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Republic of Texas

"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

Texas State Library & Archives Commission

Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

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Claimant Submitted By
Haas, W  
Hass, Wendelin  
Haass, G L  
Haass, George L  
Haass, Lewis  
Haass, W  
Habermill, George  
Habicht, A E  
Hackenbury, Nehemiah  
Hackett, James  
Hackworth, William W  
Haddan, William  
Haden, J W  
Hadley, Joshua  
Hadley, King  
Hadley, T B J  
Hadnot, John G  
Hagaman, Isaac  
Hagegood, Henry H  
Haggard, Elizabeth  
Haggard, James  
Haggard, N  
Haggard, Squire  
Hagler, Lindsay S  
Haighgler, L S  
Haigler, L S  
Haigler, Wesley  
Haile, Jonas  
Hailey, W D  
Haimack, R P  
Haines, Ephraim  
Haines, Ephraim M  
Hair, James  
Hair, John D  
Halbert, Nathan  
Haldeman, David  
Hale, A G  
Hale, Alexander G  
Hale, Benjamin  
Hale, Ebenezer R  
Hale, J W  
Hale, John C  
Hale, Stephen M  
Hale, William  
Hale, William G  
Haley, Allen  
Haley, Allin  
Haley, Augustus  
Haley, Charles Q  
Haley, Cyrenia  
Haley, Icy M (Mrs)  
Haley, John  
Haley, Mary  
Haley, Michael  
Haley, Richard  
Haley, William  
Halfpenny, James  
Hall, A C  
Hall, Alford  
Hall, Britton  
Hall, Charles J  
Hall, David  
Hall, E  
Hall, E H  
Hall, Edward  
Hall, Elizabeth C  
Hall, George  
Hall, George H  
Hall, H H  
Hall, H M C  
Hall, Harriet A  
Hall, Harrison W  
Hall, Harvey  
Hall, Horace  
Hall, Hudson H  
Hall, J M W  
Hall, Jacob  
Hall, James  
Hall, John  
Hall, John L  
Hall, John M  
Hall, John W  
Hall, Joseph C  
Hall, Joseph E  
Hall, Julietta  
Hall, L L  
Hall, Oliver  
Hall, Peter  
Hall, R A (Mrs)  
Hall, Robert  
Hall, Thomas  
Hall, W D C Jr  
Hall, W W  
Hall, Warren D C  
Hall, William A  
Hall, William Anderson  
Hall, William B  
Hall, William G  
Hall, William V  
Hallet, John W  
Hallet, William  
Hallmark, Alfred M  
Hallmark, George  
Hallmark, George W  
Hallmark, James  
Hallmark, Sarah  
Hallmark, William C  
Halon, C P O  
Halpen, P  
Halpen, Paget  
Halsey, William  
Ham, B L  
Hambertson, Samuel  
Hambleton, William M  
Hamblin, W P  
Hamel, Lucinda  
Hamer, Theodore  
Hamilton & Henderson  
Hamilton, Arthur R  
Hamilton, Elias E  
Hamilton, Empson  
Hamilton, Epsom  
Hamilton, Frederick  
Hamilton, George  
Hamilton, Hanse  
Hamilton, Isaac D  
Hamilton, J W  
Hamilton, James  
Hamilton, James N  
Hamilton, John  
Hamilton, Morgan Calvin  
Hamilton, Nathan  
Hamilton, Nathaniel  
Hamilton, R  
Hamilton, Robert  
Hamilton, Robert S  
Hamilton, Thomas S  
Hamilton, Washington E  
Hamilton, William  
Hammatt, Abraham B  
Hammeken, George L  
Hammekin, George L  
Hammer, Lemuel T  
Hammill, Henry  
Hammock, H P  
Hammock, Johnson  
Hammock, Pierce W  
Hammond, John  
Hammond, Martin  
Hammond, Pierce  
Hammonds, John  
Hammons, Hugh  
Hampton, Alfred  
Hampton, Hugh  
Hamrick, John  
Hamrick, William  
Hanchett, G W  
Hanchett, George W  
Hancock, Francis  
Hancock, G D  
Hancock, George  
Hancock, George D  
Hancock, James W  
Hancock, Thomas  
Hand, David P  
Hand, John J  
Hand, Moses  
Hand, Thomas  
Handlin, Thomas  
Handy & Lusk  
Hanks, B L  
Hanks, E F  
Hanks, Robert A  
Hanks, W W  
Hanks, Westley W  
Hanks, Wyatt  
Hanlon, Charles P C  
Hann, J W & Co  
Hann, John W  
Hanna, Benjamin F  
Hanna, D  
Hannan, John B  
Hannan, William H  
Hanning, Elijah  
Hannum, A B  
Hannum, W W  
Hannum, William W  
Hanover, Hiram  
Hanrick, Edward  
Hansel, George W  
Hansford, John M  
Hansicker, Daniel  
Hanson, David  
Hanson, John  
Hanson, Thomas  
Happall, Frederick  
Happell, Frederick W  
Haralson Flournoy & Robards  
Haralson, Flournoy & Robards  
Harbert, D S  
Harbert, Daniel S  
Harbert, Nathaniel  
Harbor, Joseph  
Harbour, George W  
Harbour, James M  
Harbour, Thomas J  
Harby, Julian  
Harcourt, Edward  
Harcourt, John T  
Hard, Samuel S  
Hardaway, Samuel  
Hardaway, Samuel G  
Hardcastle, G H  
Hardeman, Bailey  
Hardeman, Eliza  
Hardeman, John M  
Hardeman, Owen B  
Hardeman, Sarah M  
Hardeman, Thomas J  
Hardeman, Thomas M  
Hardeman, William H  
Hardeman, William P  
Harden, Jesse  
Hardenbrook, William P  
Hardesty, George C  
Hardiman, John M  
Hardin, A B  
Hardin, B W  
Hardin, Benjamin  
Hardin, Ennes  
Hardin, Franklin  
Hardin, Henry  
Hardin, Milton A  
Hardin, S H  
Hardin, Samuel H  
Hardin, William  
Hardin, William B  
Harding, David  
Harding, Jonathan R  
Harding, Samuel F  
Harding, Thomas  
Harding, Thomas B  
Harding, William  
Hardinge, Sarah A L  
Hardisty, George  
Hardisty, John  
Hardman, William  
Hardy, John L  
Hardy, Joseph  
Hardy, M H  
Hardy, Robert J  
Hardy, William  
Hare, John  
Hargis, William K  
Hargous, Louis S  
Hargrave, Enoch B  
Harkiel, Solomon  
Harlan, Joseph  
Harland, Joseph  
Harleston, James C  
Harlin, Isah  
Harlow, Guy M  
Harlow, Joseph  
Harlow, Thomas  
Harman, Clark M  
Harman, David  
Harman, Henry  
Harman, John  
Harman, John A  
Harman, Thomas  
Harms, Francis W  
Harnden, Newton  
Harness, Abel  
Harper, Alexander  
Harper, Andrew  
Harper, B J  
Harper, Benjamin J  
Harper, Evelina  
Harper, George W  
Harper, John A  
Harper, Peter  
Harper, William  
Harrel, Dennis  
Harreld, William E  
Harrell & Chalmers  
Harrell, Anderson J  
Harrell, B C P  
Harrell, J  
Harrell, Jacob M  
Harrell, Joseph  
Harrell, Josiah T  
Harrell, Leander  
Harrell, Milvern  
Harrington, John  
Harrington, William D  
Harris & Richardson  
Harris & Wilson  
Harris, Antonio  
Harris, D W C  
Harris, D W Clinton  
Harris, David  
Harris, E  
Harris, Enoch  
Harris, George W  
Harris, Ira A  
Harris Isaac  
Harris, James  
Harris, Jane  
Harris, Jesse  
Harris, John  
Harris, John W  
Harris, Joseph A  
Harris, Joseph M  
Harris, Laomi  
Harris, Lewis B  
Harris, Manuel  
Harris, Nathaniel  
Harris, Robert  
Harris, Samuel M  
Harris, T P  
Harris, W T  
Harris, Wiley  
Harris, William  
Harris, William C  
Harris, William E  
Harris, William P  
Harris, Xenophon  
Harrison, A L  
Harrison, Andrew J  
Harrison, Ann C  
Harrison, B S  
Harrison, C L  
Harrison, Charles L  
Harrison, D  
Harrison, E A  
Harrison, E D  
Harrison, Edward A  
Harrison, Elzie  
Harrison, F W T  
Harrison, G H  
Harrison, Henry  
Harrison, John  
Harrison, John W  
Harrison, Sam  
Harrison, W D F  
Harrison, W H  
Harrison, W T  
Harrison, William  
Harrison, William B  
Harrison, William M  
Harry, D  
Harry, David  
Harry, E  
Harry, Edwin  
Harry, John F  
Harry, John H  
Hart & Baker  
Hart (Doctor)  
Hart Labatt & Co  
Hart, Alexander  
Hart, Christopher  
Hart, E J & Co  
Hart, Eli  
Hart, Free L  
Hart, Hardin  
Hart, John  
Hart, Joseph C  
Hart, Martin  
Hart, Martin D  
Hart, Meredith  
Hart, S M  
Hart, Silas  
Hart, T  
Hart, William  
Hart, William B  
Hart, William C  
Hartfield, Asa  
Hartt, Timothy  
Harvey, B W  
Harvey, James M  
Harvey, John  
Harvey, Robert  
Harvey, Robert E  
Harvy, David  
Harvy, Felix W  
Harwood, B F  
Harwood, John  
Hasettine, A S & Co  
Haskell, Charles R  
Haskins, Francis J  
Haslett, Samue;  
Hassell, John W  
Hassell, Rebecca S  
Hastie, Henry  
Hastings, Marvin  
Haswell, Alfred  
Hatch, Francis L  
Hatch, George C  
Hatch, Joel H  
Hatch, S  
Hatch, Sylvanius  
Hatcher, James M  
Hatfield, B M  
Hatfield, Sidney  
Hatton, Marmaduke  
Hatton, Thomas J  
Haukenbury, Nehemiah  
Havens & Co  
Haventon, William  
Hawford, Henry  
Hawk, A  
Hawkins, Benjamin M  
Hawkins, Charles E  
Harkins, Isaac  
Hawkins, Isaac K  
Hawkins, J H  
Hawkins, N B  
Hawkins, Thomas M  
Hawkins, Timothy R  
Hawkins, William  
Hawkins, William J  
Hawkins, William W  
Hawley, Horace H  
Hawley, Margret A  
Hawley, William  
Haworth, James H  
Hawthorn, James  
Hay, Andrew  
Hay, Henry  
Hayes, John  
Hayes, Patrick  
Hayes, Thomas  
Haygood, Amanda M  
Haylegar, Albert  
Hayman, John  
Haymond, William C  
Haynes, Charles  
Haynes, G W  
Haynes, Thomas N  
Haynie, H H  
Haynie, John  
Haynie, John A  
Haynie, S A K  
Haynie, Samuel G  
Hayr, James  
Hays, Demetrius  
Hays, Henry  
Hays, James  
Hays, James G  
Hays, John C  
Hays, Thomas  
Hays, W H & Co  
Hays, William  
Hays, William C  
Hays, William R  
Hays, William R C  
Hayter, William  
Hayton, Patrick  
Hazard & Green  
Hazard, Richard  
Hazeloff, Albert  
Hazen, Nathaniel  
Head, James A  
Head, William M  
Heald, Bertholett & Co  
Heald, John H  
Healer, John  
Heard, A C  
Heard, Edward  
Heard, Aleazar F  
Heard, Esther F  
Heard, James G  
Heard, Joshua T  
Heard, Thomas J  
Heard, William J E  
Heard, William James Elliott  
Hearn, Robert  
Hearn, T E (Mrs)  
Hearn, Thomas B  
Heartt, H G  
Heartt, Henry G  
Heath, E S  
Heath, Ebenezer S  
Heath, Richard  
Heath, Thomas  
Heath, Thomas J  
Heath, William  
Heck, Mary E  
Heck, Randall D  
Hector, James P  
Hedderick, Conrad  
Hedenberg & Vedder  
Hedenstreen, A  
Hedrick, Jacob  
Hefferin, John  
Hefferman, John  
Hefflefinger, James  
Hefflefinger, Tennessee M  
Hefford, Joseph T  
Heill, William G  
Heley, Michael  
Helfer, Horace H  
Heller, Joseph  
Helm, Abram  
Helmiller, F  
Helms, William  
Helms, Wilson  
Helzle, Lewis  
Hemphill, Cornelius M  
Hemphill, John  
Hemphill, William  
Hendershot, John S  
Henderson, Charles  
Henderson, Daniel S  
Henderson, E T (Mrs)  
Henderson, Hugh  
Henderson, J Pinckney  
Henderson, James  
Henderson, James Pinckney  
Henderson, James W  
Henderson, John  
Henderson, John F C  
Henderson, Joseph A  
Henderson, Thomas  
Henderson, William  
Henderson, William H  
Hendrick, Edwin  
Hendrick, Henry  
Hendrick, O  
Hendrick, William S  
Hendricks, Ephraim  
Hendricks, George D  
Hendricks, S B  
Hendry, John  
Henece, Francis  
Henkhaus, Otto  
Henning, W  
Henrich, V  
Henrie, Daniel D  
Henrie, John M  
Henrietta, Patrick  
Henriques, Alexander  
Henry (Schooner)  
Henry, Alexander  
Henry, Archibald  
Henry, Isaac R  
Henry, John  
Henry, John R  
Henry, Lewis  
Henry, Robert  
Henry, S W  
Henry, Thomas  
Henry, William  
Henry, William D  
Henry, Woodson  
Hensley & Campbell  
Hensley, Alexander T  
Hensley, Andrew Jackson  
Hensley, George W  
Hensley, James  
Hensley, John  
Hensley, John M  
Hensley, Johnson  
Hensley, Sally  
Hensley, Sarah  
Hensley, William  
Hensley, William R  
Hensley, William R & Co  
Henson, Absalom  
Henson, Joseph  
Henson, Polly  
Henson, T  
Henston, S & Tower  
Heplegesser, James  
Herald, Dennis  
Herald, Jacob  
Herd, William  
Herder, George  
Hereford, Charles  
Herera, Blas  
Herington, Addison  
Herman, Adolph W  
Hermann, John  
Hernandez, Antonio  
Hernandez, Jesus  
Hernandez, Jose Maria  
Hernandez, Manuel  
Hernandez, Santiago  
Herndon, J H  
Herndon, John H  
Herndon, Patrick H  
Herndon, Robert S  
Hernsworth, Thomas  
Herrera, Pedro  
Herrin, Jacob  
Herrin, Moses  
Herring Anderson & Kelley  
Herring, Charles K  
Herring, F P  
Herron, Archibald  
Herron, John  
Herron, John H  
Herron, Samuel M  
Hersee, William  
Hert, William M W  
Herty, William  
Hervey, John  
Hervey, Samuel S  
Heskew, Mary  
Heskew, William A  
Hesskew, Moses  
Hesskew, William A  
Heth, Joel  
Heth, William  
Hewes, Samuel  
Hewitt, Ira L  
Hewitt, William  
Hewitt, William M  
Heyser, John  
Hibbens, John  
Hibbins, John  
Hick, Randal D  
Hickerson, Wiley  
Hickey, Edward  
Hickey, James  
Hickey, Walter  
Hickey, William H  
Hickman, Samuel  
Hickman, William H  
Hicks, John  
Hicks, Joseph W  
Hicks, Milton  
Hicks, W H H  
Hidalgo, Pedro  
Higginbotham, Roderick T  
Higgins, Ignatius  
Higgins, Jacob C  
Higgins, James  
Higgins, Thompson  
Higgins, William  
Higgins, William A  
Highland, Joseph  
Highland, Samuel  
Highsmith & Jones  
Highsmith, A M  
Highsmith, Benjamin F  
Highsmith, Richard  
Highsmith, Samuel  
Highsmith, W A  
Hightower, Richard  
Hilbus, William  
Hilebrant, Christian  
Hill & Ward  
Hill, A W  
Hill, Abraham W  
Hill, Alexander A  
Hill, Allen  
Hill, Asa  
Hill, Ben F  
Hill, Benjamin  
Hill, Charles  
Hill, David  
Hill, Elizabeth  
Hill, G W  
Hill, George  
Hill, George W  
Hill, H B  
Hill, H R W  
Hill, Hugh  
Hill, I L  
Hill, Isaac L  
Hill, J F  
Hill, James  
Hill, James C  
Hill, James M  
Hill, James Monroe  
Hill, James W  
Hill, Jeffrey B  
Hill, John A  
Hill, John C C  
Hill, Laura V  
Hill, M M  
Hill, Morehouse  
Hill, O H P  
Hill, Samuel  
Hill, Thomas  
Hill, Thomas H  
Hill, W W  
Hill, William  
Hill, William B  
Hill, William C J  
Hill, William G  
Hill, William J  
Hill, William W  
Hiller, Joseph  
Hillhouse, Eli  
Hilliard, Richard  
Hillyer, W D  
Hillyer, Wentworth D  
Hinckley, Walter  
Hindle, Joseph  
Hinds, Eli C  
Hinds, J V A  
Hinds, James  
Hinds, Pollafon  
Hinds, Shelton  
Hines, Allen  
Hines, Peter  
Hines, Robert H  
Hinkle, Samuel  
Hinton, A C  
Hinton, William H  
Hinton, Zachariah  
Hirams, S C  
Hirt, L  
Hitchcock & Co  
Hitchcock, Andrew J  
Hitchcock, L M  
Hitchcock, Pleasant M  
Hitchcock, S Henry  
Hitzelberger, J A  
Hitzelberger, John A  
Hix, Isaac  
Hobbey, Cyrenici  
Hobbs, Basil N  
Hobbs, Caroline P  
Hobbs, Jonathan T  
Hobbs, Pleasant H  
Hobbs, Preston W  
Hobbs, William H  
Hobbs, William Right  
Hobby Husted & Co  
Hobby, William  
Hobson, Eliza Jane  
Hobson, John  
Hockaday, J W  
Hockaday, Newton  
Hockley, George Washington  
Hodge, Abner H  
Hodge, J C M  
Hodge, Nathan  
Hodge, W  
Hodge, William  
Hodges, Abel  
Hodges, Abner  
Hodges, David  
Hodges, Galen  
Hodges, George  
Hodges, Henry  
Hodges, James  
Hodges, James Sr  
Hodges, John S  
Hodges, Laura J  
Hodges, Newel  
Hodges, Robert  
Hodges, Susan  
Hodges, Thomas  
Hodges, William H  
Hodgskin, Edward  
Hodle, Jacob  
Hoey, John  
Hoffer, John  
Hoffler, John  
Hoffman, Charles  
Hoffman, David A  
Hoffman, Michael  
Hoffman, Michael S  
Hoffman, Phebe  
Hoffmann, F P  
Hogan, Josiah  
Hogan, Terince  
Hogan, Terrence  
Hogan, William  
Hogg, James  
Hogg, Joseph L  
Hogg, William C  
Hoggatt, James  
Hoggatt, L  
Hoit, Kilbern  
Hoit, Samuel  
Holbert, James  
Holbert, Nathan  
Holbrook, Nathaniel  
Holcombe, Erwin  
Holcombe, James J  
Holcombe, Johnstone  
Holden, Joshua  
Holderman, Allen S  
Holderman, David  
Holderman, J & D  
Holderman, Jesse  
Holderness, Samuel M  
Holford Brancker & Co  
Holford, James  
Holiday, William H  
Holland, Benjamin H  
Holland, Bird  
Holland, Francis  
Holland, John H  
Holliday, John  
Holliday, K  
Hollien, Hulda  
Hillien, John  
Hollien, John F  
Hollimon, Howell H  
Hollingsworth, James  
Hollingsworth, S P  
Hollis, Joseph  
Holloway, Caleb  
Holloway, Simpson  
Holloway, William  
Holman, George T  
Holman, James S  
Holman, John T  
Holman, Sandford  
Holman, William W  
Holmes, A C  
Holmes, Edward L  
Holmes, Edward W  
Holmes, James L  
Holmes, John  
Holmes, John R  
Holmes, Martin  
Holmes, O L  
Holmes, Willet  
Holmes, William S  
Holshousen, Claiborne  
Holt, David J  
Holt, George  
Holt, Herman  
Holt, J F  
Holt, John E  
Holtman, George A  
Holton, A D  
Holton, William S  
Homan, Harvey  
Honnen, Henry  
Hons, Henry  
Hood, J L  
Hood, James H  
Hood, Jeremiah  
Hood, Joseph L  
Hood, Robert  
Hood, Thomas  
Hoofman, David  
Hooker, Jesse M  
Hooper, Ann L  
Hooper, F  
Hooper, George W  
Hooper, Richard  
Hoover, George W  
Hoozer, George  
Hope, Adolphus  
Hope, Hugh S  
Hope, John  
Hope, Prosper  
Hope, Richard  
Hope, William  
Hopkins, A N  
Hopkins, J H  
Hopkins, James E  
Hopkins, Joseph  
Hopkins, Lucy A  
Hopkins, Richard M  
Hopkins, Solomon  
Hopson, B W  
Hopson, John  
Hopson, Lucien  
Horan, John  
Hord, R F  
Hord, T H  
Hord, Thomas H  
Horford, William  
Horn, Alexander  
Horn, Hansel G  
Horn, Henry H  
Hornsby, C C  
Hornsby, Collier C  
Hornsby, Joseph  
Hornsby, Malcom M  
Hornsby, Moses S  
Hornsby, Reuben  
Hornsby, William W  
Horry, Thomas  
Horstmann, W H & Co  
Hort, William M W  
Horton & Clements  
Horton, A  
Horton, A C  
Horton, Albert C  
Horton, Alexander  
Horton, Eliza  
Horton, George W  
Horton, Hilliard T  
Horton, Mary E  
Hosbey & Perkins  
Hosbey, Proctor P  
Hoskins, Edward  
Hoskins, F C  
Hoskins, Francis J  
Hoskins, Isaac C  
Hoskins, Thomas  
Hotchkiss, A  
Hotchkiss, Archibald  
Hotchkiss, Augustus  
Hotchkiss, R  
Hotchkiss, Rinaldo  
Hotchkiss, Thomas P  
Hotchkiss, William  
Hotchkiss, William S  
Hough, Hanson H  
Hough, Thomas  
Houghtaling, John B  
Houghton, Hamilton  
Houghton, Horace H  
Houghton, W D  
Houghton, William D  
Housby, William W  
House, John P  
House, Joseph  
Houston, Andrew D  
Houston, Archibald P  
Houston, Isaac  
Houston, James S  
Houston, Sam  
Houston, Sam (Steamer)  
Houston, Walter  
Hovey, H H  
How, John  
Howard & Fleury  
Howard & Ogden  
Howard, Benjamin  
Howard, Benjamin F  
Howard, Charles C  
Howard, George T  
Howard, George Thomas  
Howard, Henry  
Howard, Houghton  
Howard, John C  
Howard, Levi  
Howard, Phelix  
Howard, Philip  
Howard, Thomas  
Howard, Thomas B  
Howard, William  
Howard, William C  
Howe, Elbridge  
Howe, Joseph  
Howe, N B  
Howe, S  
Howell & Ragsdale  
Howell, Henry  
Howell, John Brown  
Howell, Nathan  
Howell, Robert F  
Howerton, Lewis H  
Howland, E P  
Howland, S W  
Howland, Samuel W  
Howlet, James  
Howth, Mary E  
Howth, William E  
Hoxey, Asa  
Hoxey, John J B  
Hoya, Francis  
Hoyle, John W  
Hoyle, Stephen Z  
Hoyman, William  
Hoyt, Cornelius  
Hoyt, Nathaniel  
Hoyt, Timothy  
Hubanks, Thomas  
Hubbard, Lucius  
Hubbard, Selden  
Hubbard, William J  
Hubbard, Zadock  
Hubble, Eliza A  
Hubble, J  
Hubble, John  
Hubby, Caleb M  
Hubert, Fletcher W  
Hubert, John R  
Hubert, Sarah N  
Hudgins, Joel  
Hudler, Samuel  
Hudnall, John  
Hudson, David  
Hudson, H C  
Hudson, Henry G  
Hudson, James  
Hudson, James P  
Hudson, Joshua  
Hudson, Nathaniel G  
Hudson, Obediah  
Hudson, Radcliff  
Hudson, Redcliffe  
Hudson, William  
Hudson, William M  
Hueser, John A  
Huesman, F W  
Huff, David G  
Huff, George  
Huff, John  
Huff, William P  
Huffman, David  
Huffman, John  
Huffman, John & Co  
Hughes, Alexander W C  
Hughes, B F  
Hughes, Benjamin ~ Galveston Co.K. Waterhouse
Hughes, Edward  
Hughes, F  
Hughes, Francis  
Hughes, James  
Hughes, James A  
Hughes, John  
Hughes, John B. - LampasasCounty K. Waterhouse
Hughes, Peter M  
Hughes, Thomas  
Hughes, Thomas J  
Hughes, Thomas M  
Hughes, Wade H  
Hughes, William H  
Hughlett, P S  
Hughs, Joel  
Hughs, Wesley  
Hughs, Wiley  
Huguerin, James D  
Huiser, John A  
Huizar, Seferino  
Huling, Thomas B  
Huling, Thomas B & Co  
Hull, J  
Hull, J R  
Hull, William Henry  
Hulm, William S  
Hulme, Alfred L  
Hulme, William T  
Hulse, Silas  
Humphrey, George W  
Humphrey, James  
Humphrey, John  
Humphreys, E  
Humphreys, Henry  
Humphreys, Jacob  
Humphreys, P W  
Humphries, B  
Humphries, Berry  
Humphries, Bryant  
Humphries, Jesse C  
Humphries, Squire  
Hunly, James  
Hunt, Flornie  
Hunt, Flornoy  
Hunt, Francis  
Hunt, Francis M  
Hunt, John C  
Hunt, Memucan  
Hunt, Rhoda  
Hunt, Richard S  
Hunt, Thomas  
Hunt, Thomas W  
Hunt, W H  
Hunt, William  
Hunt, William G  
Hunt, William H  
Hunter, A  
Hunter, A C  
Hunter, Alexander  
Hunter, Baldwin M  
Hunter, George  
Hunter, George E  
Hunter, J S  
Hunter, J T  
Hunter, James S  
Hunter, John C  
Hunter, Joseph  
Hunter, L  
Hunter, Robert  
Hunter, Robert H  
Hunter, Samuel  
Hunter, Samuel P  
Hunter, William  
Hunter, William H  
Hunter, William L  
Hunter, William P  
Huntt, Sarah A  
Hurd, F C  
Hurd, Harriet A  
Hurd, James G  
Hurd, James Gardner  
Hurd, N  
Hurd, Norman  
Hurd, William  
Hurd, William A  
Hurd, William L  
Hurlock, H V  
Huron, Dolores  
Huron, Estevan  
Hurst, Stephen D  
Hurt, James  
Hurt, William M  
Husband, John  
Huson, Charles B  
Hussey, John  
Hussey, W C  
Huston, A  
Huston, Almanzon  
Huston, Felix  
Huston, John  
Hutchins, William J  
Hutchinson, Anderson  
Hutchinson, James G  
Hutchinson, Joel  
Hutchinson, Robert  
Hutton, James  
Hyde, A C  
Hyde, Charles M  
Hyde, E D  
Hyde, George S  
Hyde, James Gray  
Hyde, John C  
Hyde, John H  
Hyde, M  
Hyden, Nathaniel  
Hyer, Absalom  
Hyland, Henry  
Hyland, Joseph  
Hyman, John  
Hynes, John  
Hynes, Peter  

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