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Republic of Texas

"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

Texas State Library & Archives Commission

Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

Please Consider Submiting your Republic of Texas Pension Files to the Coordinator Listed Below.


Claimant Submitted By
Maag, A  
Maag, Adam  
Maas, Samuel  
Mabbitt, L H  
Maben, Matthew  
Mabin, Martin  
Mabry, Evans  
Mabry, James L  
Maby, George  
Macalester, Charles  
Macdonald, Alexander  
MacDonald, John  
Mace, Francis  
Macfarlane, A C  
MacGreal, Peter  
Macquire, Thomas  
Mackall, James J  
Mackay, Francis  
Mackey, John  
Macklin, W T  
Macmurdo, John  
Macnelly, Bennet  
Macomb, David B  
MacRae, Robert  
Madden, D B  
Madden, James  
Madden, Robert  
Maddera, John E  
Maddin, M Z (Mrs)  
Maddin, Robert W  
Madison, G  
Madison, George  
Madison, J W  
Madison, James  
Madoff, Henry  
Magee Kneas & Co  
Magee, Henry C  
Magee, James  
Magee, Joseph  
Magee, Michael  
Magee, Nicinda  
Magee, Patrick  
Magee, Philip T  
Magee, Richard A  
Magee, William H  
Magill, Elizabeth A  
Magill, William H  
Mahan, P J  
Mahan, P Jenks  
Mahan, Phineas Jenks  
Maher, Benjamin F  
Maher, Patrick  
Mahoney, Dennis  
Mahoney, Jerr  
Maiden, Isaac  
Maillard, Henry  
Main, G W  
Main, Mecom  
Maldonado, Juan  
Maldonado, Matias  
Maley, George  
Mallan, F  
Mallett, Lewis  
Malloch, Edward  
Mallon, Nathaniel  
Mallon, Nathaniel R  
Mallon, Peter  
Mallory, David D  
Malloy, Hugh  
Malone, F J  
Malone, John  
Malone, Robert  
Malone, William T  
Maltby, Theodore D  
Maltby, Theodore Dwight  
Mammel, Lewis John Frederick  
Mancha, Nesario  
Maness, Shadrack  
Mangel, Prosper  
Mangum, Aaron S  
Mangum, Lenora  
Manly, A P  
Mann & Crumpler  
Mann, Benjamin L  
Mann, Charles  
Mann, James  
Mann, Lindsey  
Mann, Marshall  
Mann, Permelia  
Mann, Walter L  
Mann, William  
Manning, James  
Manning, James H  
Manning, James M  
Manning, John W  
Manning, Levi  
Manor, J J  
Manor, James  
Manson, John  
Manton, Edward  
Marble, Lewis  
March, S W  
Marchand, Lewis  
Marcy, Louis  
Marguerat, L F  
Marguerat, L F & Co  
Marian, George G  
Mariett, Charles  
Mariner, Charles  
Marks, Harvey R  
Marks, Hiram  
Marlin, James  
Marlin, John  
Marlow, James  
Maroney, Peter  
Marquerat, L F  
Marquez, Manuel  
Marre, Achille  
Marritt, Moses  
Marschalk, Francis  
Marsh, Alonzo  
Marsh, C C  
Marsh, Charles C  
Marsh, Shubael  
Marsh, Shubal  
Marsh, William R  
Marshal, George W  
Marshal, Perry  
Marshall, Abraham  
Marshall, Elias S  
Marshall, Elijah  
Marshall, Hugh L  
Marshall, Isam  
Marshall, John  
Marshall, Joseph  
Marshall, Joseph T  
Marshall, Lewis  
Marshall, Mary E  
Marshall, Obid  
Marshall, Samuel  
Marshall, Samuel R  
Marshall, Thomas  
Marshall, Thomas W  
Martin Clow & Co  
Martin, A L  
Martin, Albert  
Martin, Andrew  
Martin, B H  
Martin, Daniel  
Martin, E L  
Martin, E L & J M H  
Martin, Edmund  
Martin, Frederick  
Martin, George M  
Martin, George W  
Martin, Henry  
Martin, Henry A  
Martin, J F  
Martin, James  
Martin, James Beverly  
Martin, John  
Martin, John F  
Martin, John M H  
Martin, John S  
Martin, John V  
Martin, Joseph  
Martin, Joseph S  
Martin, Larkin  
Martin, Lawrence  
Martin, Mary A  
Martin, Philip  
Martin, R B  
Martin, R M  
Martin, R W  
Martin, Robert  
Martin, Sam  
Martin, Silas  
Martin, Theodore A  
Martin, Thomas  
Martin, Thomas P  
Martin, W R  
Martin, W W  
Martin, William  
Martin, Wyly  
Martindale, Moses  
Martinez y Henriquez, Asencion  
Martinez, Anavato  
Martinez, Felis  
Martinez, Ferman  
Martinez, Guadalupe  
Martinez, Hilario  
Martinez, Juan  
Martinez, Manuel  
Martinez, Roman  
Martus, Henry  
Marvin, Seth  
Mason, Charles  
Mason, Charles C  
Mason, Daniel  
Mason, George  
Mason, H D & Co  
Mason, James A  
Mason, John T  
Mason, Joseph  
Mason, Joseph V  
Mason, Redin  
Mason, William  
Mason, William R  
Massey, J  
Massey, P Louis  
Massey, William  
Massie, John W  
Massie, W W  
Mast, Jacob  
Masters, C  
Masters, Charles S  
Masters, Henry  
Masters, Jacob  
Masterson, Thomas G  
Mata, Andres  
Matagorda County  
Matchet, J F  
Matchett, John  
Mather, Joseph  
Mather, Samuel  
Mathews, E W  
Mathews, John  
Mathews, Louisa  
Mathews, Thomas  
Mathias, John  
Matson, James  
Mattein, Peter  
Matteson, Jared  
Matteson, Jared C  
Matteson, William P  
Matthews, Alexander  
Matthews, Demisa  
Matthews, Hugh W  
Matthews, J H  
Matthews, James H  
Matthews, Leon  
Matthews, M M (Mrs)  
Matthews, M W  
Matthews, Mansel W  
Matthews, Robert E  
Matthews, Robert H  
Matthews, Thomas  
Matthews, William A  
Matthews, William H  
Matthews, Z W  
Matthews, Z Wells  
Maul, Caleb  
Maury, William F  
Maverick, Samuel A  
Maxey, Elisha  
Maxey, R & S B  
Maxwell, James  
Maxwell, P M  
Maxwell, Peter  
Maxwell, Peter M  
Maxwell, Peter Menard  
Maxwell, Thomas  
May, Franklin D  
May, George  
May, Gibson  
May, Jacob  
May, James  
May, John J  
May, John S  
May, Morris  
May, W C  
Maybee, Jacob  
Mayes, Abner D  
Mayes, John W  
Mayfield, James S  
Mayfield, S  
Maynard, William J  
Mayo, Oliver  
Mayor, Joseph  
Mays, Arie  
Mays, J A J  
Mays, Samuel A J  
Mays, Thomas H  
Mays, Watson P  
Mazy, Thomas  
McAda, John S  
McAdams, John  
McAlister, Joseph  
McAllister, John D  
McAllister, Joseph  
McAnelly, Cornelius  
McAnelly, Plesant  
McAnelly, R D  
McAnelly, Robert D  
McAnulty, James  
McArthur, N  
McAuley, Malcom  
McBarclay, John  
McBeath, James D  
McBee, Verdad  
McBeth, John  
McBride, Alexander  
McCain, J P  
McCaleb, Alson  
McCaleb, William B  
McCambridge, Francis  
McCamly, John W  
McCanless, David  
McCanless, J P  
McCarley, Celia  
McCarley, Samue;  
McCarter, John M  
McCarty, Edward V  
McCarty, James  
McCarty, William  
McCaskey, Robert D  
McCaskill & Dobie  
McCaskill, D  
McCasland, Allen  
McCelvey, Jesse  
McCemments, Henry  
McClain, James B  
McClanahan, John  
McClarney, R H  
McClary, Stephen B  
McClasky, James B  
McClean, John R  
McCleland, Sarah K  
McCleland, William  
McClellan, Samuel  
McClellan, W L H  
McClelland, Joseph  
McClelland, Samuel  
McClelland, William  
McClement, George  
McClenachan, John  
McClennan, John  
McCloud, George  
McCluer, B D  
McCluire, John  
McClure, B D  
McClure, Jane  
McClure, Robert  
McClure, Thomas  
McClure, W S  
McCluskey, Felix  
McCluskey, George B  
McClyman, John B  
McCobb, John W  
McCollack, Alex  
McCollum, Hugh  
McColom, Thomas  
McColyer, Joseph  
McCombs, Robert  
McConkey, James  
McConkey, William  
McConnel, George  
McConnel, W B D  
McConnell, D B  
McConnell, Thomas  
McCorcle, E H (Mrs)  
McCorkel, A T  
McCormac, Joseph M  
McCormack, James  
McCormick, Margaret  
McCormick, Michael  
McCoull, John  
McCown, Alexander  
McCown, James  
McCown, Jerome B  
McCoy, A L  
McCoy, Charles  
McCoy, Daniel Sr  
McCoy, Elizabeth  
McCoy, James  
McCoy, Jesse  
McCoy, John  
McCoy, Joseph  
McCoy, Kitty  
McCoy, Prospect C  
McCoy, Susan  
McCoy, William  
McCrabb, John  
McCrabb, Joseph  
McCrae, Collin C  
McCravy, Thomas T  
McCravy, William  
McCreaney, Neill  
McCrearey, James K  
McCreary, John  
McCreery, H D  
McCrocklin, Isabella  
McCrocklin, J L  
McCrocklin, Jesse L  
McCrorey, Hugh  
McCuistion, James  
McCuistion, Robert  
McCulloch, Benjamin  
McCulloch, Henry E  
McCulloch, Samuel  
McCullough, Alexander  
McCullough, John  
McCurdy, William  
McCutchan, Joseph D  
McCutchen, William  
McCutcheon, William  
McDade, James W  
McDade, John A  
McDaid, Samuel  
McDaniel, Benjamin  
McDaniel, John  
McDaniel, Robert C  
McDermot, John  
McDermot, Michael  
McDermott, M K  
McDermott, Patrick  
McDermott, William  
McDermott, William K  
McDonal, Elisha  
McDonal, Jeremiah  
McDonald, A  
McDonald, A J  
McDonald, A S  
McDonald, Abner S  
McDonald, Alexander  
McDonald, Andrew J  
McDonald, Archibald  
McDonald, D  
McDonald, Daniel  
McDonald, Donald  
McDonald, Henry G  
McDonald, J S  
McDonald, J W  
McDonald, James  
McDonald, James Jr  
McDonald, John  
McDonald, John B  
McDonald, Patrick  
McDonald, Thomas  
McDonald, W L  
McDonald, William  
McDonald, William S  
McDonnel, John  
McConough, Edward  
McDonough, S P  
McDougle, George  
McDowell, Ephraim  
McDowell, John  
McDowell, John K  
McElroy, Almyra  
McErly, P  
McEvoy, Patrick  
McFadden, James  
McFadden, Ruth  
McFadden, William  
McFaden, William  
McFadin, David  
McFadin, David H  
McFadin, Eliza  
McFadin, N A  
McFadin, Nathan A  
McFall, Samuel  
McFarlan, William W  
McFarland, Albert  
McFarland, Jackson  
McFarland, Jacob  
McFarland, James P  
McFarland, Samuel H  
McFarland, Thomas S  
McFarland, W Y  
McFarland, William  
McFarland, Wilson Y  
McFarlane, Dugald  
McFarlane, James  
McFarlane, John W B  
McFarlane, William  
McFee, A  
McGahey, James S  
McGarrah, John  
McGary, Bridget  
McGary, D H  
McGary, E  
McGary, Isaac  
McGary, Jonathan A  
McGaw, John A  
McGee, Ahijah T  
McGee, Henry  
McGee, James  
McGee, James M  
McGee, Numan  
McGee, Ralph  
McGee, W H  
McGehee, Henry  
McGehee, James  
McGehee, John G  
McGehee, Mary B  
McGehee, Thomas G  
McGhee, J G  
McGill, A B  
McGill, John  
McGill, William  
McGill, William H  
McGinley, John  
McGinnis, Joseph  
McGinnis, Joseph L  
McGloin, James  
McGloin, John  
McGloin, Patrick  
McGonigle, Daniel  
McGovern, Matthew  
McGowan, Alexander  
McGowen, A J  
McGowen, Dennis  
McGowen, James  
McGowen, John  
McGowen, Mathew  
McGown, E J (Mrs)  
McGown, S  
McGown, Samuel  
McGrain, James  
McGraw, Daniel  
McGraw, Starling  
McGreal, H  
McGrew, Flood  
McGrew, G W  
McGrew, George W  
McGrew, H R  
McGrew, Hardin  
McGrew, Jefferson  
McGrew, William A  
McGrotty, John  
McGuffin, John  
McGuffin, John F  
McGuffin, M G  
McGuffin, M Gordon  
McGuffin, Samuel  
McGuire, James  
McGuire, John  
McGuire, William  
McHenery, John  
McHenry, John  
McHorse, John W  
McIlroy, John  
McInnis, Miles  
McIntire, Richard  
McIntire, Richard R  
McIntire, Robert  
McIntire, Thomas H  
McIntire, William  
McIntosh, George S  
McInturff, Andrew  
McIntyre, Duncan  
McIntyre, Hugh C  
McIver, Alexander  
McIver, John  
McIver, T T  
McJenkins, William  
McJimsey, George D  
McKain, William  
McKaine, William  
McKall, James J  
McKaughan, William  
McKay, Daniel  
McKay, Fielding  
McKay, James  
McKay, Samuel M  
McKay, Thomas  
McKean, Timothy  
McKee, George  
McKee, Thomas J  
McKeever, John  
McKeever, Marshal B  
McKenny, S S  
McKenzie, Alexander  
McKenzie, Hugh  
McKenzie, James  
McKenzie, John  
McKenzie, Kenneth  
McKenzie, William G  
McKenzie, William S  
McKeown, Alexander  
McKernen, Thomas  
McKien, J B  
McKim, John  
McKinley, Charles  
McKinney & Williams  
McKinney, Ashley  
McKinney, Charles H  
McKinney, Collin  
McKinney, Daniel  
McKinney, James  
McKinney, John A  
McKinney, John F  
McKinney, S S  
McKinney, Sally  
McKinney, Thomas F  
McKinnon, Murdoch  
McKinstry & Hyde  
McKinstry, George B  
McKinstry, William C  
McKinzie, Clarissa  
McKisick, John W  
McKneely, Henry  
McKneely, Sam W  
McKneely, Samuel W  
McKnight, James  
McKnight, John  
McKnight, William  
McKoy, Green  
McKully, Ludwick  
McLane, M M  
McLane, Samuel  
McLarey, George  
McLaughlin, A  
McLaughlin, James  
McLaughlin, John G  
McLaughlin, Joseph  
McLaughlin, Nancy  
McLaughlin, R  
McLaughlin, Stephen  
McLaughlin, William  
McLaurine, Joseph F  
McLean, Dougald  
McLean, Dugald  
McLean, Ephraim  
McLean, Harrison  
McLean, Joseph P  
McLean, Niell  
McLean, Rachel Ann  
McLellan, Rufus  
McLelland, Samuel  
McLemore, E H  
McLennan, John  
McLennan, Neill  
McLennon, John  
McLeod, Annie B  
McLeod, H  
McLeod, Hugh  
McLeod, John D  
McLeod, Luke  
McLeyea, William  
McLuskey & Holden  
McMahan, Isaac  
McMahan, James  
McMahan, Martin  
McMahan, Matilda F  
McMahan, T H  
McMahan, Thompson H  
McMahan, William  
McMahon, Andrew  
McMahon, Isaac  
McMahon, James  
McMahon, James B  
McMahon, Sarah  
McMahon, William  
McManus, R O W  
McManus, Robert O W  
McMaster, James  
McMaster, Robert P  
McMaster, William  
McMasters, Robert P  
McMath, William F  
McMillan, A  
McMillan, Andrew  
McMillan, Archibald  
McMillan, Benjamin F  
McMillan, Edward  
McMillan, James  
McMillan, Margary  
McMillen, Alexander  
McMillen, Elias  
McMillin, Elias  
McMillin, Isham  
McMinn, John  
McMullen, John  
McMullin, John  
McMurray, Robert  
McNabb, John  
McNair, James  
McNairy, John S  
McNaughton, Findley  
McNeal, Charles B  
McNeal, Leander  
McNeel, John G  
McNeel, P D  
McNeel, P S  
McNeel, Pinckney S  
McNeel, Pleasant D  
McNeese, Parrott W  
McNeice, William P  
McNeil, A G  
McNeil, John D  
McNeil, John S  
McNeil, Sterling  
McNeill, A  
McNeill, Angus  
McNeill, Archibald  
McNeill, Hector  
McNelly, Robert D  
McNutt, Nicholas  
McNutt, Robert  
McPhail, David  
McPherson, George  
McPherson, James  
McRae, James  
McRae, William  
McShan, William B  
McShane, John  
McSnyder, A  
McStea, Andrew  
McTaylor, John  
McWhorter, Andrew F  
McWhorter, James H  
McWilliams, James  
McWilliams, Robert  
Mc[?], Robert  
Meade, Waller  
Mealer, Philip  
Meanes, Shadrick  
Means, William  
Medford, William  
Meehlhansler, Francis  
Meisenhelter, Emanuel  
Melbrun, Elizabeth  
Mellan, Francis  
Mellier, Albin  
Mellus, James  
Melton, E  
Melton, Ethan  
Menard, M B  
Menard, P H  
Menard, P J & Co  
Menard, Peter J  
Menchaca, Antonio  
Menchaca, Miguel  
Mendez, Gertrudio  
Mendoza, Urbano  
Menefee, George  
Menefee, Jarrat  
Menefee, John S  
Menefee, John S & Co  
Menefee, Lucinda  
Menefee, Thomas  
Menefee, Thomas S  
Menefee, William  
Mercer, Eli  
Mercer, George R  
Mercer, Levi  
Merchant, Berry  
Merchant, E A  
Merchant, Edward A  
Merchant, John D  
Merchant, Martha  
Merchant, Sarah P  
Meredith, Daniel  
Meriwether, W O  
Meriwether, William B  
Merlin, Charles  
Merrell, Nelson  
Merrifield, J Z  
Merrifield, William J  
Merrill, Charles M  
Merrill, James W  
Merrill, Wiley B  
Merriman, Franklin H  
Merritt, Moses  
Merritt, Phineas G  
Merritt, Robert  
Merryman, E  
Merwin, Joseph  
Messer, Charles  
Metty, Thomas  
Michel, Louis  
Micheson, Jacob  
Mickie, Robert J  
Mickler, Jacob  
Middleton, Benjamin  
Middleton, Benoni  
Middleton, David  
Middleton, Robert  
Middleton, S E (Mrs)  
Middleton, Samuel P  
Middleton, Thomas  
Middleton, Thomas J  
Middleton, W B  
Middleton, William B  
Middleton, Y T Peyton  
Midkiff, Susanne  
Milam, Benjamin R  
Milbank, R W  
Milburn, David H  
Milby, Robert  
Milby, W P  
Miles, A H  
Miles, A T  
Miles, Alenson T  
Miles, Alfred H  
Miles, E  
Miles, Edward  
Miles, George W  
Miles, John  
Milham, Francis  
Millar, Daniel  
Millard, Henry  
Millard, Robert F  
Millbrook, Augustus  
Millen, J B  
Millen, James B  
Millen, W E  
Miller & Cushney  
Miller, Alsey S  
Miller, Andrew  
Miller, Andrew J  
Miller, Anthony  
Miller, Antonio  
Miller, B  
Miller, Burkhart  
Miller, Charles  
Miller, Charles Hugh  
Miller, Charles W  
Miller, Daniel  
Miller, Edward  
Miller, Elizabeth  
Miller, F  
Miller, George  
Miller, George W  
Miller, H W  
Miller, Henry  
Miller, Hugh  
Miller, J A  
Miller, J M  
Miller, James  
Miller, James B  
Miller, John  
Miller, John C  
Miller, John D  
Miller, John H  
Miller, John J  
Miller, John T  
Miller, Joseph A  
Miller, L  
Miller, Leroy  
Miller, M S  
Miller, Martin G  
Miller, Matthew  
Miller, Nancy C  
Miller, Pierce  
Miller, Pleasant M  
Miller, Richard G  
Miller, Richard W  
Miller, Samuel R  
Miller, Simon  
Miller, Solon  
Miller, Stephen  
Miller, Theodore  
Miller, Thomas  
Miller, Thomas R  
Miller, W D  
Miller, W E  
Miller, William  
Miller, William H  
Miller, William P  
Millerman, Ira  
Millet, Samuel  
Millett, C (Mrs)  
Millett, Samuel  
Millhuister, Francis  
Millican, A A  
Millican, D  
Millican, E M  
Millican, James  
Millican, James D  
Millican, John  
Millican, John H  
Millican, Robert G  
Millican, W T  
Millican, William  
Millican, William T  
Millican, Willis  
Milligan, John H  
Milliman, Ira  
Millirons, H  
Millman, G  
Mills, Catherine S  
Mills, Edward  
Mills, George W  
Mills, Henry P  
Mills, James L  
Mills, John  
Mills, John H  
Mills, John P  
Mills, John T  
Mills, Lawson  
Mills, Menan  
Mills, R & D G  
Mills, Robert  
Mills, Robert & Co  
Mills, Thomas  
Mills, W J  
Millsaps, Isaac  
Millsaps, Mary  
Millspaugh, Benjmain  
Milner, John L  
Milroy, James H  
Milsaps, Silas  
Milton, Andrew G  
Mims & McClellan  
Mims, Bartley M  
Mims, Benjamin F  
Mims, Samuel S  
Mims, W D  
Miner & Cruger  
Miner, J G  
Miner, Joel  
Minnette, Joshua  
Minor, Louis M  
Minter, William  
Minton, John  
Miranda, Francisco  
Miranda, Macedonio  
Mitchel, N B  
Mitchel, Robert  
Mitchell & Wallace  
Mitchell, A S  
Mitchell, A T  
Mitchell, Alexander S  
Mitchell, Andrew  
Mitchell, Asa  
Mitchell, David  
Mitchell, E T  
Mitchell, Eli  
Mitchell, George W  
Mitchell, Henry B  
Mitchell, I M  
Mitchell, Isaac N  
Mitchell, Isaac R  
Mitchell, James  
Mitchell, James H  
Mitchell, James M  
Mitchell, James W  
Mitchell, John  
Mitchell, M A  
Mitchell, Nat  
Mitchell, Nathan  
Mitchell, Robert  
Mitchell, Samuel  
Mitchell, Thomas  
Mitchell, Warren J  
Mitchell, Washington  
Mitchell, William  
Mitchell, William H  
Mitchiell, Oscar R  
Mitchusson, E F  
Mitchusson, J R  
Mix, J R & Co  
Mix, Joseph  
Mix, Nathaniel  
Mixon, C D  
Mixon, Noel  
Mixon, Samuel B  
Mixon, Simeon  
Mizell, Augustin  
Mizells, Augustine  
Mobile Chronicle (newspaper)  
Mock & Wilson  
Mock Allen & Co  
Mock, William N  
Mockford, William  
Moffatt, William C  
Moffett, Hubert  
Moffett, Robert  
Moffitt, H P  
Moffitt, James P  
Moffitt, John H  
Mohr, George  
Mohr, George M  
Mohr, Martin  
Mojaras, Manuel  
Mollhausen, Henry  
Moncur, James  
Money, A M  
Money, John H  
Money, John H & Co  
Monges, John A  
Monk, S P  
Monks, John  
Monod, Caesar  
Monroe, D  
Monroe, Daniel  
Monroe, Orin B  
Monroe, William H  
Monsarrat, G H & Co  
Monser, Henry  
Montague, Daniel  
Montalba, Manuel  
Montalvo y Dunn, Cristina  
Montalvo, Manuel  
Montalvo, Scemon  
Montel, Charles Scheide  
Montes, Cresencio  
Montes, J (Mrs)  
Montgomery, Andrew  
Montgomery, Edley  
Montgomery, Fariss  
Montgomery, James  
Montgomery, James S  
Montgomery, John  
Montgomery, Mary  
Montgomery, McGready  
Montgomery, R  
Montgomery, R W  
Montgomery, Robert  
Montgomery, Samuel S  
Montgomery, William W  
Montolla, Juan  
Montoya y Ruiz, Dorotea  
Montoya, Hipolito  
Moody, Isaac  
Moody, J A  
Moody, J M  
Moody, John M  
Moody, John Monroe  
Moody, John W  
Moody, Samuel A  
Moody, William C  
Moon, Alexander  
Mooney, John  
Mooney, Johnathan  
Moor, Thomas A  
Moor, William  
Moore & Blessing  
Moore, A G  
Moore, A H  
Moore, A L D  
Moore, Alexander  
Moore, Alfred  
Moore, Andrew  
Moore, Azariah G  
Moore, Charles  
Moore, David  
Moore, E W  
Moore, Francis  
Moore, Francis Jr  
Moore, Haywood  
Moore, J C  
Moore, J H  
Moore, J W  
Moore, James  
Moore, James A  
Moore, James M  
Moore, James W  
Moore, John  
Moore, John A  
Moore, John H  
Moore, John O  
Moore, John W  
Moore, Joseph H  
Moore, Josephus  
Moore, Lamar  
Moore, Lewis  
Moore, Louis  
Moore, Lovic P  
Moore, Luke  
Moore, Mark H  
Moore, Martin  
Moore, Morris  
Moore, Nathaniel  
Moore, O P  
Moore, Oliver P  
Moore, Patterson  
Moore, Perry J  
Moore, Robert  
Moore, Robert B  
Moore, Robert D  
Moore, Robert K  
Moore, Samuel  
Moore, Samuel F  
Moore, Stephen  
Moore, Thomas W  
Moore, William  
Moore, William H  
Moore, William P  
Moore, William W  
Moore, Willis Andrew  
Moorehead, John T  
Mora, Estevan  
Morales, Francisco Flores  
Moran, James  
Moran, William H  
Mordecai, Ben H  
Mordecai, M C  
More, Louis  
Morehead, John T  
Morehouse, E  
Morehouse, Edwin  
Moreland & Gordon  
Moreland, Isaac N  
Moreland, Joseph  
Morey, Edward  
Morey, Nelson  
Morgan & Cavanaugh  
Morgan, Abel  
Morgan, Andrew J  
Morgan, Branch T  
Morgan, Charles  
Morgan, David  
Morgan, George  
Morgan, George W  
Morgan, George W (1)  
Morgan, George W (2)  
Morgan, H G  
Morgan, Hamp  
Morgan, Hugh  
Morgan, J C  
Morgan, James  
Morgan, Jemima  
Morgan, John C  
Morgan, John D  
Morgan, John Day  
Morgan, John F  
Morgan, Joshua  
Morgan, L H  
Morgan, Thomas Jefferson  
Morgan, W L  
Morgan, William  
Morgan, William J  
Morning Star (newspaper)  
Morran, Martin  
Morrell, Abraham  
Morrell, Allen H  
Morrell, H V  
Morrell, Moses E  
Morrell, Samuel  
Morrell, Z N  
Morrill, Amos  
Morris, Alfred  
Morris, Alfred W  
Morris, B  
Morris, Charles  
Morris, Francis Asbury  
Morris, George  
Morris, George W  
Morris, J D  
Morris, James H  
Morris, John  
Morris, John D  
Morris, Minerva  
Morris, N H  
Morris, R A  
Morris, R A (Mrs)  
Morris, Robert  
Morris, Robert C  
Morris, Ross  
Morris, Ruth E  
Morris, Spencer  
Morris, W U  
Morris, William B  
Morrison, C L  
Morrison, Gwyn  
Morrison, James  
Morrison, John C  
Morrison, Joseph  
Morrison, L C  
Morrison, William  
Morrison, William S  
Morrow, A M  
Morrow, Alfred  
Morrow, James  
Morrow, Martin  
Morrow, Thomas  
Morscheit, Henry  
Morse, Benjamin  
Morse, S P  
Morse, Seward P  
Mortimer, Thomas V  
Morton, James M  
Morton, Jelson P  
Morton, Jeremiah  
Morton, Jilson P  
Morton, John  
Morton, John J  
Morton, John V  
Morton, W J  
Morton, W S  
Morton, William P  
Mosby, D C  
Mosby, William O  
Moscrop, H  
Moseley, J W  
Moseley, John P  
Moser, Adam  
Moses, David  
Moses, M K  
Moses, William H  
Mosher, William H  
Moss, Benjamin  
Moss, James  
Moss, James L  
Moss, John  
Moss, Matthew  
Moss, Nathaniel  
Moss, Thomas J  
Moss, William L  
Mossington, Charles  
Motley, William  
Mott, B F  
Mott, Gordon N  
Mott, Joseph W  
Mott, Samuel  
Mott, Samuel R  
Mountford, David  
Mountford, Jesse  
Mouser, Henry  
Moxon, Richard  
Moyer, George  
Moyer, George H & Co  
Moyer, John  
Moyer, Joseph  
Muchison, John  
Muckleroy, Mike  
Mudd, B H  
Mudd, Benjamin S  
Mudd, Francis  
Mudd, Francis L  
Mudd, L  
Mudd, Nancy J  
Muhlenbruch, August  
Muirhard, Charles  
Mulhens, Jean  
Mulhollan, George  
Mulholland, John  
Mull, Jacob  
Mull, Peter  
Mullen, Edward  
Mullen, Peter  
Mullen, William  
Mullins, Isaac  
Mullryne, Thomas H  
Mumford, David  
Mumphard, David  
Munce, Josiah S  
Muncus, R  
Munford, Edward  
Munger, S S  
Munroe, Isaac  
Munson, Henry J  
Munson, Ira  
Munson, Mordello S  
Murchison, John  
Murchison, Martin  
Murdock, David A  
Murphee, William  
Murphey, John  
Murphey, Joseph  
Murphey, Thomas  
Murphey, William  
Murphree, David  
Murphy, Daniel  
Murphy, G L  
Murphy, Gideon L  
Murphy, J D  
Murphy, J M  
Murphy, James  
Murphy, James B  
Murphy, John D  
Murphy, Michael  
Murphy, Thomas M  
Murphy, William  
Murrah, W H  
Murrah, William H  
Murray, Bartly  
Murray, John  
Murray, John B  
Murray, Thomas W  
Murray, Walter  
Murray, William  
Murray, William H  
Murry, Daniel  
Murry, John  
Murry, W L  
Murry, William  
Muse, K H  
Mussina, Simon  
Myer, H M  
Myers, Gibson  
Myers, Hartwell A  
Myers, John  
Myers, M  
Myers, Nancy  
Myers, Thomas  
Myers, W R  
Myers, William  
Myers, William R  
Myley, Isaiah  
Myrick, H E (Mrs)  
Myrick, H W K  
Myrick, John E  
Mysandy, F  


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