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"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

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Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

Please Consider Submiting your Republic of Texas Pension Files to the Coordinator Listed Below.


Claimant Submitted By
Rabb, Andrew  
Rabb, John  
Rabb, Mary  
Rabb, Thomas J  
Rabia, Santiago  
Raby, Kadar  
Rackham, Charles  
Ragan, E J  
Ragan, Elihu J  
Ragin, Cary  
Raglin, Anna J  
Raglin, Henry Walton  
Ragsdale, Edward B  
Ragsdale, James D  
Ragsdale, Peter C  
Ragsdale, Thomas  
Ragsdale, William J  
Raguet, H W  
Raguet, Henry  
Rahm, John  
Railey, Charles  
Railey, James A  
Railey, Martin M  
Rainer, Samuel M  
Rainey, Robert R  
Rainey, William  
Rains, Emery  
Rains, John D  
Rains, Rhudy S  
Ralph, Samuel  
Ralph, Sophia W  
Ralston, Joseph  
Ralston, Thomas  
Rameras, Casciano  
Ramey, Lawrence  
Ramires, Eduardo  
Ramirez, Caciano  
Ramon, Manuel  
Ramos, Susano  
Ramsay, James  
Ramsay, John  
Ramsay, John A  
Ramsdale, George L  
Ramsdale, John F  
Ramsdale, Malinda  
Ramsey, Alexander  
Ramsey, James W  
Ramsey, Margaret M  
Ramsey, Martin D  
Ramsey, R D  
Ramsour, Jacob  
Ramsy, Thomas W  
Randal, L  
Randall, O W  
Randall, Osborn W  
Randle, B  
Randolph, C H  
Randolph, Harvey  
Randolph, Perry  
Randolph, Robert  
Randon, D  
Randon, David  
Rane, Henry John  
Raney, Clement  
Rankin, David  
Rankin, Elvira  
Rankin, Frederick H  
Rankin, Mary J  
Rankin, Thomas B  
Rankowski, V  
Ranner, S  
Ranney, William  
Ranny, W  
Ransom, J B  
Raper, Dannel  
Raper, M B  
Raper, M L B  
Raper, Marcus D  
Rapier, Daniel  
Ratcliffe, E S  
Ratcliffe, Edward S  
Rather, James  
Ratliff, Benjamin  
Ratliff, W D  
Rattan, Daniel  
Rattan, Larkin  
Rattan, Littleton  
Ravenstone, Hubert  
Ravey, William H  
Rawdon Wright Hatch & Edson  
Rawlins & Wingfield  
Rawson & Eden  
Rawson & Samuel  
Rawson, Albert  
Rawson, Albert G  
Ray, Albert E  
Ray, John S  
Ray, Robert  
Rayburn, Henry R  
Raymond, Charles H  
Raymond, James H  
Raymond, Nathaniel C  
Read, Benjamin S  
Read, Ezra  
Read, H A  
Read, H H  
Read, John C  
Read, Martha  
Read, Martha A  
Read, Miles C  
Read, Thomas J  
Read, William  
Reagan, William  
Reager, Wesley  
Reams, L D  
Reams, Obediah P  
Reams, S Y  
Reaves, D W  
Reaves, Lewis  
Reaves, Woodson  
Reavill, B E  
Reavis, Fanny  
Reavis, J G  
Reavis, John B  
Recindez, Nepomuceno  
Rector, Claiborne  
Rector, Claibourne  
Rector, E G  
Rector, Elbridge Gerry  
Rector, F C  
Rector, Pendleton  
Rector, Rodolph  
Rector, William R  
Redd, W D  
Redd, William D  
Redding, William G  
Redding, William R  
Redfield, Albert  
Redfield, Henry  
Redfield, Henry P  
Redfield, John A  
Redfield, Julia  
Redfield, William  
Redgate, Samuel J  
Reding, Iredell  
Reding, R L  
Redman, John Jr  
Redman, Thomas J  
Redmond, Henry  
Redmond, Richard S  
Reece, T B  
Reece, Thomas  
Reed (Private)  
Reed, Elijah  
Reed, Elijah B  
Reed, Evan  
Reed, H  
Reed, H A  
Reed, Henry  
Reed, Isaac  
Reed, James & Co  
Reed, James G  
Reed, Jefferson  
Reed, John  
Reed, Joseph  
Reed, Michael  
Reed, Miles  
Reed, Nathaniel  
Reed, Richmond  
Reed, S E (Mrs)  
Reed, S H  
Reed, William  
Reel, Henry  
Reel, R I W  
Rees, James  
Rees, John  
Rees, Thomas B  
Rees, William  
Reese, Charles K  
Reese, Perry  
Reese, Philip  
Reese, W P  
Reeves (Mrs)  
Reeves, A  
Reeves, Allen  
Reeves, Samuel P  
Reeves, Tolbert  
Regley, Henry  
Reid, James  
Reid, John R  
Reid, Nathaniel  
Reid, Walker  
Reilly, Bernard  
Reily, Charles  
Reily, James  
Reinaman, Henry  
Reinhardt, J P  
Renfro, David  
Renfro, Peter F  
Renney, William  
Renshaver, Andrew  
Resley, George  
Reuck, Amaziah  
Reuter, Louis  
Rex, George  
Reyes, Demacio de los  
Reyes, Juan  
Reyes, Leandro de los  
Reyna, Ramon  
Reynolds, Green  
Reynolds, Isaac  
Reynolds, Isham  
Reynolds, John F  
Reynolds, Joseph  
Reynolds, Joshua C  
Reynolds, R H  
Reynolds, Reynold  
Rhea, Eleanor  
Rhhinehart, Asa  
Rhodes, John  
Rhodes, John B  
Rhodes, Joseph M  
Rhodes, William R  
Rhoton, William L  
Rhyne, Michael  
Rice & Nichols  
Rice, Daniel  
Rice, James O  
Rice, James P  
Rice, Levi M  
Rice, Maria  
Rice, R C  
Rice, Sanford  
Rice, Spencer  
Rice, Thomas  
Rice, W M  
Rice, William  
Rice, William C  
Rice, William M  
Rice, William S  
Rice, Zachariah B  
Richards, Charles  
Richards, Daniel L  
Richards, Jefferson  
Richards, Jesse  
Richards, John  
Richards, John B  
Richards, William  
Richards, William B  
Richardson, Chauncey  
Richardson, D P  
Richardson, Daniel  
Richardson, Daniel L  
Richardson, E  
Richardson, George F  
Richardson, Isaac C  
Richardson, James  
Richardson, John  
Richardson, L  
Richardson, Lewis  
Richardson, Lucinda  
Richardson, Stephen  
Richardson, West  
Richardson, Willard  
Richardson, William  
Richart, A L  
Richee, R  
Richeson, Varland  
Richey, William  
Richison, John  
Richmond Telescope (newspaper)  
Ricker, Samuel  
Ricker, Samuel Jr  
Ricks, George  
Ricks, George W  
Ricord, John  
Riddle, Charles H  
Riddle, John  
Riddle, Joseph P  
Riddle, William  
Riddle, Wilson J  
Ridens, B G  
Ridgell, Charles B  
Ridgeway, James S  
Ridley, Mark C  
Rigby, Benjamin  
Riggs, Hiram  
Riggs, Romulus  
Rigney, William  
Riley, Bernard  
Riley, Francis  
Riley, James  
Riley, John  
Riley, Michael  
Riley, Thomas  
Rin, Joseph  
Rine, John M  
Ringgold, James  
Ringo, William  
Ripley, George H  
Ripley, H D  
Ripley, Phineas  
Risenhoover, Benson  
Risenhoover, Naomi U  
Risk, T F  
Ritchardson, Andrew  
Ritchey, Jane J  
Ritchey, Louisa C  
Ritchey, Martha E  
Ritter, Everett S  
Ritter, Everit  
Rivas, Cayetano  
Rivas, Felipe  
Rivera de Guerra, Ysabel  
Rivers, Antonia  
Rix, George  
Roach, Featherston R  
Roach, Thomas  
Roach, William  
Roarer, Conrad  
Roark, Amos  
Roark, Andrew J  
Roark, Leo  
Robards, W L  
Robbins, Early  
Robbins, John  
Robbins, John R  
Robbins, Joshua  
Robbins, M  
Robbins, Nathaniel  
Robbins, Thomas  
Robbins, William  
Roberson, Lackin  
Robert, William  
Roberts & Allen  
Roberts & Co  
Roberts, Abram  
Roberts, Alexander S  
Roberts, Benjamin  
Roberts, Charles  
Roberts, Christopher  
Roberts, Christopher M  
Roberts, David  
Roberts, Elisha  
Roberts, Emely  
Roberts, G M  
Roberts, George H  
Roberts, George M  
Roberts, H H  
Roberts, Isaac  
Roberts, J J  
Roberts, Jeremiah  
Roberts, John  
Roberts, John A  
Roberts, John S  
Roberts, Joseph W  
Roberts, Josiah  
Roberts, Luke  
Roberts, Lyon  
Roberts, M F  
Roberts, Mark R  
Roberts, Moses F  
Roberts, Oran M  
Roberts, R H  
Roberts, Reding  
Roberts, Reuben H  
Roberts, Robert F  
Roberts, S R  
Roberts, Samuel A  
Roberts, Stephen R  
Roberts, Theodore S  
Roberts, Thomas H  
Roberts, W  
Roberts, W E  
Roberts, William  
Roberts, William E  
Roberts, William W  
Roberts, Willis  
Robertson & Johnson  
Robertson, Arthur  
Robertson, Daniel  
Robertson, Elijah Sterling Clack  
Robertson, F W  
Robertson, George  
Robertson, H H  
Robertson, Henry A  
Robertson, Isaac  
Robertson, J W  
Robertson, James C  
Robertson, Jerome B  
Robertson, Jesse  
Robertson, John  
Robertson, John C  
Robertson, Joseph W  
Robertson, Neil  
Robertson, Neill R  
Robertson, Randal  
Robertson, Richard  
Robertson, Sterling C  
Robertson, William  
Robinett, James  
Robinett, James M  
Robins, John  
Robins, Thomas E  
Robinson, Ben W  
Robinson, Benjamin W  
Robinson, D M  
Robinson, E C (Mrs)  
Robinson, Elijah P  
Robinson, Frances  
Robinson, George  
Robinson, George N  
Robinson, George W  
Robinson, Henry A  
Robinson, Isaac  
Robinson, J B  
Robinson, Jacob  
Robinson, James M  
Robinson, James W  
Robinson, Jesse  
Robinson, Jesse J  
Robinson, Joel W  
Robinson, John  
Robinson, John B  
Robinson, John H  
Robinson, John J  
Robinson, John L  
Robinson, John S  
Robinson, Joseph  
Robinson, Joseph M  
Robinson, Lucindia  
Robinson, Matilda  
Robinson, Milton  
Robinson, Neill  
Robinson, Neill K  
Robinson, Thomas  
Robinson, Thompson  
Robinson, Tod  
Robinson, William  
Robinson, William F  
Robinson, William M  
Robinson, Zoraster  
Robison, Amanda Ann  
Robison, Ezekiel  
Robison, J W  
Robison, Joel W  
Robison, John G  
Robison, Thomas  
Rock, Patrick  
Rock, Thomas  
Rockhold, Dawson  
Rockwell, Chester  
Rockwell, John  
Rodarmel, Amzi C  
Rodarmel, Lemuel M  
Rodgers, J B  
Rodgers, John  
Rodgers, John A  
Rodgers, John H  
Rodgers, Magnus T  
Rodgers, Robert  
Rodgers, S A (Mrs)  
Rodgers, William H  
Rodolph, James L  
Rodriguez y Alsbury, Mary  
Rodriguez y Chacon, Antonia  
Rodriguez y Gimenes, Teodora  
Rodriguez, A  
Rodriguez, Ambrosio  
Rodriguez, Jose Antonio  
Rodriguez, Juan  
Rodriguez, Justo  
Rodriguez, Saturdino  
Roeder, Albreacht von  
Roeder, Louis von  
Roeder, Otto von  
Roeder, William von  
Rogan, John  
Roger, M L  
Rogers, B L  
Rogers, Bethany  
Rogers, E C  
Rogers, Elizabeth  
Rogers, Frederick  
Rogers, H M  
Rogers, Henri  
Rogers, Henry  
Rogers, Hugh  
Rogers, James  
Rogers, John A  
Rogers, John A Jr  
Rogers, John K  
Rogers, Jonathan  
Rogers, Joseph  
Rogers, Joseph H  
Rogers, Joseph H D  
Rogers, L M  
Rogers, Mary E  
Rogers, Nancy  
Rogers, Raleigh  
Rogers, Robert  
Rogers, Samuel  
Rogers, Samuel C A  
Rogers, Sarah  
Rogers, Stephen  
Rogers, W S  
Roider, Otto  
Rojers, Robert  
Roland, James  
Roland, Sherard  
Rollison, Lavina  
Rolls, Benjamin  
Rolls, James  
Rolston, Joseph  
Rolston, William  
Roman, Richard  
Rome, John  
Romershausen, Edward  
Rook, Eli  
Roome, John  
Rooney, Cornelius  
Rooney, James  
Root, John B  
Rose, Gideon  
Rose, James  
Rose, Lewis  
Rosenbury, William  
Rosendale, Francis  
Ross & Ederington  
Ross (Capt)  
Ross, Carmon  
Ross, Charles  
Ross, David  
Ross, David L  
Ross, George  
Ross, Henry  
Ross, James  
Ross, James P  
Ross, John  
Ross, John E  
Ross, Nancy  
Ross, Reuben  
Ross, Richard  
Ross, Samuel H  
Ross, Thomas  
Ross, W H  
Rossignol, Charles  
Rosson, Hiram  
Rosson, J N  
Rouche, Peter  
Roueche, Peter  
Roult, Henry T  
Rounds, George  
Rounds, Lyman F  
Roundtree, Elitia T  
Roundtree, M C  
Roundtree, Robert  
Rountree, M C  
Rous & Hasam  
Rousseau, Richard H  
Routch, Joseph  
Routt, Henry T  
Row, John  
Rowan, Thomas E  
Rowark, Washington  
Rowden, James  
Rowe, Fredrick  
Rowe, James  
Rowe, Joseph  
Rowe, Myra  
Rowe, Samuel Jr  
Rowe, Thomas M  
Rowland, John  
Rowland, Samuel  
Rowles, Richard  
Rowlett, A W  
Rowlett, Daniel  
Rowley, Thomas  
Royal, Isaiah  
Royall, R R  
Royster, David  
Royster, Sarah  
Rozier, John P  
Rozier, William M  
Rubarth, Joseph  
Rubio, Ramon  
Rubio, William  
Ruble, Fielden  
Rucker, Benjamin F  
Rucker, D L  
Rucker, G A  
Rucker, Harvey  
Rucker, Lindsey P  
Rucus, Andrew  
Rudder, Eliza M  
Ruddull, George  
Ruddull, John  
Rudge, Fredrick  
Ruffier, Henry  
Rugeley, John  
Rusely, Alexander J  
Ruhel, Englebert  
Ruiz, Bernardino  
Ruiz, Carmen  
Ruiz, Francisco Antonio  
Ruiz, Guadalupe  
Rumley, Thomas  
Rumpff, Martin  
Runyan, William J  
Rupert & Lindenberger  
Rupley, William  
Rush, Oliver E  
Rusk, David  
Rusk, Thomas Jefferson  
Russel, Eli  
Russel, George  
Russel, Hiram H  
Russel, Reuben R  
Russell, Alexander  
Russell, Alexander & Co  
Russell, Charles A  
Russell, Elsey B  
Russell, John  
Russell, Joseph  
Russell, Lavinia E  
Russell, Nancy  
Russell, Reddin  
Russell, Robert B  
Russell, Sarah L  
Russell, Thomas  
Russell, Thomas P  
Russell, William  
Russell, William J  
Ruth, Michael  
Rutherford, Austin  
Rutherford, John A  
Rutherford, Joseph  
Ruthven, A S  
Rutledge, Emeline  
Rutledge, Richard  
Rutledge, William P  
Ruyle, Solomon  
Ryan, Andrew  
Ryan, James  
Ryan, Joseph  
Ryan, N J  
Ryan, Nicholas James  
Ryan, Simon  
Ryerson, Peter  
Ryncarson, James  
Ryon, William  


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