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"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

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Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

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Claimant Submitted By
D'Antignac, L C  
Dabbs, Jonathan W  
Dabney, Eliza  
Daggett, E M  
Dailey, Daniel  
Dailey, Michael  
Daily, Andrew  
Daily, John  
Daily, Michael  
Daingerfield, William Henry  
Dake, Lewis W  
Dale, Benjamin  
Dale, Elijah  
Dale, Elijah V  
Dale, Joseph Benjamin  
Dallam, John  
Dallas, James  
Dallas, James L  
Dallas, W R  
Dallas, Walter R  
Dallman, John  
Dalrymple, John  
Dalrymple, William C  
Dalton, William K  
Daly, Andrew  
Daly, John  
Damon, John Irvin  
Damon, Samuel  
Damon, Squire  
Dampkin, George  
Dance, H B  
Dance, Henry B  
Dancer, John  
Dancy, Jon W  
Dancy, Jonathan W  
Dandy, Howel B  
Dangerfield, W H  
Daniel, Charles  
Daniel, Joseph T  
Daniell, George Washington  
Daniels, Charles  
Daniels, Decater  
Daniels, E  
Daniels, John  
Daniels, Joseph  
Daniels, Julius  
Daniels, William  
Daniels, Williamson  
Daniels, Henry C  
Darby, Willis P  
Darden, Stephen  
Darden, Stephen Heard  
Darling, Socrates  
Darneill, Ansel  
Darnell, N H  
Darnell, Robert M  
Darr, George  
Darrigrand, Jean  
Darst, Edmund  
Darst, Emery H  
Darst, Jacob  
Darst, Martha A  
Dart, J B  
Darwin, John  
Darwin, Ruben  
Dasher, Thomas  
Dasher, Thomas J  
Daugherty, Burton M  
Daugherty, David  
Daugherty, George N  
Daugherty, Ralph  
Daughtrey, Bryant  
Daughtrey, Edward  
Daughtrey, James  
Davenport, James  
Davenport, Willis,  
Davey, Thomas  
Davey, Thomas P  
Davidge, James H M  
Davidge, James M  
Davidson, John F  
Davidson, R M  
Davidson, Rebecca  
Davidson, Robert T  
Davis & French  
Davis (Doctor)  
Davis, A J  
Davis, A Jackson  
Davis, Allen J  
Davis, Andrew T  
Davis, Benjamin  
Davis, Brinkley  
Davis, Caleb  
Davis, Campbell  
Davis, D J  
Davis, Dan  
Davis, Daniel  
Davis, David  
Davis, David J  
Davis, David T  
Davis, Edward  
Davis, Edward B  
Davis, Eliza  
Davis, Eliza Ann  
Davis, Fields  
Davis, G W  
Davis, George  
Davis, George A  
Davis, George W (1)  
Davis, George W (2)  
Davis, George W (3)  
Davis, H  
Davis, H Clay  
Davis, H E  
Davis H T  
Davis, Harrison  
Davis, Henry C  
Davis, Henry Clay  
Davis, Henry T  
Davis, Hiram E  
Davis, Isham  
Davis, James  
Davis, James P  
Davis, James R  
Davis, Jesse  
Davis, Jesse K  
Davis, Joel S  
Davis, John  
Davis, John A  
Davis, John S  
Davis, John T  
Davis, John W  
Davis, Jonathan  
Davis, Joseph  
Davis, Joshua H  
Davis, Lee R  
Davis, Louisiana  
Davis, Lucy  
Davis, Moses H  
Davis, Oscar  
Davis, Perry  
Davis, R A  
Davis, R M  
Davis, Rezin S  
Davis, Rollo M  
Davis, S S  
Davis, Samuel  
Davis, Samuel M  
Davis, Samuel S  
Davis, Thomas  
Davis, Thomas K  
Davis, Travis  
Davis, W G  
Davis, W T  
Davis, Walter W  
Davis, Washington H  
Davis, William  
Davis, William C  
Davis, William F H  
Davis, William K  
Davis, William P  
Davis, William T  
Davison, A C  
Davlin, Hugh  
Davy, Anthony G  
Davy, Thomas  
Daws, Augustus C  
Daws, Walter W  
Dawson, Bretton  
Dawson, Britton  
Dawson, David  
Dawson, Dread  
Dawson, Nicholas M  
Dawson, William  
Day, Henry  
Day, Henry S  
Day, James M  
Day, Jeremiah  
Day, John  
Day, John H  
Day, William  
Dayton (Steamer)  
De Bard, E J  
De Bland, Colin  
De Brot, John  
De Chaume, Michael  
De Chaumont, Le Ray  
De Cockral, Charles  
De Cordova & Son  
De Cordova, J  
De Cordova, Jacob  
De Cordova, P  
De Cordova, Phineas  
De la Tulle, R S M A  
De Morse, Charles  
De Morse, Peter  
De Roll, Charles  
De Spain, Randolph  
De Witt, C C  
De Witt, Christopher C  
De Witt, James C  
De Witt, Sarah  
De Young, John  
Deaderick, Fielding  
Deadman, William  
Deadrick, George  
Dean, Alexander  
Dean, C W & Campbell  
Dean, Jesse  
Dean, Philip  
Dean, W B  
Dean, William B  
Dearduff, William  
Dease, Conley  
Dease, William  
Debrant, George  
Debrell, Peter  
Dechaumes, Michael  
Deck, John  
Decker, Henry  
Decker, John  
Decrow, Daniel  
Decrow, Elijah  
Decrow, Howard  
Dedderick, D  
Dedrich, George  
Deen, C  
Deen, Calaway  
Defaaz, Hubert  
Defau, Hubart  
Deffenbaugh, Anthony  
Delaney, William  
Delano, Marvin  
Delano, Oliver H  
Delano, Thomas C  
Delaplain, A C  
Delaplain, Absalom C  
Delbrell, Peter  
Delesdernier, George H  
Delgado, Jose  
Delgado, Juan  
Delgado, Martin  
Delmas, Charles F  
Delmour, William P  
Demarest & Frazee  
Dement & Sowell  
Dement, Ira B  
Demoss, George H  
Demoss, John  
Demoss, William  
Dermott, L M  
Dempsey, Joseph  
Denham, M H  
Denison, James  
Denman, Colden  
Denman, James  
Denman, Jane  
Denman, Jane H  
Denman, Mary A  
Denman, Obadiah  
Dennis, Elisha H  
Dennis, James H  
Dennis, John  
Dennis, John T  
Dennis, T M  
Dennis, Thomas M  
Dennis, William  
Dennison, George S  
Dennison, John  
Dennison, John R  
Dennison, S  
Denny, James  
Denson, A J  
Denson, C  
Denson, J H  
Denson, Mary  
Denton, James T  
Denyer, Samuel J  
Deolayce, Edward  
Derregrand, John  
Derrick, John  
Desauque, Francis  
Desmoineax, Charles  
Despallier, Charles  
Despaux, Joseph E  
Devenney, J H  
Devenny, N J  
Dever, James  
Dever, John Coleman  
Dever, Thomas  
Dever, William  
Deverough, A  
Deveskewith, Peter  
Devine, John  
Devirons, Andrew  
Devore, Cornelius  
Dewees, Angelika  
Dewees, W B  
Dewees, William B  
Dewitt, C C  
Dewitt, Clinton E  
Dewitt, Sarah  
Dexter, Peter B  
Dexter, Samuel  
Dial, J G C  
Dial, John  
Dias y Zuniga, Juana  
Dias, Canuto  
Dias, Francisco  
Dias, Julian - Bexar County Robert Garcia
Dias, Matias  
Dibble, C C & Co  
Dibble, E E  
Dibble, Henry  
Dick, Raymark  
Dickerson & McFarlane  
Dickerson, Almeron  
Dickerson, Elizabeth  
Dickerson, Jesse  
Dickerson, L W  
Dickey, James L  
Dickinson, Edward  
Dickinson, Elizabeth T  
Dickinson, John  
Dickinson, L  
Dickinson, Robert  
Dickinson, Samuel B  
Dickson, A  
Dickson, David  
Dickson, David H  
Dickson, George  
Dickson, James M  
Dickson, John M  
Dickson, William  
Diell, James P  
Dieterich, F  
Dieterich, F & Blessing  
Dieterich, Francis  
Dietz, George  
Digges, George P  
Diggins, Cornelius  
Dikeman, Cyrus  
Dikes, Levi B  
Dikes, Lovick P  
Dikes, M G  
Dikes, M W  
Dikes, Mark W  
Dikes, Miles G  
Dill, Samuel H  
Dill, William  
Dillard & Cooke  
Dillard, A  
Dillard, Abraham  
Dillard, Thomas  
Dillen, Louis  
Dillingham, James  
Dillingham, James C  
Dillon, John T  
Dimery, Allen  
Dimitt, Philip  
Dimkin, James  
Dimon, M O  
Dincans, Stephen  
Dinsmore, Amanda F  
Dinsmore, James  
Dinsmore, Silas  
Disney, Richard  
Divine, Michael  
Divin, N J  
Dix, John  
Dix, Sherman D  
Dixon, A J  
Dixon, Alexander G  
Dixon, Eliza M  
Dixon, J W T  
Dixon, James  
Dixon, James F  
Dixon, Philip  
Dixon, Richmond  
Dixon, Samuel D  
Dixon, Stewart A  
Dixon, Thomas  
Dixon, William  
Dluski, Thomas  
Doak, J A  
Dobbins, William T  
Dobie & McCaskill  
Dobie, L N  
Dobson, Thomas  
Dobson, W Trimmier  
Doby, James  
Doby, Sterling  
Dockery, Matthew  
Dockrill, Jarvis  
Dodd, John  
Dodge, J Jr  
Dodson, A B  
Dodson, Archilaus  
Doherty, Michael  
Dolan, Daniel  
Dolby, John C  
Dolovar, Benjamin  
Dolson, George M  
Donahoe, Lewis  
Donahoe, Willas  
Doneger, Francis  
Donley, John A  
Donley, John C  
Donnelly, Cyrus  
Donoho, Charles  
Donoho, Mortimer  
Donovan, Alfred S  
Donovan, Daniel  
Donovan, John  
Dooley, M A  
Dooley, Michael  
Dooley, Spice  
Doolittle, Berry  
Doom, R C  
Doom, Randolph C  
Dor, John M  
Doran, John  
Dorn, Edward C  
Dorsett, Charles  
Dorsett, John  
Dorsett, Monroe  
Dorsett, Susan A  
Dorsett, Theodore  
Dorsett, Theodore Munroe  
Dorsey, James B  
Dorsey, John  
Dorsey, William H  
Dorsheimer, Andrew  
Doss, Parker S  
Doswell & Adams  
Doswell, J T  
Doswell, J T & Co  
Doswell, J Temple  
Doubt, Daniel  
Dougherty, David  
Dougherty, Patrick  
Douglass (Doctor)  
Douglass, F W  
Douglass, Freeman W  
Douglass, Freeman Walker  
Douglass, Henry S  
Douglass, J Preston  
Douglass, John  
Douglass, Julia C  
Douglass, Kelsey H  
Douglass, Quintan  
Douglass, R  
Douglass, Samuel C  
Douthit, Alfred  
Douthit, James  
Dover, S J  
Dowd, John  
Dowess, Isaac  
Dowess, Phebe A  
Dowling, J A  
Dowling, John  
Downes, John  
Downes, Ladawich E  
Downing, James  
Downman, Henry M  
Downs, Benjamin  
Downs, Benjamin S  
Downs, George N  
Downs, George S  
Downs, L E  
Downs, Owens P  
Doyal, B H (Mrs)  
Doyal, Mathew A  
Doyal, Matthew  
Doyle, Denis  
Doyle, Francis M  
Doyle, Matthew  
Drake, James  
Drake, N  
Drake, Nathan  
Draper, Toppan, Longacre & Co  
Dreis, Albert  
Dreis, Conrad  
Drennan, Charles  
Dresser, Thompson  
Dressler, Frederick  
Drew, Isaac M  
Drexel, J W  
Droddy, Adna  
Drummond, Wesley  
Dubois, Elisha  
Dubois, Samuel  
Dubose, Serre D  
Dubronnen, Tobias  
Ducher, Alred  
Duckworth, Jacob  
Due, Latchlin  
Due, Wiliford  
Duel, Lewis  
Duer & Lubbock  
Duer, C F  
Duer, Christian F  
Duff, George W  
Duff, James C  
Duffau, Francis T  
Duffield, J E  
Dufner, James  
Dufner, Nereres  
Dugan, G C  
Dugan, George C  
Dugan, Michael  
Dugat, Joseph L  
Duggan, T H  
Duglass, Richard  
Duke, Isham  
Duke, Thomas M  
Dulong, J  
Dumas, Edward  
Dumas, George H  
Dumas, Jesse  
Dunbar, Caroline  
Dunbar, Luther S  
Dunbar, William  
Dunbaugh, Jacob  
Dunbaugh, L C  
Duncan, B P  
Duncan, C J (Mrs)  
Duncan, Charles  
Duncan, Charles R  
Duncan, Daniel  
Duncan, George  
Duncan, George H  
Duncan, George J  
Duncan, Green  
Duncan, Green B  
Duncan, J H  
Duncan, James  
Duncan, John  
Duncan, M T  
Duncan, Meredith  
Duncan, Peter J  
Duncan, William B  
Dundas, William A  
Dunham, Daniel T  
Dunham, G A (?)  
Dunham, Joseph H  
Dunham, R H  
Dunham, Robert  
Dunlap, A  
Dunlap, Alexander  
Dunlap, Andrew J  
Dunlap, George W  
Dunlap, John  
Dunlap, R G  
Dunlap, Richard G  
Dunlap, William  
Dunlavy, Alexander  
Dunlavy, Ilione C  
Dunlavy, William Thomas  
Dunman, James T  
Dunman, Joseph  
Dunman, Martin  
Dunman, Rachel  
Dunn, Andrew  
Dunn, Henry C  
Dunn, J G  
Dunn, James  
Dunn, James A  
Dunn, James Anson  
Dunn, James Jr  
Dunn, John  
Dunn, Josiah G  
Dunn, Justus  
Dunn, Matthew  
Dunn, Samuel  
Dunn, Thomas G  
Dunn, William  
Dunn, William H  
Dunnettelle, Henry  
Dunnevant, Teary T  
Dunnington, William M  
Duplex, Jean Baptiste  
Dupong, Joseph A  
Dupuy, John B  
Dupuy, Matilda  
Durain, Emanuel  
Duren, Jesse  
Durham, E  
Durham, George J  
Durham, William D  
Durocher, Charles L  
Durrett, T m  
Durst & Co  
Durst, Edward  
Durst, Emery H  
Durst, J  
Durst, James H  
Durst, John  
Durst, Joseph  
Durst, Patrick  
Durst, Patrick H  
Durst, Richard B  
Dusenberry, John E  
Dutcher, Alfred  
Duty, George  
Duty, Joseph  
Duty, Richard  
Duty, William  
Duval, Burr H  
Duval, John C  
Duval, Louis  
Duvalt, Andrew  
Dwiggins, William A  
Dwight & Trobridge  
Dwight, James  
Dwight, James & Co  
Dwyer, Edward  
Dwyer, Jeremiah  
Dwyer, John  
Dyckes, Josiah  
Dyckes, Lewis  
Dyer & King  
Dyer, Abiah  
Dyer, C C  
Dyer, George  
Dyer, John H  
Dyer, Leon  
Dykes, Elizabeth  
Dykes, Lewis P  
Dynowski, John  


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