Republic of Texas

"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

Texas State Library & Archives Commission

Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

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Claimant Submitted By
Pace, Dempsey  
Pace, Elizabeth  
Pace, James R  
Pace, Robert A  
Pace, Urias D  
Pace, Wesley W  
Pace, William  
Pacheco, Luciano  
Pacillas, Antonio  
Padelford, J A  
Padilla, Jose Antonio  
Padilla, Juan Antonio  
Page, Benjamin  
Page, John  
Page, Joseph William  
Page, Richard  
Page, Solomon C  
Paget, James  
Pagget, James S  
Pahl, Henry  
Paine, George  
Paine, George M  
Paine, John  
Pajes, Bartolome  
Palacios, Juan Jose  
Palm, Swante  
Palmer, D D  
Palmer, David D  
Palmer, E A  
Palmer, E C  
Palmer, George N  
Palmer, Isom  
Palmer, John C  
Palmer, V R  
Palmer, Van R  
Palmer, Walter  
Palmer, William C  
Palmer, William H  
Pamplin, William  
Pannell, Hugh G  
Papier, Alexandre  
Park, George S  
Park, Joseph B  
Park, William A  
Parkham, James  
Parke, William C  
Parker, Argalus G  
Parker, Benjamin  
Parker, Calvin  
Parker, Cynthia Ann  
Parker, Daniel  
Parker, Dickerson  
Parker, George D  
Parker, George Henry O  
Parker, Gustavus A  
Parker, Henry  
Parker, Isaac  
Parker, Isaac G  
Parker, J  
Parker, J A  
Parker, J W  
Parker, J W C  
Parker, James W  
Parker, John A & Co  
Parker, John K  
Parker, John W C  
Parker, Joseph  
Parker, Joseph A  
Parker, L J  
Parker, Leina E  
Parker, Levi J  
Parker, M  
Parker, Matthew  
Parker, Milton  
Parker, N A (mrs)  
Parker, Silas M  
Parker, Thomas  
Parker, Virginia  
Parker, W W  
Parker, Wiley  
Parker, William  
Parker, William H  
Parker, William S  
Parkerson, M M  
Parkerson, Millard M  
Parkhurst, John H  
Parks, Alexander  
Parks, Dudley J  
Parks, James C  
Parks, William  
Parmalee, Richard  
Parmelle, Charles A  
Parmer, Isom  
Parmer, Martin  
Parr, Samuel  
Parrott, C W  
Parrott, T F L  
Parry, Henry  
Parsons, Abel  
Parsons, Elizabeth  
Parsons, John  
Parsons, Thomas  
Partain, Nancy S  
Parvin, William  
Paschal, Bridget  
Paschal, F L  
Paschal, Frank L  
Paschal, J A & G W  
Paschal, Samuel  
Paskey, John  
Paskill, Samuel  
Passan, Frank  
Pate, Isaac  
Pate, Jane  
Pate, John  
Pate, William H  
Patrick, Alexander  
Patrick, George M  
Patrick, James B  
Patrick, John  
Patrick, William  
Patterson, A S  
Patterson, Alexander S  
Patterson, Edward  
Patterson, Eugenia  
Patterson, J S  
Patterson, James  
Patterson, James S  
Patterson, John T  
Patterson, William  
Patterson, William D  
Patterson, William P  
Pattillo, George A  
Pattillo, James H  
Patton, Alexander E  
Patton, Anthony B  
Patton, C R  
Patton, Charles  
Patton, Edwin LeRoy  
Patton, Henry  
Patton, James M  
Patton, John D  
Patton, Marmaduke  
Patton, Moses L  
Patton, Robert  
Patton, Robert Jr.  
Patton, Robert S  
Patton, Samuel B  
Patton, W H  
Patton, William  
Patton, William H  
Pay, William  
Payn, B O  
Payn, Benjamin Owen  
Payne, Berry  
Payne, Daniel C  
Payne, Epps D  
Payne, Florida  
Payne, George G  
Payne, J C  
Payne, Jadediah  
Payne, John  
Payne, John C  
Payne, John M  
Payne, Katharine  
Payne, Levi  
Payne, Thomas P  
Payne, W H  
Payne, W M  
Pea, Abram  
Pea, William H  
Peace, Henry  
Peacock, James T  
Peacock, John W  
Peak, Eliza  
Peak, George W  
Pearce, Benjamin  
Pearce, Benjamin B  
Pearce, Edward  
Pearce, William J C  
Pearman, George  
Pearse, Samuel  
Pearson, John  
Pearson, Thomas K  
Pease, E M  
Pease, Elisha Marshall  
Pease, L T  
Pease, Lyman  
Peasly, Joseph  
Peck, Ansel C  
Peck, Barton  
Peck, Nathaniel  
Peck, Nicholas  
Peck, R B  
Peck, Solomon R  
Peebles & Herd  
Peebles, L W  
Peebles, L W T  
Peebles, Richard R  
Peebles, Robert  
Peed, Henry H  
Peel, Dempsey  
Peery, Crockett  
Peirce, Algernon S  
Pelton, Enoch  
Pemberton, John J  
Pena, Jacinto  
Pendleton, Benjamin  
Pendleton, J C  
Pendleton, Jesse C  
Pendleton, John W  
Pendleton, Samuel S  
Pendleton, William H  
Penick, Thomas M  
Penjarvis, Alexander  
Penjarvis, James Alexander  
Pennall, R A  
Pennall, Robert A  
Pennington, Elijah  
Pennington, James  
Pennington, Sydney O  
Pennoyer, James  
Pentacost, G W  
Pentacost, George S  
Pentecost, George W  
Peoples, John  
Peoples, John H  
Perales, Santiago  
Percel, Joseph  
Perdon, Simon  
Perdue, John W  
Perez, Antonio  
Perez, Jose Alejo  
Perez, Manuel  
Perkins, Austin  
Perkins, D A  
Perkins, D A J  
Perkins, Erastus S  
Perkins, Isaac  
Perkins, James  
Perkins, Mary S  
Perkins, S W  
Perkins, William  
Perry, Albert G  
Perry, Arvelle  
Perry, C R  
Perry, Cicero R  
Perry, Daniel  
Perry, Edward  
Perry, James  
Perry, James F  
Perry, James H  
Perry, James Hazard  
Perry, John  
Perry, L W  
Perry, Laurence  
Perry, Milton  
Perry, Richardson  
Perry, Sion W  
Perry, Stuart  
Perry, William  
Perry, William H  
Perry, William M  
Person, H K  
Person, John  
Pertle, William J  
Pest, Isaiah  
Peters, Eliza  
Peters, Henry A  
Peters, Hugh  
Peters, L H  
Peters, Lemuel  
Peters, Lewis H  
Peters, O H  
Peters, Oliver H  
Peters, Richard  
Peters, Samuel Jarvis  
Peters, Stephen  
Peters, William  
Peterson, C W  
Peterson, Cornelius  
Peterson, John  
Peterson, William  
Petingale, George W  
Petitpain, F H  
Petreswick, F  
Pettigrew, Jason H  
Pettijohn, Joseph  
Pettit, Benjamin  
Pettit, David L  
Pettit, Henry  
Pettus, Edward C  
Pettus, Henry  
Pettus, John F  
Pettus, Samuel O  
Pettus, William  
Petty, George M  
Petty, George W  
Petty, Isham  
Pevehouse, Cyrene  
Pevehouse, James  
Pevehouse, John  
Pevehouse, Preston  
Peveler, David  
Pevetoe, Michel  
Peyton, A B (Mrs)  
Peyton, Alexander  
Peyton, Alexander G  
Pharr, Augustus  
Pharr, Gustavus  
Pharr, W W  
Phelan, Andrew J F  
Phelan, Jesse C  
Phelps, Enoch S  
Phelps, James A E  
Phelps, M H  
Phelps, Orlando C  
Phelps, R A (Mrs)  
Phelps, Virgil H  
Phelps, William  
Phifer, James  
Philips, Bennet  
Philips, Eli  
Philips, Giles E  
Philips, Isham B  
Phillips, A H  
Phillips, A H Jr  
Phillips, Bartis  
Phillips, Eli - Navarro County Joan Renfrow
Phillips, Frederick T  
Phillips, G E  
Phillips, Henry A  
Phillips, John  
Phillips, John H  
Phillips, Sidney  
Phillips, Thomas J  
Phillips, Wells  
Phillips, William  
Phillips, William M  
Philpot, Joseph P  
Phone, Stephen  
Phyfer, Permenes  
Pickens, John H  
Pickens, Leonard  
Pickering, John  
Picket, William  
Pickett, John  
Pickett, Lewis  
Pier, J B  
Pier, James B  
Pieratt, Ary  
Pierce, G M  
Pierce, Philips R  
Pierce, Silas C  
Pierman, Malinia  
Pierpont & White  
Pierpont, J E & Co  
Pierpont, William  
Pierpont, William & Co  
Pierson, John G W  
Pierson, John Hoague  
Pierson, Nancy  
Piland, Elijah  
Piland, Jesse  
Pilant, George B  
Pilkington, Samuel  
Pilkington, Thomas K  
Pillans, P J  
Pilley, M R  
Pillow, Richard  
Pillow, Richard P  
Pilsbury, T  
Pinchback, James  
Pinchback, John  
Pinchney, Thomas S  
Piper, Christopher W  
Pipes, Samuel  
Pipkin, S W  
Pipkin, Shadrach W  
Pipkin, William  
Pirtle, V E (Mrs)  
Pirtle, William J  
Pisarzewski, Alfons  
Pitcher, Abner  
Pittman, Edward W  
Pittman, H M  
Pittman, Mary E  
Pittman, Samuel C  
Pitts, Edward H  
Pitts, John  
Pitts, John G  
Pitts, Levi  
Pitts, Richard  
Pittuck, George  
Plasman, Frederick  
Plaster, Thomas P  
Pleasants, George W  
Pleasants, John  
Pleis, Jacob F  
Plummer, E W  
Plummer, Hiram  
Plummer, J E  
Plummer, Joseph E  
Plummer, L M  
Plummer, Luther M  
Plummer, Samuel A  
Plunkett, John  
Poe, George W  
Poe, James  
Poer, William B  
Pohl, F  
Pohr, George  
Poindexter, Etha L  
Poindexter, John J  
Poindexter, William G  
Pointer, John  
Poland, Enoch  
Polk, Alfred  
Polk, Thomas  
Polk, William  
Pollan, John  
Pollan, M G (Mrs)  
Polland, John  
Pollard, Amos  
Pollard, Richard  
Polley, Joseph H  
Pollitt, George  
Pomeroy, Josiah  
Pontois, E de  
Ponton, Andrew  
Ponton, Joel  
Pool, Jemima  
Pool, John C  
Pool, Jonathan C  
Poole, Thomas A  
Poor, John F  
Porter, Alexander  
Porter, Alexander & Co  
Porter, Dempsey  
Porter, Elisha  
Porter, Fielding  
Porter, G W  
Porter, Humphrey  
Porter, Ira G  
Porter, J  
Porter, Jerome B  
Porter, John B  
Porter, John James  
Porter, John W  
Porter, R A  
Porter, R H  
Porter, Robert H  
Porter, Thomas  
Porter, William N  
Porter, William W  
Porter, Z M  
Portis, David Y  
Posey, D B  
Post, John C  
Postell, William Ross  
Postley, William A  
Potter, Ferdinand  
Potter, Henry N  
Potter, M W  
Potter, Pleasant  
Potter, Pleasant H  
Potter, Reuben M  
Potter, Robert  
Potter, Robert B  
Potter, Samuel  
Potts, A C  
Poultney, Charles W  
Powell, A G  
Powell, Dorcas  
Powell, Edward  
Powell, F C  
Powell, Fredrick  
Powell, George  
Powell, George W  
Powell, James  
Powell, Jesse  
Powell, Joseph  
Powell, Lewis  
Powell, Louis  
Powell, O R  
Powell, Patrick  
Powell, Samuel G  
Powell, Thomas  
Powell, Wiley  
Powell, Wiley S  
Powell, William F  
Powell, William S  
Power, Charles  
Power, James  
Powers, Elijah  
Powers, Hiram A  
Powers, James  
Powers, John M  
Powers, Samuel E  
Powers, Sarah D  
Prater, Philip  
Pratt, Albert  
Pratt, James  
Pratt, John  
Pratt, Thomas  
Pratt, Thomas A Sebastian  
Prendergast, L B  
Prentice & Weissinger  
Prentiss & Hyde  
Prentiss, Francis  
Presbury, G G  
Prescott, Charles  
Pressly, W A  
Pressly, William  
Pressly, William A  
Preston, John  
Preusch, William G  
Prewit, Beasley  
Prewit, Edmond  
Prewit, Elisha  
Prewitt, Elisha  
Prewitt, Joseph T  
Prewitt, Sarah Jane  
Prewitt, William  
Price, Andrew J  
Price, H W B  
Price, Hardy  
Price, J T  
Price, James  
Price, James M  
Price, James Pope  
Price, John  
Price, John T  
Price, P M  
Price, Patrick  
Prince, Perry  
Price, Rees  
Price, Rees D  
Price, Robert  
Price, Sibba M  
Price, Thomas  
Price, William  
Price, William B  
Price, Williamson  
Pride, Alfred  
Priest, William M  
Priestley, James  
Priestly & Bein  
Prissick, William  
Pritchard, Joseph  
Pritchard, Sion  
Probert, Henry  
Probert, William E  
Procius, Henry  
Proctor, Eliza  
Proctor, Frederick  
Proctor, H S  
Proctor, Jackson  
Proctor, Jeremiah  
Proctor, Joseph  
Proctor, Joseph W  
Pruet, Jacob  
Pruet, Levi  
Pruett, Beasley  
Pruett, Elisha  
Pruett, James  
Pruett, Robert B  
Pruitt, William  
Pruitt, Willis  
Puchalski, Eugene  
Puckett, Micajah  
Puckett, R R  
Pulsifer, Joseph P  
Punchard, Juliana  
Punchard, Mary C  
Punchard, William  
Purcell, Charles W  
Purcell, Edward  
Purcell, Samuel  
Purday, Letsum  
Purdy, Letson  
Purkerson, Edmund  
Puthuff, Benjamin  
Putman, Mitchel  
Putman, William  
Putnam, Dickinson  
Putnam, Rufus (Steamer)  
Pyant, Basil  
Pyle, John  
Pyle, Joseph T  
Pyron, David Y  


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