  
Wright, Claiborne  
Wright, David  
Wright, Edward D  
Wright, Elisha Peirce  
Wright, Felix G  
Wright, Francis B  
Wright, George  
Wright, George W  
Wright, George W (1)  
Wright, George W (2)  
Wright, Gilbert  
Wright, J J  
Wright, J N  
Wright, James  
Wright, James G  
Wright, Jefferson  
Wright, John A  
Wright, John T  
Wright, M H  
Wright, Marguerite  
Wright, Ralph  
Wright, Rufus  
Wright, Thomas  
Wright, William Carroll  
Wuthrich, Ulrich  
Wyant, David  
Wyatt, James  
Wyatt, John P  
Wyatt, P S  
Wyatt, Peyton S  
Wyatt, Robert  
Wybrants, Samuel W  
Wyche, Peter J  
Wyche, William P  
Wyland, Henry  
Wylie, John  
Wyly, A H  
Wyman, E S  
Wynn, Thomas G  
Wynn, Walter  
Wynne & Bachelder  
Wynne, Amanda J  
Wynne, Robert H  
Wynns, A  


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