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"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

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Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

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Claimant Submitted By
La Forge, A B  
La Forge, Alfred B  
La Port, John T  
Labadie, N D  
Labouette, S L  
Labracque, Barrere Francis  
Lacer, Eugene  
Lacey, A  
Lacey, Daniel  
Lacey, John  
Lacey, Sarah  
Lacey, William D  
Lackey, John J  
Lackey, Terrissa  
Lacy, Alexander  
Lacy, J S  
Lacy, John S  
Lacy, Martin  
Lacy, William Y  
Laddy, William P  
Lafayette, John  
Lafitte (Steamer)  
Laflin & Stevens  
Laha, Hosea M  
Lahee, James  
Lakey, Henry  
Lamar, Basil  
Lamar, G B  
Lamar, John  
Lamar, Mirabeau Buonaparte  
Lamb, George  
Lamb, James  
Lamb, John  
Lamb, Meedy  
Lamb, Thomas  
Lambert, James  
Lambert, John  
Lambert, W M  
Lambert, Walter  
Lambert, Walter M  
Lamkin, John J  
Lamm, Joseph N  
Lamon, John  
Lancaster, A D  
Lancaster, Eva  
Lancaster, J  
Landers, Hillequist  
Landers, Levi  
Landis, John P  
Landon, M H  
Landore, Louis  
Landrum, Elizabeth  
Landrum, John  
Landrum, Willis H  
Lane, Alfred  
Lane, David  
Lane, George  
Lane, J S  
Lane, John S  
Lane, John W  
Lane, Thomas  
Lane, Walter P  
Lane, William  
Lane, William A  
Lang, George W  
Lang, William  
Lange, Leeder  
Langenheim, William  
Langford, Green M  
Langham, Charles  
Langham, Melvin  
Langlais, F L  
Langster, Robert  
Laningham, Zachariah  
Lankford, Garret F  
Lankford, William  
Lann, J W  
Lansing & Watson  
Lansing, James  
Lansing, James Platt  
Lapham, Moses  
Larabee, Charles  
Larbaletrier, Charles  
Larche, S A  
Lardner, Nicholas  
Largent, Thomas  
Larrabee, James H  
Larrison, Daniel  
Larrison, Joel G  
Larrison, Thomas  
Lary, H B  
Lary, Henry B  
Lasere, Eugene  
Lasolla, Dolores  
Latham, John  
Latham, K H  
Latham, King H  
Latimer, A H  
Latimer, Albert H  
Latimer, Albert Hamilton  
Latimer, H R  
Latimer, Henry Russell  
Latimore, A H  
Latta, William  
Lauderdale, James  
Lauderdale, James W  
Laughlin, D  
Laughlin, David  
Laughlin, John  
Laurence, Adam  
Laurence, John W  
Laurence, S W (Mrs)  
Laurence, Samuel  
Laurence, William  
Laurens, Levi L  
Lavender, F D  
Lavigna, Jose Polonio  
Lawder, Rynd  
Lawhead, James  
Lawler, Levi T  
Lawler, Martin  
Lawrance, G W  
Lawrence, Benjamin L  
Lawrence, David  
Lawrence, G F  
Lawrence, George F  
Lawrence, James  
Lawrence, John  
Lawrence, Joseph  
Lawrence, William  
Laws, John  
Lawson, Andrew  
Lawson, Isaiah D  
Lawson, Josiah D  
Lawson, Mary E  
Lawton, Jacob H  
Layne, Robert  
Layne, Thomas  
Layton & Co  
Layton, Kinsey  
Lazarus, A  
Lazarus, M L  
Lea, Pryor  
Leach, William E  
League Andrews & Co  
League, Thomas M  
Leahy, Timothy  
Leakey, Joel  
Leal de Gomez, Concepcion  
Leal y Terine, Juana  
Leal, Antonio  
Leal, Jose Angel  
Leal, Manuel  
Leal, Manuel de  
Leaper, Hannah  
Leare, John  
Learned, J H  
Leathers, Joel D  
Leathers, Mary  
Lecomb, J C  
Ledbetter, Sneed  
Ledgerwood, John  
Lee, Abner  
Lee, Alfred A  
Lee, Ellen  
Lee, G M  
Lee, George  
Lee, George M  
Lee, George W Jr  
Lee, Hiram  
Lee, Isaac  
Lee, James S  
Lee, Jeremiah  
Lee, Joel  
Lee, John  
Lee, John C  
Lee, John F  
Lee, Joseph  
Lee, Josiah  
Lee, Lott  
Lee, Pertilla  
Lee, Pleasant M  
Lee, R W  
Lee, Roswell W  
Lee, Shea G  
Lee, Theodore S  
Lee, Thomas B  
Lee, Vardeman  
Lee, William D  
Lee, William D & R M  
Leech, Joseph  
Leech, Richard Henry  
Leech, William  
Leeds, Charles H  
Leeds, J  
Leedy, Madison  
Leehin, Jeremiah  
Leeper, Samuel  
Lees, George  
Lefferty, Alexander S  
Leffingwell, Ira  
Leftwich, Thomas  
Leftwick (Capt)  
Legg, George  
Legg, Seneca  
LeGrand, E O  
LeGrand, Edwin O  
LeGrand, Samuel D  
Lehea, James  
Lehmkuhl, Antonio  
Leman, P L  
Leman, Philip L  
Leman, William  
Lemcool. Anton  
Lemon, John  
Lemon, John M  
Lemoyne, George W  
Lemski, Frederocl  
Lennon, P C H  
Lentz, Jacob G  
Leon, Fernando de  
Leonard, Charles H  
Leonard, Francis G  
Leonard, George  
Leonard, William T  
Leroy, James Emile  
Lesassieur, Alexander  
Leslie, A J  
Leslie, A Jackson  
Leslie, Andrew Jackson  
Leslie, Robert  
Leslie, Ziba  
Lester, James S  
Lester, Josiah  
Lester, Stephen  
Letchen, John  
Lethers, Mary  
Levenhagen, Henry & Co  
Levenston, Caspar  
Leverett, Oscar F  
Levy, Albert M  
Levy, H P  
Levy, Jonas P  
Lewellen, A  
Lewellen, Amos  
Lewellen, Thomas  
Lewers, Foster  
Lewis & Co  
Lewis, A  
Lewis, A Irvine  
Lewis, A M  
Lewis, A S  
Lewis, Abraham  
Lewis, Abram  
Lewis, Ann C  
Lewis, Armstrong Irvine  
Lewis, Charles S  
Lewis, Daniel  
Lewis, Edward  
Lewis, Ellison A  
Lewis, G K  
Lewis, G W  
Lewis, George W  
Lewis, Ira R  
Lewis, Jacob  
Lewis, John  
Lewis, John E  
Lewis, John M  
Lewis, John T  
Lewis, Jonathan  
Lewis, Kendall  
Lewis, Kezia  
Lewis, M B  
Lewis, Mark B  
Lewis, Martin B  
Lewis, Mary  
Lewis, Nancy  
Lewis, Nathaniel  
Lewis, Prince B  
Lewis, Robert  
Lewis, S K  
Lewis, Samuel  
Lewis, Samuel K  
Lewis, Samuel S  
Lewis, Sarah M  
Lewis, Thomas H  
Lewis, W P  
Lewis, William  
Lewis, William D  
Lewis, William G  
Lewis, William I  
Lewis, William McF  
Lewis, William P  
Liddy, Patrick  
Liese, John  
Lieure, Stephen  
Lightfoot, Henry L  
Lightfoot, W T  
Lightfoot, William W  
Lightfoot, Wilson T  
Lillie, John E  
Lilly, George Jacob  
Lilly, Joseph D  
Lilly, Noah  
Lilly, P R  
Linam, James W  
Lincoln, Samuel W  
Lind, John F  
Lindemar, Ferdinand  
Linder, Robert B  
Lindheimer, Eleonore  
Lindheimer, Ferdinand J  
Lindley, Jacob  
Lindley, Johnathan  
Lindley, Samuel  
Lindley, William  
Lindly, Joseph  
Lindsey, A M  
Lindsey, Benjamin  
Lindsey, Benjamin F  
Lindsey, Charles  
Lindsey, George W  
Lindsey, James  
Lindsey, James M  
Lindsey, James W  
Lindsey, Pennington  
Lindsey, Thomas  
Lindsey, William  
Lindsey, William H  
Liningburgh, Charles  
Linkinhoger, George W  
Linley, Johnathan  
Linley, Joseph  
Linn, Edward  
Linn, Henry J  
Linn, John J  
Linsey, Penington  
Linsey, Thomas  
Lint, Samuel  
Lipscomb, Abner S  
List and Requisitions  
Littell, Moses P  
Litten, Francis M  
Littig, J W  
Little, E D  
Little, Elisha  
Little, Hiram  
Little, Hyram  
Little, James  
Little, John  
Little, John W  
Little, Joseph C  
Little, Walter  
Little, William  
Littlefield, Hutson B  
Littlewood, John  
Litton, Addison  
Litton, John  
Litts, Cornelius  
Lively, George W  
Lively, George W & Co  
Lively, William T  
Livergood, John H  
Living, Thomas H  
Livingston, Adam E  
Llewelyn, John  
Lloyd, Daniel  
Lloyd, John  
Lloyd, Peterson  
Lloyd, Richard  
Lloyd, Richard J  
Lloyd, William M  
Lobar, Thomas  
Lock, Richard H  
Lockard, David  
Lockart, Robert  
Locke, Melancton  
Lockhart, Andrew  
Lockhart, Brittain  
Lockhart, Byrd  
Lockhart, Byrd B  
Lockhart, Charles  
Lockhart, David  
Lockhart, John  
Lockhart, John H  
Lockhart, L C  
Lockhart, L P  
Lockhart, Levi P  
Lockhart, Samuel  
Lockhart, Washington  
Lockmar, Antonio  
Lockridge, Ellis B  
Lockwood, A A  
Lockwood, Henry  
Loewenstein, C  
Loftin, W B  
Lofton, John H  
Logan, Bennett T  
Logan, Caroline  
Logan, Fleming  
Logan, George M  
Logan, Greenberry  
Logan, John C  
Logan, Pleasant  
Logan, Samuel  
Logan, William M  
Lombard, Albert  
Lombard, James  
Lonas, Washington  
Long, Elizabeth  
Long, Gabriel  
Long, George W  
Long, Gilbert  
Long, J  
Long, Jacob  
Long, James M  
Long, John  
Long, John C  
Long, John D  
Long, John Joseph  
Long, Lawrence  
Long, Samuel A  
Long, W D  
Long, William  
Long, William D  
Longbotham, Robert B  
Longbottom, R B  
Longcope, Charles S  
Longley, Campbell  
Longley, Henry B  
Longley, James P  
Longley, John H  
Longly, James P  
Longstreet, William L  
Longworth, James  
Lonis, George Washington  
Lonis, John M  
Looney, George E  
Lopez, Joseph - Bexar County Robert Garcia
Lopez, Juan  
Lopez, Peter  
Lopez, R  
Lopez, Victor  
Lord, George  
Loring, Lucius  
Lothrop, J T K  
Lothrop, John T K  
Lott & Hall  
Lott, E E  
Lott, Elisha  
Lott, John  
Lott, Robert A  
Loughridge, J R  
Loughridge, William  
Louis, George W  
Louisiana Pilot Association  
Lount, W R  
Loupey, Victor  
Lout, Pinckney  
Love, David H  
Love, G H  
Love, H  
Love, Hugh  
Love, James  
Love, John  
Love, John G  
Love, Joseph  
Love, Robert  
Love, Robert S  
Love, William M  
Lovejoy, John L Jr  
Lovejoy, Perkins  
Lovett, William J  
Loving, John M  
Loving, William C  
Low, Garrett  
Low, H A  
Low, Isaac  
Lowarey, John  
Lowe, B C  
Lowe, Barney  
Lowe, Barney Calistus  
Lowe, John  
Lowe, M A (Mrs)  
Lowe, Winfield S  
Lowenstein, Casper  
Lowery, E J W  
Lowery, James P  
Lowery, Samuel  
Lowery, Thomas  
Lowrie, Isaac  
Lowry, J C  
Lowry, Thomas  
Loyd, John  
Loyd, William  
Loyd, William M  
Lubbock, Francis Richard  
Lubbock, Sarah O  
Lubbock, Thomas S  
Lucas, George C  
Lucas, John H  
Lucas, John H H  
Lucas, Samuel Monroe  
Luce, Able Sr  
Luce, William  
Luckenbach, James L  
Luckett, A W  
Luckett, Alfred W  
Luckett, N M  
Luckie, Samuel H  
Ludington, E  
Ludlow, Israel L  
Ludlow, L W  
Ludrick, Frederick  
Ludwick, Christopher  
Lugo, Jesus  
Lumpkin, P O  
Lumpkin, William  
Lumsden Kendall & Co  
Luna de Casillas, Guadalupe de  
Luna, Desiderio de  
Lund, Charles C  
Lund, Oliver  
Lundt, Frederick  
Lundy, Thomas  
Lupton, Cyrus C  
Lupton, William  
Lusk, G V  
Lusk, P H  
Lusk, Patrick H  
Lusk, R P  
Lusk, Robert O  
Lusk, Samuel  
Lussan, John  
Luter, E  
Luther, John  
Luther, Samuel  
Luton, John  
Lyday, Isaac  
Lyford, John  
Lyle, John K  
Lyman, Warren  
Lynch (Judge)  
Lynch, Addison L  
Lynch, Alexander  
Lynch, E P  
Lynch, Green P  
Lynch, John L  
Lynch, Joseph P  
Lynch, Nathaniel  
Lynch, Nicholas  
Lynch, Parthenia  
Lynch, Patrick  
Lynch, W C C  
Lynch, William C C  
Lynd, A H  
Lynenburgh, Charles  
Lynn, Granson  
Lynn, James  
Lynn, John J  
Lyon, Francis S  
Lyon, Henry Clay  
Lyon, John  
Lyon, M M (Mrs)  
Lyon, Samuel C  
Lyons, Dewitt C  
Lyons, Duncan  
Lyons, G L  
Lyons, George W  
Lyons, Isaac M  
Lyons, Philip  
Lysaught, John  
Lytle, James T  


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