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"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

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Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

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Claimant Submitted By
Fabre, Juan  
Fadden, John  
Fagan, John  
Fagan, Nicholas  
Fairchild, Eben  
Fairchild, Hiram  
Fairchild, Matthew  
Faires, William A  
Fairs, I  
Fairy, John  
Faison, N W  
Falcon, Dominga  
Fall, John N  
Falvel, Luke A  
Falvel, Mark J  
Falvel, Mary  
Fanger, C B  
Fannin, James Walker  
Fanning, Michael  
Fanthorp, Henry  
Fare, Samuel  
Farias, Eusebio  
Farice, Major  
Faris, Eliza S  
Faris, Hezekiah  
Faris, W A  
Faris, William A  
Faris, Willis A  
Farish, Oscar  
Farley, H H  
Farley, H W  
Farley, Henry Wise  
Farley, Horace H  
Farley, Massillon  
Farley, Thomas M  
Farmer, Alexander  
Farmer, David M  
Farmer, Hulett  
Farmer, James  
Farnsworth, Oliver  
Faro, A V  
Farquhar, Alfred  
Farquhar, James L  
Farr, Robert  
Farrar, Samuel  
Farrell, Patrick  
Farriere, L L  
Farries, Enceba  
Farris, Isham  
Faulk, John Ripley  
Faulk, Richard  
Faulkenbury, E W  
Faulkinberry, Nancy  
Fauntleroy, Frederick W  
Fawcett, John  
Fayssoux, C J  
Fayssoux, William C  
Federspelt, Michael  
Fefer, Jacob  
Fehl, George  
Felder, Edmund J  
Fenigan, John  
Fenn, John R  
Fenn, Junius B  
Fennel, John  
Fennell, George  
Fenner, Joseph  
Fenner, Mary M  
Fenner, Robert  
Fenner, Thomas M  
Fenton, Robert A  
Fentress, James  
Ferebee, William  
Fergeson, John J  
Fergeson, Robert  
Ferguson & Hall  
Ferguson, Alanson  
Ferguson, Alston  
Ferguson, B  
Ferguson, David  
Ferguson, Edward  
Ferguson, Edward & Co  
Ferguson, H  
Ferguson, James  
Ferguson, Joseph G  
Ferguson, M M  
Ferguson, R A  
Fernandez de Reyes, Antonia  
Fernandez, Antonio  
Fernandez, Pabla  
Ferrell, John P  
Ferrell, M W  
Ferrell, Thomas B  
Ferrell, William L  
Ferrill, Hiram  
Ferris, Anthony  
Ferris, W A  
Ferris, Warren A 
Fessenden, Joseph  
Feumer, C G  
Fewel, William H  
Fible, Frederick A  
Field, Charles S  
Field, D Wallace  
Field, Henry  
Field, Isaiah S  
Field, J H  
Field, Joseph E  
Field, Lucius  
Field, Stanton  
Fielding, Andrew J  
Fields, Henry  
Fields, S S B 
Fields, Sarah - Liberty County Joyce McNiel Munson
Fields, William  
Fifer, Jacob  
Figures, Bartholomew  
Figures, Thomas  
Files, David S  
Finch, John  
Finch, John H  
Finch, Matt  
Fincke & Co  
Findelman, C E  
Findley, J  
Findley, Jeremiah  
Finey, Nathan  
Finey, Robert  
Finley, James H  
Fisbaugh, William  
Fischer, Augustus  
Fisher & Holt  
Fisher Davis & Lubbock  
Fisher, George  
Fisher, George & Co  
Fisher, Henry  
Fisher, J H  
Fisher, Jobe  
Fisher, John  
Fisher, Orceneth  
Fisher, Reuben  
Fisher, Ruben  
Fisher, Samuel Rhoads  
Fisher, Samuel W  
Fisher, T D & Co  
Fisher, Wesley  
Fisher, William G  
Fisher, William S  
Fisher, Willmirth  
Fisk, Alvarez  
Fisk, G  
Fisk, Greenleaf  
Fisk, James N  
Fisk, Simona  
Fitch, Benjamin F  
Fitch, D H  
Fitch, J  
Fitch, Jabex  
Fitchett & Gill  
Fitchett, Daniel T  
Fitzgerald & Gallagher  
Fitzgerald, Archibald  
Fitzgerald, Christopher  
Fitzgerald, Edmund B W  
Fitzgerald, Edward  
Fitzgerald, J  
Fitzgerald, Jabez  
Fitzgerald, James  
Fitzgerald, John  
Fitzgerald, Robert  
Fitzgerald, S  
Fitzgerald, Thomas  
Fitzhugh, John P T  
Fitzhugh, Wesley  
Fitzroy, Horatio  
Fitzsimmons, E  
Fitzsimmons, John T  
Fitzsimmons, Nicholas  
Flacco (Lipan Indian)  
Flack & Hall  
Flack, Charles P  
Flack, Elisha  
Flagg, Charles  
Flames, S  
Flanagan, J W  
Flanders, John  
Flash (Schooner)  
Fleming, John McCarthy  
Fleming, Peter  
Fleming, Robert R  
Flenner, Samuel  
Fletcher, George W  
Fletcher, Joshua  
Fletcher, Robert  
Fleury, A B  
Fliesner, Charles  
Flint, Gideon  
Flint, J P  
Flint, Samuel  
Flippert, Reuben  
Flores de Cobarrubio, Lucia  
Flores de Morales, Francisco  
Flores de Seguin, Gertrudis  
Flores y Pacheco, Francisca  
Flores, Francisco  
Flores, Jose  
Flores, Jose Maria  
Flores, Juan Jose  
Flores, Manuel  
Flores, Manuel Maria  
Flores, Martin  
Flores, Nepomuceno  
Flores, Pedro  
Flores, Roque  
Flores, Salvador  
Flores, Vital  
Flory, John  
Flower, Samuel  
Flowers, J E  
Flowers, James E  
Flowers, John  
Floyd, C L  
Floyd, Dolphin  
Floyd, Elisha  
Floyd, G W  
Floyd, Joseph  
Flusser, O  
Flynn, Thomas  
Foard, Charles A  
Foard, Craner  
Fokes, John  
Foley, Arthur G  
Foley, James R  
Foley, M B  
Foley, Mason  
Foley, Mason B  
Foley, S T  
Follet, Robert T  
Follett, Alexander G  
Follett, Alonzo B  
Follett, Robert  
Foltin, Henry  
Fontaine, Edward  
Fontaine, H W  
Foote, Martin  
Foote, Michael  
Foote, Robert  
Foote, Robert H  
Footman, John  
Forbes, John  
Forbes, R M  
Forbes, R P  
Forbes, Robert M  
Ford & Cronican  
Ford, John S  
Ford, Middleton  
Ford, Rosean  
Ford, S C A  
Ford, Simon P  
Ford, William  
Ford, William G  
Fordtran, Charles  
Forester, Charles  
Forester, John  
Forman, B A  
Forney, John Zinn  
Forrest, Joseph A  
Forrest, Moreau  
Forrester, John  
Forrester, Thomas H  
Forster, Thomas Gales  
Forsythe, John H  
Fort, Tilmon C  
Fosgate, Walter  
Foster & Sweeney  
Foster, Anthony  
Foster, B F  
Foster, Charles  
Foster, Ezekiel  
Foster, Finis E  
Foster, G W  
Foster, Isaac  
Foster, James  
Foster, James T  
Foster, James W  
Foster, Jane A  
Foster, John  
Foster, John C  
Foster, John R  
Foster, Martin C  
Foster, Shepherd  
Foster, W W  
Foster, William  
Foster, William L  
Foster, William S  
Foster, Wilson  
Foster, Richard  
Fouks, Richard  
Foulks, Thomas H  
Fowl, Thomas P  
Fowler, A J  
Fowler, Bradford  
Fowler, Bradford B  
Fowler, C A W  
Fowler, John H  
Fowler, Littleton  
Fowler, Samuel  
Fowler, Samuel O  
Fowler, Stiles  
Fowler, Thomas  
Fowler, Thomas M  
Fowler, William  
Fowler, William H  
Fox, Charles G  
Fox, John B  
Fox, Michael  
Fox, William  
Foy, Frederic  
Foygnet, Francis A  
Foyle, Sarah  
Frailey, G Clinton  
Frails, William  
Frampton, William  
Francis, Castille  
Francis, George  
Francis, Jams P  
Francis, Jesse  
Francis, Miller  
Francis, W C  
Francis, William  
Francis, William C  
Francis, William H  
Francisco, Antonio  
Francois, Sebastian  
Franke, Conrad  
Franke, Louis  
Franklin, Benjamin C  
Franklin, Elijah B  
Franklin, George W  
Franklin, Henry P  
Franklin, James  
Franklin, Josiah R  
Franklin, Lucretia  
Franks, L B  
Fraser & Co  
Fraser, Alexander  
Fraser, Hugh  
Fraser, James  
Fraser, S  
Fraser, Samuel  
Fraser, Simon  
Fraser, Simon C  
Frazer, David  
Frazer, Harmon  
Frazer, Hugh  
Frazer, William B  
Frazier (Chaplain)  
Frazier, Albert G  
Frazier, Charles  
Frazier, Gabriel  
Frazier, Hugh M  
Frazier, James  
Frazier, M G  
Frazier, Stephen  
Frazier, William W  
Frazior, Ebenezer  
Fream, William  
Frederich, J G (Mrs)  
Frederick, Albert  
Frederick, Armaugh  
Frederick, John  
Frederick, Samuel  
Fredericks, A P  
Frederspelt, Michael  
Freeling, Burton H  
Freeman, Benjamin  
Freeman, D C  
Freeman, Henry G  
Freeman, Ira M  
Freeman, Luke  
Freeman, S R (Mrs)  
Freeman, Thomas  
Freeman, Thomas S  
Frels, William  
Frensley, William H H  
Freon, Jozef  
Friar, Ann  
Friar, Annie  
Friar, D B  
Friar, Dan B  
Friar, Daniel B  
Fried, Henry  
Friederich, John  
Friend (Steamer)  
Froe, Francis  
Frost & Co  
Frost, David  
Frost, Hezekiah  
Frost, Jonathan B  
Frost, Robert B  
Frost, S M  
Froutz, C  
Fry, Benjamin F  
Fry, Francis  
Fry, Robert  
Frye, Farnham  
Fugate, Joel  
Fugate, Oliver P H  
Fulcher, Benjamin  
Fulcher, Churchill  
Fulcher, G  
Fulcher, Graves  
Fulcher, Joshua  
Fulkerson, James P  
Fuller, Benjamin  
Fuller, Benjamin P  
Fuller, Calvin J  
Fuller, Charles F  
Fuller, Daniel  
Fuller, George F  
Fuller, Joel C  
Fuller, John  
Fuller, Ponton  
Fuller, Ralph W  
Fuller, Samuel  
Fullerton, Henry  
Fullerton, William  
Fullinwider, P H  
Fulshear, Churchel  
Fulton & Brummett  
Fulton, David M  
Fulton, G W  
Fulton, George W  
Fulton, L  
Fulton, Lorenzo  
Fulton, S M  
Fulton, S M & Co  
Fulton, Samuel M  
Fulton, William M  
Fumey, Robert  
Fuqua, Nancy  
Fuqua, S  
Furguson, James  
Fuss, Gustavas A  

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