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"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

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Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

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Claimant Submitted By
Jack, James  
Jack, James C  
Jack, Patrick C  
Jack, Spencer H  
Jack, William A  
Jack, William H  
Jackson & Stiff  
Jackson, A A M  
Jackson, Alexander  
Jackson, Charles  
Jackson, Counsel E  
Jackson, Cymantha  
Jackson, Daniel R  
Jackson, E B  
Jackson, E Davis  
Jackson, Edmund T  
Jackson, Elijah  
Jackson, Elisha Davis  
Jackson, F W  
Jackson, Francis William  
Jackson, Gabriel  
Jackson, H H  
Jackson, Henry H  
Jackson, Hugh  
Jackson, Isaac  
Jackson, J M  
Jackson, James  
Jackson, John N  
Jackson, Joseph  
Jackson, Louisa  
Jackson, Narcissa J  
Jackson, Peter  
Jackson, Riley  
Jackson, Robert H  
Jackson, Samuel  
Jackson, Susannah  
Jackson, T J  
Jackson, Thomas  
Jackson, Thomas R  
Jackson, William B  
Jackson, William J  
Jackson, William M  
Jacobs, John  
Jacobs, Madison G  
Jacobs, Thomas  
Jacobs, William  
Jaeger, C Hermann  
James, A F  
James, Denver  
James, Edward D  
James, J T  
James, John  
James, Levy  
James, Milburn  
James, Orlando  
James, Phineas  
James, Thomas  
James, William H  
Jameson, Green B  
Jameson, R  
Jameson, Rusk  
Jameson, Thomas  
Jamieson, John D  
Jamison, Green B  
Jamison, Thomas  
January, James B P  
Jaques, Isaac  
Jaques, William B  
Jarboe, Stephen  
Jarman, John  
Jarman, R B  
Jarmon, Asa  
Jarvis & Andrews  
Jarvis, Alexander P  
Jarvis, David  
Jarvis, Rezin  
Jasper, S L B  
Jayne, Brewster H  
Jean, James M  
Jefferies, James  
Jeffers, James A  
Jeffers, Thomas  
Jefferson, Thomas  
Jefferys, Caleb H  
Jeffries, Curtis J  
Jeffries, Joshua  
Jeffry, Edward  
Jelkyl, Ross  
Jenkins, Bradford  
Jenkins, George W  
Jenkins, James R  
Jenkins, John  
Jenkins, John H  
Jenkins, Mary Jane  
Jenks, W C  
Jennings, Gordon C  
Jennings, Israel  
Jennings, J D  
Jennings, John  
Jennings, John R  
Jennings, Lester S  
Jennings, Rebecca  
Jergins, Conrad  
Jernigan, Curtis  
Jerr, Andrew  
Jerry ("free boy")  
Jessup, Silas  
Jett, Absalom  
Jett, James M  
Jett, Stephen  
Jett, William G  
Jevons, James  
Jewell, Ebenezer  
Jewell, G W  
Jewell, George W  
Jewett, Henry J  
Jinks, Horace V  
Jobson, Samuel  
Johns, C R  
Johns, C R & Sons  
Johns, Clement Reed  
Johns, Edward  
Johns, S B  
Johns, William  
Johnson & Brigham  
Johnson & English  
Johnson, A E C  
Johnson, A R  
Johnson, Adam  
Johnson, Alexander  
Johnson, Alfred  
Johnson, Audley  
Johnson, B F  
Johnson, Benedict  
Johnson, Benjamin  
Johnson, Benjamin F  
Johnson, Benjamin H  
Johnson, Charles  
Johnson, Chauncey  
Johnson, Claibourn A  
Johnson, David  
Johnson, E  
Johnson, Ed J  
Johnson, Edwin R  
Johnson, Elbert T  
Johnson, Elizabeth  
Johnson, Frances  
Johnson, Francis  
Johnson, Francis White  
Johnson, Frank W  
Johnson, George  
Johnson, Hezekiah  
Johnson, I M  
Johnson, Ignatius S  
Johnson, Isaac H  
Johnson, Isaac W  
Johnson, J  
Johnson, J Benton  
Johnson, J F  
Johnson, J L  
Johnson, J R  
Johnson, James  
Johnson, James B  
Johnson, James F  
Johnson, James M  
Johnson, Jesse  
Johnson, Jesse H  
Johnson, John  
Johnson, John B  
Johnson, John M  
Johnson, John R  
Johnson, John S  
Johnson, Jonathan  
Johnson, Lewis  
Johnson, Lindley  
Johnson, M L  
Johnson, Martin  
Johnson, Mary  
Johnson, Moses  
Johnson, N B  
Johnson, Owen D  
Johnson, P J (Mrs)  
Johnson, Robert  
Johnson, Robert D  
Johnson, S  
Johnson, S L  
Johnson, Samuel  
Johnson, Solomon L  
Johnson, T Jeff  
Johnson, T W  
Johnson, Thomas  
Johnson, William  
Johnson, William (1)  
Johnson, William (2)  
Johnson, Willis  
Johnston & Harrison  
Johnston, Albert Sidney  
Johnston, Charles S P  
Johnston, Gabriel G  
Johnston, George J  
Johnston, Hugh B  
Johnston, James H  
Johnston, John R  
Johnston, Joseph Smith  
Johnston, Malcom A  
Johnston, W H H  
Johnston, William  
Johnston, William Henry H  
Johnston, William R  
Johnstone, James  
Jokiesch, Charles  
Jones & Highsmith  
Jones & Townsend  
Jones, A  
Jones, A H ~ Harris CountyJoan Renfrow
Jones, A H & Co  
Jones, Allen B  
Jones, Anson  
Jones, Archibald  
Jones, Benaiah  
Jones, Benjamin F  
Jones, C B  
Jones, Charles M  
Jones, David M  
Jones, E M  
Jones, E R  
Jones, E S  
Jones, Ebenezer R  
Jones, Edward C  
Jones, Edward S  
Jones, Enoch M  
Jones, Erasmus  
Jones, Fielding  
Jones, Francis  
Jones, G W  
Jones, Galand  
Jones, George  
Jones, George B  
Jones, George S  
Jones, George W  
Jones, Greensey  
Jones, Griffith H  
Jones, H W  
Jones, Henry  
Jones, Henry W  
Jones, Hettie  
Jones, Hezekiah  
Jones, Humphrey  
Jones, Ira  
Jones, Isaac  
Jones, Isaac N  
Jones, Isham G  
Jones, Jacob  
Jones, James  
Jones, James A  
Jones, James R  
Jones, James S  
Jones, James W  
Jones, Jefferson Y  
Jones, Jesse R  
Jones, John  
Jones, John B  
Jones, John E  
Jones, John H  
Jones, John Rice  
Jones, John Rice Jr  
Jones, Johnson  
Jones, Joseph  
Jones, Joseph P  
Jones, Joshua  
Jones, Keaton  
Jones, Keeton M  
Jones, L S  
Jones, Levi  
Jones, Lewis J  
Jones, Lorenzo  
Jones, Milo  
Jones, Myers F  
Jones, Nelson  
Jones, Oliver  
Jones, R  
Jones, Randal ~ Fort Bend CountyJoan Renfrow
Jones, S C  
Jones, S L  
Jones, S L & Co  
Jones, Samuel  
Jones, Sarah  
Jones, Seaborn D  
Jones, Simon L  
Jones, Stephen  
Jones, Thomas  
Jones, Thomas L  
Jones, Thomas L & Co  
Jones, Timothy  
Jones, Timothy P ~Madison Co. TNJoan Renfrow
Jones, W Jefferson  
Jones, Wiley  
Jones, William  
Jones, William B  
Jones, William C  
Jones, William E  
Jones, William H  
Jones, William J  
Jones, William Jefferson  
Jordan, A S  
Jordan, Alexander  
Jordan, Alfred  
Jordan, James  
Jordan, John  
Jordan, John F  
Jordan, Joseph  
Jordan, Levi  
Jordan, Mahulda  
Jordan, S W  
Jordan, Samuel  
Jordan, Stacy Ann  
Jordan, Thomas H  
Jordan, William  
Joseph ("a Mexican")  
Joseph, Lewis L  
Joslen, James  
Jouett, John G  
Jouett, Matthew  
Jouett, Thomas  
Journeay, Caroline  
Journeay, Henry  
Journey, N T  
Jowell, Elzira  
Jowell, Richard R  
Jowers, W G W  
Jowers, William G William  
Joyner, Francis E  
Judge, William  
Judson, Milles  
Judson, T H  
Jurgens, H  
Jurgens, Oltmann  
Justice, J M  
Justice, James M  
Justice, John L  
Justice, Milton M  


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