Republic of Texas

"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

Texas State Library & Archives Commission

Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

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Claimant Submitted By
Tablet, Robert T  
Tabor, Hudson  
Tabor, James  
Talbot, Allen  
Talbott, John  
Taliaferro, Z  
Talk, John  
Talley, David  
Talley, John R  
Tally, John R  
Tally, Nathan  
Tally, William D  
Tancray, Francis  
Tandy, A M  
Tandy, Albert M  
Tandy, Ralph  
Tandy, Sarah A  
Taney, John  
Tankersley, James  
Tankersly, Richard  
Tankersly, William  
Tannehill, Francis R  
Tannehill, P T  
Tanner, Caroline Elizabeth  
Tanner, Daniel  
Tanner, Edward M  
Tanner, Thomas  
Tap, Charles  
Taplin, Charles V  
Tapp, Charles  
Tappan, Benjamin  
Tarbox, Lyman  
Tardif, John  
Tarin, Antonio  
Tarin, Manuel  
Tarin, Vicente  
Tarleton, James  
Tarrant, Edward H  
Tarver, B E  
Tate, E  
Tate, Joseph  
Tate, William B  
Tatem, Willis  
Tatom, Joseph B  
Tator, Jacob  
Tatum, T  
Tatum, Thomas S  
Tatum, Willis  
Taylor, Abram R  
Taylor, Campbell  
Taylor, Campbell (Mrs)  
Taylor, Charles D  
Taylor, Charles S  
Taylor, Creed  
Taylor, E  
Taylor, Edward W  
Taylor, Elizabeth  
Taylor, Felix  
Taylor, Franck  
Taylor, George  
Taylor, Harrison C  
Taylor, Hiram  
Taylor, J D  
Taylor, Jacob  
Taylor, John  
Taylor, John B  
Taylor, John Ben  
Taylor, John N  
Taylor, John R  
Taylor, John W  
Taylor, Joseph  
Taylor, Josiah  
Taylor, Kneeland  
Taylor, M D K  
Taylor, Miles N  
Taylor, Nicholas C  
Taylor, Preston  
Taylor, Robert A & Co  
Taylor, Rufus  
Taylor, S J  
Taylor, T M  
Taylor, Thomas  
Taylor, Thomas F  
Taylor, Thruston M  
Taylor, William  
Taylor, William R  
Taylor, William S  
Taylor, William W  
Teague, Joseph C  
Teal, Henry  
Teal, John  
Teal, Peter  
Teal, Richard S  
Teas, Charles  
Teel, George  
Tejada, Higinio  
Tejada, Jose  
Tejada, Sebastian  
Tejeda, Pedro  
Temple, James H  
Temple, William H  
Templeton, A W  
Templin, William  
Tennant, James  
Tennile, James  
Tennison, William A  
Terases, Felis  
Terrell, George Whitfield  
Terry, Benjamin F  
Terry, Daniel  
Terry, H J T  
Terry, John  
Terry, Stephen P  
Terry, W  
Tetard, Jean  
Tetard, John  
Teulon, George K  
Tevis, George W  
Tevis, Jane  
Texas Monumental Committee  
Thacker, John B  
Thames, Amos  
Thatcher, Thomas  
Thayer, George J W  
Thayer, Henry S  
Thayer, John  
Thayer, W C  
Thenstedt, Charles N  
Theobald, H B  
Theobald, William P  
Thiac, John C  
Thiac, John Charles  
Thiel, J F  
Thiel, John T  
Thielemann, Christian  
Thomas, A Jackson  
Thomas, Andrew  
Thomas, Asa  
Thomas, Benjamin  
Thomas, Benjamin R  
Thomas, C A (Mrs)  
Thomas, Caroline  
Thomas, David  
Thomas, G S  
Thomas, George  
Thomas, George W  
Thomas, J D  
Thomas, Jackson  
Thomas, James  
Thomas, James H  
Thomas, James M  
Thomas, John  
Thomas, John D  
Thomas, Julia A  
Thomas, L J  
Thomas, M B  
Thomas, Nathan  
Thomas, Penelope J  
Thomas, Richard  
Thomas, Shadrack D  
Thomas, Theophilus  
Thomas, Wiley S  
Thomas, Wily  
Thomason, Benjamin F  
Thomason, E M  
Thomason, Eli M  
Thomason, S E (Mrs)  
Thomason, W D  
Thomason, William D  
Thomassen, William C  
Thomison, W D  
Thompson (Capt)  
Thompson, Algernon P  
Thompson, Charles  
Thompson, Charlton  
Thompson, Clarinda  
Thompson, Cyrus W  
Thompson, David  
Thompson, Edward Adam  
Thompson, Empsom  
Thompson, H N  
Thompson, Henry  
Thompson, Henry C  
Thompson, Henry L  
Thompson, Hiram M  
Thompson, Isaac  
Thompson, Isham  
Thompson, J H  
Thompson, J S  
Thompson, James  
Thompson, James C  
Thompson, Jesse  
Thompson, Jesse G  
Thompson, John  
Thompson, John D  
Thompson, John H  
Thompson, Joseph  
Thompson, Marion E  
Thompson, Napoleon B  
Thompson, Robert  
Thompson, Samuel  
Thompson, Singleton  
Thompson, Singleton J  
Thompson, Thomas  
Thompson, Thomas D  
Thompson, W W  
Thompson, William  
Thompson, William G  
Thompson, William W  
Thomson & Hobson  
Thomson, A  
Thomson, Alexander  
Thomson, Jasper N McDonald  
Thomson, John  
Thomson, Thomas A  
Thomson, Thomas H  
Thomson, W D  
Thomson, William  
Thorn Edwards & Co  
Thorn, David F  
Thorn, Frost  
Thorn, Frost & Co  
Thorn, John S  
Thorn, John Stephen  
Thorn, Martha J  
Thorne, Jonathan  
Thornton, F D  
Thornton, F W  
Thornton, Joseph  
Thornton, William  
Thorp, Pleasant  
Threadgill, Joshua  
Throckmorton, Collin S  
Thruston, A S  
Thruston, John J  
Thruston, John M  
Thuner, Ludwig  
Thuner, Luis  
Thurman, A S  
Thurmond, A S  
Thurmond, Alfred  
Thurmond, Alfred S  
Thurmond, Julia A  
Thynne, Arthur  
Tibbatts, John W  
Tibbels, Carrie M  
Tibbels, Fred A  
Tibble, John  
Tibbles, F A  
Tichenor, S  
Tichenor, Stephen W  
Ticknor, Isaac  
Tierwester, Henry  
Tigar, Thomas  
Tildon, John W R  
Tileston, J R  
Tilley & Huitt  
Tillotson, R  
Tilton, Annie  
Timmins, James F  
Timmins, Thomas  
Timmins, Thomas G  
Timmons, Joseph  
Timmony, Edward H  
Tims, V B  
Tindall, W M  
Tindall, William P  
Tindell, Daniel  
Tindell, R H  
Tinnin, Caleb M  
Tinnon, Jeremiah  
Tinsley, James  
Tinsley, James W  
Tinsley, John T  
Tippet, Robert  
Tippett, William  
Tipps, George W S  
Tipps, Jacob  
Tipps, L E  
Tipps, Peter  
Tipps, Peter E  
Tipton, Benjamin S  
Tison, E  
Titcomb, John P  
Titus, A J  
Titus, James  
Titus, Matthew  
Tivey, Joseph A  
Tivy, Thomas  
Tobin, Martha C  
Tobin, R H  
Tobin, Robert H  
Tobin, Thomas  
Toby, Clemence  
Toby, George  
Toby, T  
Toby, Thomas  
Toby, Thomas & Brother  
Tockman, Antonio  
Tod, John G  
Todd, Charles  
Todd, John  
Todd, Martha Ann  
Todd, R Cosby  
Todd, Robert  
Todd, Samuel  
Todd, Thomas  
Todd, William  
Toler, Daniel J  
Toler, Robert A  
Toliver, Mary  
Tollett, Cornelius B  
Tollett, E W  
Tollett, Wesley  
Tom, Charles  
Tom, James H  
Tom, John  
Tom, John F  
Tom, T J  
Tom, William  
Tomkins, Augustus M  
Tomkins, T D  
Tomlinson, Joseph  
Tompkins, A M  
Tompkins, A N B  
Tompkins, Susan  
Toncray, Francis L  
Tone, Thomas  
Tone, Thomas J  
Tongat, Meredith  
Tonio, Peter  
Tooke, Isam  
Tool, J  
Tool, Jeremiah  
Toopes, John  
Toops, John  
Torrey & Brother  
Torrey, D K  
Torrey, James  
Torrey, Thomas  
Touraine, Philip  
Tourski, Konstanty  
Tousey, Isaac  
Tousy, Isaac  
Tower, Isaac S  
Towers, Isaac S  
Town, William D  
Townsend, A P  
Townsend, Jacob  
Townsend, John  
Townsend, L H (Mrs)  
Townsend, Matilda  
Townsend, Moses  
Townsend, Nathaniel  
Townsend, S A (Mrs)  
Townsend, Stephen  
Townsend, Thomas R  
Townsend, William  
Townsend, William T  
Townsley, Robert  
Tracy, Herman  
Tracy, Jeremiah  
Trahern, George W  
Trainer, B  
Trainer, Richard  
Trammell, Burk  
Trapnall, John  
Trask, Olwyn  
Travieso, Justo  
Travis, William Barret  
Traywick, John M  
Tremper, William A  
Trenary, John B  
Treppard, Francis  
Trevino Villa Nueva, Juana  
Trevino, Antonio  
Trevino, Maria Jesus  
Trezevant, J P  
Trimble & Lindsey  
Trimble, Margaret E  
Trimble, R C  
Trimble, Robert C  
Trimble, William  
Trimmier, John  
Trimmier, Thomas  
Trimnall, John C  
Triplett, Robert  
Trist, N P  
Trott & Hoover  
Trott, Henry  
Troutz, Christopher  
True, George  
True, J Philip  
Trueheart, J O & H M  
Trueheart, James L  
Trueheart, John O  
Truesdale, Morgan G  
Truit, James  
Trull, Jesse  
Trumball, William  
Truble, Marcus  
Trumbull, William  
Trussell, John  
Tryon Son & Co  
Tryon, William M  
Tubb, Elisha  
Tubbs, James  
Tucker, Edward  
Tucker, Ezekiel  
Tucker, George  
Tucker, James B  
Tucker, John  
Tucker, L W  
Tucker, R Sands & Co  
Tucker, Thomas E  
Tudor, James F  
Tufts, William  
Tula, Lorenzo  
Tumbleson, George W  
Tumlinson, Elizabeth  
Tumlinson, George W  
Tumlinson, Harriet  
Tumlinson, J J  
Tumlinson, James  
Tumlinson, John  
Tumlinson, John J  
Tumlinson, Joseph  
Tumlinson, Littleton  
Tumlinson, Peter  
Tunage, Shelby  
Turnage, S C  
Turnage, Zachariah  
Turnbull, James  
Turner & Woodruff  
Turner, Amasa  
Turner, Calvin S  
Turner, Edwin  
Turner, Fieldon B  
Turner, Isaac H  
Turner, James E  
Turner, John  
Turner, John A  
Turner, Robert  
Turner, William  
Turner, William R  
Turner, William S  
Turner, Winslow  
Turner, (J?) W  
Tuton, W S  
Tuton, William S  
Tutt, Clement C  
Tuttle, Asahel  
Tuttle, Caroline  
Tuttle, George  
Tuttle, James W  
Tweed, James  
Twitty, Burford  
Twitty, William B  
Twitty, William C  
Twohig, John  
Twomey, William  
Tydings, Charles  
Tyler, Charles C  
Tyler, Daniel  
Tyler, Edward  
Tyler, John  
Tyler, O T  
Tyler, Robert D  
Tyndale, William  
Tyus, B R  
Tyus, R M  
Tyus, Robert M  


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