Republic of Texas

"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

Texas State Library & Archives Commission

Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

Please Consider Submiting your Republic of Texas Pension Files to the Coordinator Listed Below.


Claimant Submitted By
Saase, Jacob  
Sabedra y Salinas, Maria  
Sackett, Israel  
Sackman, S E  
Sacoo, Ufusin  
Sadler, Felix  
Sadler, Felix G  
Sadler, John  
Sadler, L A  
Sadler, William L  
Sadler, William T  
Saez, Antonio  
Sage, L P  
Salinas, Eustaqueo  
Salinas, Francisco  
Salinas, Pablo  
Sallee, Harrison M  
Saller, H Montgomery  
Salmon, Richard  
Salters, John  
Samford, Evan  
Sample (Capt)  
Sample, David  
Sampson, George W  
Sams, Warren  
Samuel, Thomas  
Sanches, Antonio  
Sanchez, B C  
Sanchez, Carmel  
Sanchez, Juan Jose  
Sanchez, Louis  
Sanchez, Lucas  
Sanchez, Luis  
Sandeford, M D  
Sandeford, Marmaduke  
Sanderford, D  
Sanders, Isaac  
Sanders, John  
Sanders, John (1)  
Sanders, John (2)  
Sanders, Leonidas  
Sanders, William  
Sanders, William R  
Sanderson, G  
Sanderson, H  
Sanderson, H & Co  
Sanderson, W H  
Sandkuhler, Henry  
Sandusky, John C  
Sandusky, William H  
Sanford, William  
Sansom, J W  
Santos Coy, Refugia  
Santos, Guadeloupe de los  
Santy, William A  
Santye, William A  
Sanxay, Richard D  
Sapp, John F  
Sappington, Jacob  
Sapulver, Antonio  
Sargeant, Carter  
Sargent, David M  
Sargent, E W  
Sargent, William L  
Sasse, J  
Sasser, William  
Saul, Thomas S  
Sauls, J  
Saunders, B F  
Saunders, Benjamin F  
Saunders, E G  
Saunders, Henry P  
Saunders, Leonidas  
Saunders, Robert G  
Saunders, Samuel S  
Saunders, Thomas  
Saunders, Uriah  
Sauters, J A  
Savage, W F  
Savage, William  
Savage, William F  
Savannah (Steamer)  
Savery, A  
Savery, Asa  
Savery, Asahel  
Savery, H P  
Savery, Preston  
Sawyer, Frederick A  
Sawyer, William L  
Sayers, John  
Sayre, Charles D  
Scaggs, John H  
Scallorn, Elam  
Scallorn, John W  
Scantlebury, William  
Scarborough, Charles  
Scarborough, D B  
Scarborough, Jane C  
Scarborough, Laurence  
Scarborough, Paul  
Scarbough, D B  
Scarbrough, Paul  
Scarff, Joshua W  
Scates, William B  
Schabler, Charles  
Schier, (J or I?)  
Schiermann, Frederick  
Schleiter, Joseph  
Schlischer, G  
Schloborn, Carolane  
Schloborn, John  
Schmidt, Frederick  
Schneider, Conrad  
Schneider, Valentin  
Schnell, John Andrew  
Schoept, Caerls  
Scholzer, Fedele  
Schooley, Joseph L  
Schoonhover, Joshua L  
Schott, Augustus V  
Schott, James  
Schrier, William W  
Schroder, Ferdinand A  
Schuhmann, Friedrich  
Schuyler, Philip P  
Schvander, F C  
Schwandner, Franz  
Scobey & Byrd  
Scobey, Robert  
Scofield, James  
Scott & O'Brian  
Scott, Abram H  
Scott, Andrew  
Scott, B  
Scott, David  
Scott, Dianah  
Scott, Elizabeth (1)  
Scott, Elizabeth (2)  
Scott, George W  
Scott, James  
Scott, James W  
Scott, John  
Scott, John B  
Scott, John W  
Scott, Jonathan  
Scott, Joseph E  
Scott, Josephus  
Scott, Levi P  
Scott, Noah  
Scott, P B  
Scott, Philip B  
Scott, R J  
Scott, Robert R  
Scott, Robert W  
Scott, T G H  
Scott, Wiliam  
Scott, William H  
Scott, William L  
Scott, William P  
Scott, Wiliam Y  
Scougham, Edward  
Scranton, F  
Scull, George H  
Sculley, John  
Scully, John  
Scurlock, Frances  
Scurlock, Mial  
Scurlock, William  
Scurry, Evantha  
Scurry, Richardson  
Scurry, William R  
Sea, Martin  
Seakle, John  
Seal, Campbell  
Seal, Eli  
Seaman, Jonas  
Seargeant, Edward W  
Seargeant, William H  
Sears, Paul  
Seaton, Elizabeth  
Seaton, George W  
Seaton, John M  
Seaymore, John  
Sebbins, Charles C  
Secrest, F  
Secrest, W H  
Seders, E  
Sedy, James  
Seeger, Augustus  
Seeger, William  
Seekill, John  
Seeligson, M  
Seguin (Mrs)  
Seguin, Erasmo  
Seguin, Juan N  
Seguin, Manuel  
Seiders, Edward  
Seiders, Edwin  
Seifarth, Heinrich  
Seis, Jose Maria  
Selby, James E  
Selby, Micajah  
Seldon, John  
Self, George  
Self, Taylor B  
Selkirk, James H  
Sellars, John  
Sellers, Jacob N  
Sellers, Robert  
Sellers, William H  
Sellers, William Harvey  
Sellick, Levi  
Selman, Nancy  
Selman, Wesley  
Selman, Wesley M  
Senechal, A  
Sergeant, Charles  
Serna y Lopez, Maria Francisca  
Sessom, Elizabeth S  
Settle, John A  
Settoon, Young  
Settzer, C A  
Setzer, Martin  
Seveman, Frederick  
Sevey, Joseph  
Sevey, Joseph S  
Sevey, Manasseh  
Sevey, Ralph E  
Sevey, Theodore  
Sevey, William  
Sevier, E G  
Sevier, Elizabeth  
Sevier, George W  
Sevier, W C  
Sewall, Charles A  
Seward, Samuel  
Sewell, M L  
Seymour, James  
Seymour, John  
Seymour, John W  
Seymour, M L  
Shack, John S  
Shackelford, F S  
Shackelford, J Jr  
Shackelford, Jack  
Shackelford, John  
Shackelford, M B  
Shackelford, Samuel  
Shackelford, William J  
Shadburn, William H  
Shadburne, William H  
Shaid, Jacob B  
Shain, Charles B  
Shale, George  
Shall, Daniel  
Shaller, C  
Shankle, Bluford  
Shanks, John T  
Shanks, Joseph S  
Shannon, James B  
Shannon, John Clark Kilpatrick  
Shannon, Thomas R  
Shapard, Thomas P  
Sharp, John  
Sharp, John H  
Sharp, Joseph  
Sharp, Joseph C  
Sharp, Minerva  
Sharp, Thomas  
Sharpe, Augustus V  
Sharpe, Azel  
Sharpe, G W  
Sharpe, J B  
Sharpless, A G  
Shartzer, Hiram  
Sharum, James D  
Shattuck, Horace  
Shatzel, Benjamin  
Shaw, Courtney A  
Shaw, George W  
Shaw, Grandville C  
Shaw, Granville C  
Shaw, James  
Shaw, James B  
Shaw, James C  
Shaw, Jim (a Delaware Indian)  
Shaw, John  
Shaw, Jones  
Shaw, Joshua C  
Shaw, Josiah  
Shaw, O  
Shaw, Orson  
Shaw, Thomas J  
Shay, William  
Shea, John  
Sheafe, John L  
Sheahan, John S  
Shearer, H R  
Shearn, Charles  
Shearn, John  
Sheehy, Michael  
Sheffler, J B  
Sheid, Manson  
Sheirburn, J A  
Shelburne, Samuel A  
Shelby, A B  
Shelby, C C  
Shelby, David  
Sheldon, Arad  
Sheldon, J C  
Sheldon, Norman  
Sheldon, S B  
Sheldon, Thomas & Co  
Shell, J N  
Shell, James N  
Shelly, John  
Shelly, Patrick  
Shelton, Eli J  
Shelton, G W  
Shelton, George W  
Shelton, Harvey  
Shelton, James  
Shelton, Jesse  
Shelton, Seth  
Shepard, Joseph  
Shepherd, Charles  
Shepherd, Jacob M  
Shepherd, Thomas P  
Shepherd, William M  
Sheppard, James L  
Shepperd, Eliza  
Shepperd, J H  
Shepperd, Jacob H  
Shepperd, W W  
Sheridan, John  
Sherman, F A  
Sherman, Frederick A  
Sherman, Sidney  
Sherrer, Bernard  
Sherrill, Arthur  
Sherrod, Calvin G  
Sherrod, John E  
Sherrod, William  
Sherun, James D  
Sherwood, James P  
Sheston, Henry  
Shields, J L  
Shields, Nathaniel  
Shields, William J  
Shingle, Charles  
Shipley, A W  
Shipman, Daniel  
Shipman, James R  
Shipman, John M  
Shipman, Moses  
Shipp, James  
Shipp, William  
Shirley, John  
Shivers, O L  
Shivers, William R  
Shoan, J L  
Shoemaker, Evins  
Sholl, John D  
Short, D M  
Short, Jordan H  
Short, M H  
Short, Michael  
Short, Z H  
Shotwell, Lewis  
Shown, James L  
Shreve & Grayson  
Shreve, John M  
Shreve, John Milton  
Shreve, L L  
Shriver, Eli  
Shriver, Eli W  
Shryack, E H  
Shryock, M H  
Shuffield, James R  
Shull, David A  
Shults, John  
Shults, Sarah  
Shultz, C S  
Shultz, Jesse  
Shupe, Samuel  
Shuster, Louis F  
Siedikum, F  
Siefert, Christian  
Sieholzer, Fedele  
Sieper, John G  
Sierra, Noberto  
Sigler, William N  
Sigmond, Abel  
Sikes, David  
Sikes, Henry  
Silcreggs, David  
Sillavin, A W  
Silsbe, Albert  
Silvero, Jose  
Silvey, James  
Silvia, Jose  
Simmler, Emile  
Simmonds, Solomon  
Simmons, Clark  
Simmons, Cleland K  
Simmons, Green B  
Simmons, Henry  
Simmons, J W  
Simmons, James  
Simmons, James Wright  
Simmons, John  
Simmons, John B  
Simmons, Richard  
Simmons, William  
Simms, Burrows  
Simms, William  
Simonds, John  
Simons, Joseph  
Simons, M K  
Simons, Thomas  
Simpson, Dinsmore  
Simpson, Harrison  
Simpson, J W  
Simpson, John J  
Simpson, John P  
Simpson, John S  
Simpson, Thomas  
Simpson, W A  
Simpson, Washington  
Simpson, William  
Simpson, William M  
Simpson, William W  
Simpson, Wilson  
Simpton, George  
Sims, Barrough  
Sims, Bartlett  
Sims, Charles H  
Sims, Isham  
Sims, Mat F  
Sims, S T  
Sims, Samuel W  
Sims, William C W  
Sinclair, Christiana F  
Sinclair, George W  
Sinclair, John  
Sinclair, Mary Wealthy  
Sinclair, Resin  
Sinclair, Rezin  
Singleton (Mrs)  
Singleton, James  
Singleton, John H  
Singleton, Spie  
Sinks, George W  
Sinnickson, John J  
Sirviente de Cologne, Ygnacio  
Siseneros, Esteban  
Sistare, George K  
Siter Price & Co  
Sitton, Jesse  
Skaats, A B  
Skelton, Jane  
Skerrett, M B  
Skerrett, Mark B  
Skidmore, Abram  
Skidmore, John  
Skidmore, William  
Skillern, Lucy W  
Skinell, Denel  
Skorcepski, John  
Slaburn, John  
Slack, Daniel  
Slack, Richard  
Sladon, John  
Slater, John  
Slater, S T  
Slater, Samuel  
Slater, William  
Slaughter, John R  
Slaughter, Thomas  
Slaughter, William S  
Slauter, Francis  
Slawson, A W  
Slayman, James  
Sleight, Cornelius  
Sleight, Cornelius A  
Sleight, John L  
Sloan, Nancy A  
Sloan, Robert  
Sloan, Samuel  
Sloat, Benjamin  
Slocomb, John R  
Sloughtenburg, Abram  
Small & Ruckle  
Small, James  
Small, Thomas H  
Small, William  
Smeathers, Archibald  
Smeltzer, A  
Smiley, J F  
Smith & Allen  
Smith & Sparks  
Smith & Voorhees  
Smith (Lt)  
Smith Benson & Smith  
Smith Goff & Ballentine  
Smith, A J P M  
Smith, Abram  
Smith, Adam  
Smith, Alexander  
Smith, Alfred  
Smith, Amelia  
Smith, Angeline D  
Smith, Archibald  
Smith, Asa  
Smith, Ashbel  
Smith, Ben F  
Smith, Ben Fort  
Smith, Benjamin  
Smith, Benjamin D  
Smith, Berry  
Smith, Bethel  
Smith, Byrd  
Smith, C  
Smith, Charles  
Smith, Charles H  
Smith, Charles R  
Smith, Charles S  
Smith, Daniel B  
Smith, David B  
Smith, Donald  
Smith, Edward  
Smith, Eli  
Smith, Elizabeth  
Smith, Eneas  
Smith, Erastus  
Smith, Eugene T  
Smith, Evaline  
Smith, Ezekiel  
Smith, F P  
Smith, F W  
Smith, Fenwick  
Smith, Francis  
Smith, Frederick  
Smith, French  
Smith, G W  
Smith, Gabriel  
Smith, Gardner  
Smith, George  
Smith, George N  
Smith, George S  
Smith, George W  
Smith, Guadalupe  
Smith, H  
Smith, H M  
Smith, Harriet E  
Smith, Henry  
Smith, Henry M  
Smith, Henry Madison  
Smith, Hiram  
Smith, Isaac W  
Smith, J M  
Smith, J S  
Smith, J Sam  
Smith, J W N A  
Smith, Jack  
Smith, Jackson  
Smith, Jackson C C  
Smith, James  
Smith, James A J  
Smith, James B  
Smith, James M  
Smith, James W  
Smith, Jason  
Smith, Jesse  
Smith, Jesse R  
Smith, John  
Smith, John D  
Smith, John F  
Smith, John H  
Smith, John Loper  
Smith, John M  
Smith, John N O  
Smith, John P  
Smith, John Robert  
Smith, John T  
Smith, John Taite  
Smith, John W  
Smith, Joseph  
Smith, Joseph F  
Smith, Joshua  
Smith, Joshua G  
Smith, Julia  
Smith, L  
Smith, L H  
Smith, Larkin B  
Smith, Leander  
Smith, Lee C  
Smith, Lemuel  
Smith, Leroy H  
Smith, Lewis Y  
Smith, Lucindia  
Smith, Lydia Almira  
Smith, M C  
Smith, M W  
Smith, Mack  
Smith, Major  
Smith, Manaan  
Smith, Mandon  
Smith, Martha  
Smith, Martha Ann  
Smith, Mary  
Smith, Mary Ann  
Smith, Mary Elizabeth  
Smith, Meriwether W  
Smith, Miles C  
Smith, Milton M  
Smith, N Winter  
Smith, Nannie R  
Smith, Nathan  
Smith, Neles F  
Smith, Niles F  
Smith, Oliver  
Smith, Permelia  
Smith, Philip A  
Smith, R H M C  
Smith, R T  
Smith, R W  
Smith, Robert H M C  
Smith, Robert W  
Smith, S R & Co  
Smith, Sam  
Smith, Samson  
Smith, Samuel  
Smith, Samuel R  
Smith, Samuel S  
Smith, Sidney  
Smith, Starret  
Smith, Stephen  
Smith, Thomas  
Smith, Thomas F  
Smith, Thomas J  
Smith, Thomas S  
Smith, W J  
Smith, W W T  
Smith, Watkins L  
Smith, Wiley  
Smith, Wiley B D  
Smith, William  
Smith, William A  
Smith, William B  
Smith, William D  
Smith, William H  
Smith, William Henry  
Smith, William H  
Smith, William K  
Smith, William M  
Smith, William P  
Smith, William W  
Smither, Lancelott  
Smither, Robert  
Smithson, William  
Smithwick, N  
Smithwick, Noah  
Smock, Henry  
Smothers, William  
Smyth, Andrew R  
Smyth, Frances M  
Smyth, George W  
Smyth, Henry M  
Snailum, Eugenia M  
Snailum, Thomas C  
Snaith, John  
Snalum, T C  
Snalum, Thomas C  
Snee, James  
Sneed, George K  
Snell, Martin K  
Snelling, John O  
Snethen, W & Co  
Snider, Asbury M C  
Snider, John  
Snider, Sandford  
Snider, Valentine  
Snively, David  
Snively, Jacob  
Snodgrass, J G  
Snow, Charles B  
Snow, John C  
Snyder, John  
Soleberg, John  
Soles, Hiram  
Soloden, J  
Solomon, E  
Solomon, William  
Somervell, Alexander  
Somerville, Charles  
Somes, James  
Sommers, Daniel  
Sommers, W W  
Sorrells, Theodorise F  
Sorsby, William  
Sorsby, William A  
Sosa, Jose Francisco de  
Sossaman, C R  
Sovereign, Joseph  
Soverein, Otis R  
Sowell, Andrew J  
Sowell, Asa J L  
Sowell, John  
Sowell, John N  
Sowell, Joseph  
Sowell, Lewis D  
Sowell, R  
Sowell, Ransom  
Sowell, Richard H  
Sowter, Ralph  
Spalding, Levi  
Sparks, Franklin  
Sparks, Harman  
Sparks, James  
Sparks, James H  
Sparks, John  
Sparks, Levi N  
Sparks, Richard  
Sparks, S F  
Sparks, W F  
Sparks, William C  
Sparks, William F  
Spatswood, George C  
Spaulding, Charles  
Spaulding, John  
Spavin, William  
Speakman, Thomas N  
Speakman, Thomas N  
Spear, John  
Speed, William W  
Speed, William Wade  
Speir, A B  
Speir, George W  
Spellerberg, Anthony E  
Spence, A  
Spence, Isaac C  
Spence, James H  
Spencer, David  
Spencer, Elender  
Spencer, Elisha  
Spencer, George W  
Spencer, Henry S  
Spencer, William  
Spencer, Winfield S  
Spiers, James  
Spillers, James  
Spillers, John F  
Spillers, John T  
Spiller, Mary  
Spillman, James  
Spillman, James H  
Spinks, B M  
Spivie, Jethro  
Splane, Peyton R  
Splawn, Hansford  
Spooner, Thomas H  
Springer, A U  
Springer, John  
Sprowl, James T  
Squire, Solomon  
StClair, Duncan  
StClair, John  
StJohn, Edmund  
StJohn, Edward  
StJohn, James  
StJohn, Sophia J  
StPrie, Charles F  
Staadt, Francis j  
Stadler, Robert G  
Stafford, Adam  
Stafford, Harvey  
Stallings, Henry  
Stamps, John  
Stamps, John C  
Stancell, John F  
Standefer, Jacob  
Standefer, Jacob L  
Standefer, James  
Standefer, William B  
Standerford, Jacob  
Standford, John H  
Standford, William  
Standish, John Henry  
Stanfield, W W O  
Stanford, John  
Stanley, Charles  
Stanley, Daniel  
Stanley, Edward H  
Stanley, Johnathan L  
Stanley, L C  
Stanley, Stephen  
Stansbury, Ephraim  
Stansbury, Thomas J  
Stansbury, Warren L  
Stansbury, William  
Stanton, Juliet C  
Stapp, Achilles  
Stapp, D M  
Stapp, Darwin M  
Stapp, Elijah  
Stapp, Hugh S  
Stapp, Oliver H  
Stapp, R L (Mrs)  
Stapp, Walter W  
Stapp, William P  
Stark (Mrs)  
Stark, William  
Stark, William H  
Stark, William W  
Starks, William H  
Starnes, Thomas R  
Starr, F C  
Starr, James Harper  
Starr, Richard  
Stebbens, Charles C  
Stedman, John  
Steel, Alphonso  
Steel, Henry  
Steel, John  
Steel, William  
Steel, William K  
Steele, Isaac  
Steele, John  
Steele, Mary A  
Steele, Robert  
Steele, William H  
Steen, James  
Steffey, William C  
Steger, William M  
Stehr, B H  
Steltz, Jarred  
Stem, Isaac P  
Stentzer, Louis  
Stephens, Charles  
Stephens, George  
Stephens, H B  
Stephens, J F  
Stephens, James  
Stephens, John M  
Stephens, Justin  
Stephens, Washington  
Stephenson, Elisha  
Stephenson, Elizabeth B  
Stephenson, Gilbert  
Stephenson, Harriet  
Stephenson, Henry  
Stephenson, Ira  
Stephenson, J J  
Stephenson, James  
Stephenson, James B  
Stephenson, John - Orange Co. Donald E. Pusch
Stephenson, John B  
Stephenson, R  
Stephenson, S R  
Stephenson, William  
Sterne, Adolphus  
Sterne, C H  
Sterrett (Capt)  
Sterrett, John H  
Stevens, A J  
Stevens, Corbet  
Stevens, Jacob J  
Stevens, John M  
Stevens, John P  
Stevens, M M  
Stevens, Madison M  
Stevens, Thomas  
Stevens, William  
Stevenson, Alexander  
Stevenson, E  
Stevenson, J J  
Stevenson, James P  
Stevenson, Lockey (Mrs)  
Stevenson, Robert  
Stevenson, Thomas B  
Steward, L M  
Stewart, Adam L  
Stewart, Bentley  
Stewart, C B  
Stewart, Charles B  
Stewart, H  
Stewart, Isaac  
Stewart, James  
Stewart, Joe H  
Stewart, John  
Stewart, Lyman M  
Stewart, Robert  
Stewart, Robert P  
Stewart, Thomas  
Stewart, William  
Stewart, William (1)  
Stewart, William (2)  
Stibbens, Charles C  
Stibbens, Elizabeth  
Stickney, E Lawrence  
Stiff, Jesse  
Stiff, Thomas R  
Stiffler, Jacob T  
Stile, John  
Stiles, George  
Stiles, William K  
Still, William G  
Stills, Jarett  
Stilwell, William S  
Stinson, Samuel  
Stivers, S  
Stivers, Samuel  
Stockbridge, E  
Stockman, Hardy F  
Stockman, Henry J  
Stoddard, Jane  
Stoddard, Jesse W  
Stoddard, John B  
Stoebzle, David  
Stoehr, C  
Stoehr, Constantine  
Stokes, Guy  
Stokes, Joseph K  
Stokes, William  
Stone, E & Greacen  
Stone, Elias  
Stone, James  
Stone, Samuel  
Stone, Samuel B  
Stoneall, John T  
Stonum, James  
Storm, Pleasant  
Storr, Richard  
Stott, Charles S  
Stouffer, Henry S  
Stout, B O  
Stout, Berryman  
Stout, Henry  
Stout, Isaac  
Stout, J C  
Stout, James S  
Stout, Mary Jane  
Stout, William B  
Stovall, George  
Stovall, Joseph A  
Stow, Charles  
Strahan, Matthew  
Strain, J H  
Stramler, George W  
Strang, Samuel  
Strange, James  
Stratton, A R  
Stratton, George S  
Straus, Martin  
Strawn, William G  
Stribling, J M  
Stribling, James H  
Stirckland, Amus  
Strickland, David  
Strickland, M D  
Strickland, William  
Strickland, Willson  
Stricland, James  
Striclin, James  
Stringer, Edward N  
Stringfield, Milton R  
Strode, Jeremiah  
Strode, John  
Stroh, Philip  
Strong, Adam  
Strong, Alexander H  
Strother, Alexander  
Strother, James  
Strother, Jesse  
Strother, John L  
Stroud, Beden  
Stroud, Charles  
Stroud, Ethan  
Strunk, B  
Stuart, H  
Stuart, J W  
Stuart, James  
Stuart, Lewis  
Stuart, Robert  
Stubblefield, G  
Stubblefield, Thomas  
Stubblefield, Thomas G  
Stubblefield, William H  
Stucey, Henry  
Stuckey, Christian  
Studevant, F E  
Stueart, Charles  
Stueart, Thomas G  
Stump, John S  
Sturdivant, John C  
Sturges, B B  
Sturges, Benjamin B  
Sturrock, William  
Stuteville, James  
Stuteville, James C  
Suares, David W  
Sublett, Henry W  
Sublett, Philip A  
Suggitt, William  
Suggs, John  
Sullivan, Daniel C  
Sullivan, Dennis  
Sullivan, James S  
Sullivan, Jeremiah  
Sullivan, John N  
Sullivan, Larkin P  
Sullivan, Patrick  
Sullivan, Peirce  
Sully, T A  
Sultzbaugh, George  
Summers, A C  
Summers, William  
Summers, William W  
Sumner, E B  
Sumrall, Calvin  
Sundberg, Lawrence P  
Surles, William  
Suter, Exum  
Sutherland & Co  
Sutherland, Ebenezer C  
Sutherland, George  
Sutherland, John  
Sutherland, W D  
Sutton, J S  
Sutton, Huan  
Swain, John D  
Swain, W W  
Swain, William L  
Swan, William  
Swanson, Samuel  
Swante, John  
Swartwout, Samuel  
Swartz, John  
Swartz, William  
Swazy, Samuel  
Swearingen, E  
Swearingen, Samuel  
Swearingen, Valentine W  
Swearingen, William C  
Sweeney, John  
Sweeney, Thomas J  
Sweeny, D F (Mrs)  
Sweeny, John  
Sweitzer, Alonzo B  
Swenson & Swisher  
Swenson, S M  
Swenson, Swante M  
Swesey, John  
Swetenberg, F  
Swift, A  
Swift, Arthur  
Swift, Hugh M  
Swift, Seth  
Swift, Timothy  
Swingle, Alfred  
Swinney, John  
Swinney, William B  
Swisher, H H  
Swisher, James G  
Swisher, James Monroe  
Swisher, John M  
Swisher, John Milton  
Swoop, V (Mrs)  
Swords, A  
Sydnor, John S  
Sylvester, James A  
Sypert, Thomas  
Sypert, William Carroll  


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