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"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

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Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

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Claimant Submitted By
Gable, Andrew  
Gaffney, William  
Gafford, John  
Gage, Burleson  
Gage, Calvin  
Gage, David  
Gage, Moses  
Gage, Reuben  
Gahagan, Carol M  
Gahagan, James  
Gahagan, John C  
Gahagan, Margaret L  
Gaignon, Amada  
Gaillon, Victor Eude  
Gainer, John N  
Gaines, James  
Gaines, John B  
Gaines, W B P  
Gains, James  
Gaitan, Agapo  
Gaither, Carlos S  
Galan, Miguel  
Galbraith, C J  
Galbraith, George  
Galbraith, Malcolm  
Galbraith, Samuel J  
Galbreath, C A  
Gallagher, C M  
Gallagher, Peter  
Gallaher, Charles  
Gallaher, Edward  
Gallardo, Pedro  
Gallatin, Albert  
Gallighar, John  
Gallion, A M  
Galloway, C C  
Galloway, John F  
Galloway, William  
Galpin & Nash  
Galvea, Marier  
Galvestonian (newspaper)  
Gambel, William  
Gambill, William  
Gamble, Arthur  
Gamble, D  
Gamble, Joseph  
Gamble, William  
Gamgil, Adam  
Gammell, William  
Gammon, George  
Ganey, John  
Gant, John J  
Gant, William  
Gant, William W  
Gaona, Pedro  
Garces, Rapheal  
Garcia de Guerrero, Lucia  
Garcia, Casimiro  
Gracia, Francisco  
Garcia, Luciano  
Garcia, Maria Jesusa  
Garcia, Ramejio  
Garcier, Francis  
Gardenier, A A  
Gardiner Norcom & Co  
Gardiner, J Burrowes  
Gardner, Charles  
Gardner, George W  
Gardner, Townsend  
Garey, Elijah  
Garlick, Henry S  
Garlick, William  
Garmes, Henry  
Garmes, Hinrich  
Garner, Charles  
Garner, David  
Garner, Edward  
Garner, George W  
Garner, Isaac  
Garner, Jacob H  
Garner, James M  
Garner, John  
Garner, M C  
Garner, Mary Ann  
Garner, Matilda  
Garner, Parmelia  
Garner, Peter R  
Garner, Thomas H  
Garnett, John R  
Garnett, William N  
Garnett, William W  
Garraty, Joseph W  
Garret, Dickerson  
Garrett, Elijah D  
Garrett, Jacob  
Garrett, James  
Garrett, John  
Garrett, Levicy  
Garrett, Thomas B  
Garrett, William  
Garrilli, John  
Garritson, Thomas  
Garvin, Bliss H  
Garvin, John E  
Garvin, Robert  
Garwood, Joseph  
Gary, Cary  
Garza de Leon, Patricia de la  
Garza Gonzales, Maria Luisade de la  
Garza, Antonio  
Garza, Carlos de la  
Garza, Jose Antonio de la  
Garza, Jose de la  
Garza, Jose Simon  
Garza, Maria Antonia de la  
Garza, Paulino de la  
Garza, Quirino  
Garza, Rafael  
Gashe, Gottrel  
Gasnay, A  
Gasquet, W & J Co  
Gass, Alexander  
Gass, Peter  
Gaston, H M  
Gaston, John  
Gaston, William R  
Gates, A H  
Gates, Amos  
Gates, Aruna W  
Gates, Catharine  
Gates, Charles  
Gates, Greenberry  
Gates, Lucius W  
Gates, W N  
Gates, William P  
Gatlin, William  
Gattis, D H  
Gattis, Dormon H  
Gay, G W  
Gay, John  
Gay, Thomas  
Gayle, A T  
Gayle, John W  
Gayle, William B  
Gaylord, N K  
Gaylord, William R  
Gazley & Robinson  
Gazley, George  
Gazley, Thomas J  
Gedrie, L  
Gee, Alfred  
Geiger, P  
Gelbreth, John H  
Gellatly, Robert  
Gemmill, E W  
General Correspondence  
Gentry, F B  
Gentry, George  
Gentry, James R  
Gentry, Thomas  
Gentry, W N  
George, Alfred A  
George, David  
George, E (Mrs)  
George, Eliza  
George, Freeman  
George, Hezekiah  
George, Holman  
George, Jacob Winston  
George, James  
George, Jefferson  
George, John  
George, Mitchel  
George, Mitchell  
George, Nicholas  
George, P B  
George, Philip  
George, Robin  
George, William  
Geough, Henry  
Geraghty, John  
Gerlach, Caspar  
Germany, Robert R  
Germar, A von  
Gervais, S D  
Gervais, Sinclair D  
Gholson, Albert G  
Gholson, Jacob J  
Gholson, Mary A  
Ghormly, James S  
Gibbins, John W  
Gibbons, Epps  
Gibbons, James E  
Gibbs, Thomas  
Gibbs, Zacheus  
Gibony, John  
Gibson, Anthony P  
Gibson, Archibald  
Gibson, Emelia  
Gibson, F M  
Gibson, Fenton M  
Gibson, George N  
Gibson, J M  
Gibson, James  
Gibson, Jeremiah  
Gibson, John  
Gibson, Stephen  
Gibson, Uriah  
Gibson, William  
Giddens, Isaac  
Giddings, D C  
Giddings, Giles  
Giddings, J D  
Giddings, N B  
Gifford, Isaac  
Gifford, Robert  
Gilbert, John  
Gilbert, John F  
Gilbert, L  
Gilbert, Mabel  
Gilbert, Martha  
Gilbert, Preston  
Gilbert, William  
Gilchrist, Robert J  
Gilcrest, Anthony  
Gilder, John L  
Giles, Robert  
Giles, S B  
Gilkison, Francis  
Gill, J P  
Gill, John P  
Gill, William C  
Gill, William M  
Gilland, Charles O'D  
Gilland, George M  
Gillaspie, J H  
Gillaspie, James  
Gillaspie, John  
Gillaspie, John D  
Gilleland, Daniel  
Gilleland, James  
Gilleland, William  
Gillen, Benjamin Y  
Gillespie, B  
Gillespie, James E  
Gillespie, James F  
Gillespie, James H  
Gillespie, John  
Gillespie, Matthew M  
Gillespie, R A  
Gillespie, Robert  
Gillespie, Robert A  
Gillespie, Thomas  
Gillespie, W F  
Gillet, S S  
Gillett, Edmund P  
Gillett, James S  
Gilliam, Lemuel W  
Gilliam, Margaret A  
Gilliam, Nathaniel  
Gilliam, Richard  
Gillilan, H  
Gilliland, Isaiah  
Gilliland, James  
Gillmartin, Daniel  
Gillock, Benjamin  
Gilly, H B  
Gilman, Elijah  
Gilman, J B  
Gilmer, Thomas W  
Gilmore, D C  
Gilmore, Thomas  
Gilmore, William  
Gilpin, Ralph  
Gilpin, Ralph W  
Gilroy, Henry  
Gimenes y Montoya, Gertrudis  
Gimenes, Gil  
Gimenes, Juan  
Girard, A  
Giraud, F  
Giroud, Frederic  
Gist, Isaac  
Gittner, Jacob  
Givens, Charles C  
Givens, George  
Gladitch, Louis  
Gladwin, John  
Glascock, Thomas  
Glascock, William  
Glass, James S  
Glass, Thomas J  
Glasscock, G W  
Glasscock, George W  
Glasscock, James A  
Glasscock, Zebulon P  
Gleason, Cyrus K  
Gleason, Thomas  
Glenn, Simeon  
Glenn, William E  
Glennan, Francis  
Glonen, E M  
Glover, John  
Glover, Martin  
Glover, William R  
Gochier, Samuel  
Godden, William  
Goff, Felix W  
Goffe, J M  
Goggin, James M  
Goheen, M R  
Goheen, Michael E  
Golden, Ephraim R  
Golden, Philip  
Golden, S A  
Golder, John M  
Golerick, John  
Golightly, Thomas J  
Gomes, Jesus  
Gomez, Jesus  
Gomez, Luis  
Gonzales, Bernando  
Gonzales, Diego  
Gonzales, Graviel  
Gonzales, Juan Jose  
Gonzales, Leman  
Gonzales, Sebastiano  
Gooch, B  
Good & McKenzie  
Good Hope (Brig)  
Good, Frederick  
Good, Hannibal  
Good, I J  
Good, Isham J  
Good, Julia Ann  
Goodall, A G  
Goodall, James P  
Goodbread, John  
Goode, Bertrand  
Goode, Gideon  
Goode, Gideon J  
Goode, Samuel  
Goodhue & Co  
Goodloe, Henrietta  
Goodloe, Robert K  
Goodman, Christopher C  
Goodman, Hiram  
Goodman, James  
Goodman, John  
Goodman, John B  
Goodman, John J  
Goodman, Nancy  
Goodman, Stephen  
Goodman, Thomas J  
Goodman, W B  
Goodman, William  
Goodman, William B  
Goodrich & Stewart  
Goodrich, B B  
Goodrich, Chauncey  
Goodrich, J C  
Goodrich, John  
Goodrich, John C  
Goodrum, T S  
Goodrum, Thomas S  
Goodson, Edward  
Goodwin, John  
Goodwin, John H  
Goodwin, Lewis  
Goodwin, Lewis W  
Goodwin, Nancy  
Goodwin, William  
Goolsbee, John F  
Goosley, William G  
Gorbet, Chester S  
Gordon & Franklin  
Gordon, George  
Gordon, Jabez L  
Gordon, James  
Gordon, John  
Gordon, Joseph H  
Gordon, S A  
Gordon, Silas A  
Gordon, Silas E  
Gordon, Thomas G  
Gordon, William P  
Gorham, Isaac  
Gorham, William  
Gorman, J P  
Gorman, James P  
Gorman, Margret  
Gorman, Patrick  
Gortari y Cassillas, Antonia  
Gosnay, Abraham M  
Gosney, A  
Goss, Thomas  
Gossett, Andrew E  
Gossett, Elijah  
Gossett, James L  
Gossett, John V D  
Gossett, Presley  
Gossett, Z M (Mrs)  
Gotcher, James  
Gottschalk, George  
Gouger, Henry A  
Gould, Horatio M  
Gould, William  
Gove, H N  
Gove, Hemphrey N  
Gow, Alexander  
GOWEN/GOWIN, NancyJoyce McNiel Munson
Goyens, William  
Grace, J C  
Grace, Jacob  
Grace, John C  
Grace, Morgan  
Grady, Daniel  
Grady, W A  
Graff, Jacob  
Graff, John  
Gragg, William  
Graham, Amos  
Graham, Archibald C  
Graham, Daniel B  
Graham, James L  
Graham, John  
Graham, John F  
Graham, John Kittera  
Graham, John M  
Graham, Joshua  
Graham, Richard  
Graham, William  
Graham, William C  
Grahams, John  
Grammont, J J H  
Granbury, H B  
Grant, James  
Grant, Joseph  
Grant, Zenophon  
Granvill, Benjamin  
Grasmeyer, F W  
Grassel, George  
Graves, Decatur  
Graves, John  
Gravis, A F  
Gravis, E H  
Gravis, Eli  
Gravis, John A F  
Gray, A B  
Gray, Alfred G  
Gray, Andrew J  
Gray, Daniel  
Gray, Edwin F  
Gray, F C  
Gray, F S  
Gray, Francis H  
Gray, French S  
Gray, George H  
Gray, James  
Gray, James (1)  
Gray, James (2)  
Gray, John  
Gray, Joshua  
Gray, M B  
Gray, Peter  
Gray, Peter W  
Gray, Pleasant  
Gray, S Benjamin  
Gray, Simona F  
Gray, Thomas  
Gray, William  
Gray, William Fairfax  
Grayham, Joshua  
Grayson, Benjamin S  
Grayson, Jackson  
Grayson, Peter William  
Grayson, Thomas W  
Gready, W A  
Green, Alanson  
Green, Alexander S  
Green, B  
Green, Benjamin  
Green, Berry  
Green C P  
Green, Cambridge  
Green, Charles P  
Green, D G  
Green, David G  
Green, Edward R  
Green, F L  
Green, Fitz H  
Green, George  
Green, Henry  
Green, James  
Green, John A  
Green, John Jr  
Green, Joseph T  
Green, L V  
Green, Michael  
Green, Patrick  
Green, R J  
Green, Reason  
Green, Thomas  
Green, Thomas J  
Greene, Robert M  
Greenlaw, Angus  
Greenwood, Beverly  
Greenwood, Beverly C  
Greenwood, James  
Greer, Alexander  
Greer, Andrew J  
Greer, Henry H  
Greer, J A  
Greer, John A  
Greer, John Alexander  
Greer, Joseph  
Greer, L V  
Greer, N H  
Greer, Thomas N B  
Gregg, Clark  
Gregg, D  
Gregg, Darius  
Gregg, Harrison  
Gregg, John  
Gregg, Samuel  
Gregory, B P  
Gregory, James G  
Grenville, Benjamin  
Gresham, John W  
Gresham, Joseph  
Grey, James  
Grey, Thomas M  
Grice, L B  
Griego, Nicolas  
Grieve, David  
Griffin, Charles  
Griffin, Jackson H  
Griffin, James  
Griffin, Moses  
Griffin, N C  
Griffin, Peter  
Griffin, Thomas  
Griffin, William  
Griffith, Henry  
Griffith, Horatio  
Griffith, John  
Griffiths, William P  
Griggs, Davis  
Griggs, Simeon  
Grignon, Armedie  
Grigsby, Crawford  
Grigsby, Enoch  
Grigsby, J  
Grigsby, John  
Grigsby, Joseph  
Grigsby, Nathaniel  
Grilski, John  
Grimes (Capt)  
Grimes, Alfred Calvin  
Grimes, Charles  
Grimes, Frederick  
Grimes, G W  
Grimes, George  
Grimes, George W  
Grimes, Jesse  
Grimes, R H  
Grimes, Richard  
Grimes, Robert H  
Grimes, Rufus  
Grimes, William H  
Grimmet, Samuel  
Grinalds, E J D  
Griswold, Timothy  
Gritten, Edward  
Groce, Jared E  
Groce, L W & J E  
Groce, Leonard W  
Groender, John  
Groesbeeck, John D  
Grooms, Horatio  
Grosjean, J C  
Grosjean, V  
Gross, Jacob  
Grover, Beriah  
Grover, George W  
Grover, J R  
Grover, Jacob  
Grubbs, Friendly  
Grush, H L  
Grush, Henry L  
Guage, W G  
Guano, Pedro  
Gucker, Peter  
Guerra, Antonio  
Guerrant, Daniel B  
Guerrero, Brigido  
Guerrero, Claudio  
Guerrero, Jose Maria  
Guerrero, Marcos  
Guesac, John  
Guess, George W  
Guess, Joseph  
Guest, Joseph J  
Guild, Alfred R  
Guin, George  
Guinn, George  
Guinn, R H  
Guirey, William G  
Gullin, W  
Gulliver, Alexander  
Gungle, George  
Gunter, H  
Gunter, Henry  
Gunter, Martin H  
Guptil, Thomas K  
Gurkill, George  
Gurley, John A  
Guthrie, George W  
Guthrie, William A  
Guyman, Jane  
Guyman, William  
Guzman, Andrew  
Gwaltney, Abram  
Gwatney, Nusome  
Gwin, Robert G  
Gwinn, George  

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